Guerlain Les Épreuves d’Artistes

Guerlain Les Épreuves d'Artistes.jpg

Highly anticipated by collectors and those in the know, Les Épreuves d’Artistes are the quintessence of Guerlain’s ‘Roots and Wings’. The House boasts an exemplary heritage, an unending source of creativity and anecdotes, into which it eagerly dives to create the future.

It beautifully enhances its historic riches through the creative daring of rare and time-honoured know-how. Tradition is the inspiration for a vision of the present among the stars. Shalimar has been reinvented, Coque d’Or revived, La Petite Robe Noire emancipated. These visionary, extremely luxurious and hand- picked limited editions renew the endless charms of Guerlain’s iconic fragrances.