Guerlain Santal Royal Hair Mist

Iconic French Maison Guerlain has expanded their range of hair mists with the launch of their new Les Absolus d’Orient Santal Royal Hair Mist.

You can always trust Guerlain to bring innovation and modernity to the act of applying your perfume ritual. The Santal Royal Hair Mist is a beautiful example of this; crafted with the same attention to detail as the Maison’s line-up of fragrances, it’s created by master perfumer Thierry Wasser and leaves your locks enveloped with woody, oriental notes.

Hair mists have become popular recently as they are a great way to enhance your favourite fragrance. They are often water based so less drying to your hair than alcoholic-based fragrances  – as well as being a more budget-friendly way to wear perfume.

A refreshing step in your haircare routine that you never knew you needed.

Guerlain’s Les Absolus d’Orient Santal Royal Hair Mist has a complex and compelling fragrance featuring bright and floral top notes of neroli and jasmine; spicy peach, rose and cinnamon at its heart, while it is moored in woody and redolent sandalwood, leather, amber, oud and musk in its base, making it the perfect purchase for the transition into Spring.

Guerlain Santal Royal Hair Mist is available flacon at Guerlain boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

Orchidée Impériale Black: The Cream by Li Hongbo

This fall, Guerlain has called upon Li Hongbo, a contemporary artist inspired by ancestral Chinese art, to transform Guerlain’s iconic masterpiece into a modern work of art. An homage to the rare, powerful and enduring Black Orchid, encapsulated in Orchidée Impériale Black: The Cream.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Black The Cream by Li Hongbo is available for a limited of time at Guerlain boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

Behold the Queen’s Secret: Guerlain’s Le Secret de la Reine

A magical perfumed jewel, Guerlain’s Le Secret de la Reine has been imagined in just two exclusive pieces. The first incarnation of Le Secret de la Reine pairs the brilliance of diamonds with the black shine of onyx and the luster of white gold, while the second, luminous piece is a virtuosic play between the shimmering of diamonds and rock crystal, illuminated by the radiance of yellow gold.

Created by French jeweller Lorenz Bäumer, Le Secret de la Reine is an exceptional creation that combines the meticulous craftsmanship of jewellery, watchmaking and perfumery, Le Secret de la Reine is a masterpiece of French savoir-faire. For each piece, hundreds of diamonds were selected by hand, with each stone placed individually in a process spanning over 500 hours.

Behold the Queen’s Secret: with one beat of her wings, she releases the most exquisite of nectars. One touch of the spectacular 2-carat pear-shaped diamond that adorns its body, and the Bee opens its diamond-paved wings, revealing a delicate latticework of gold inspired by the honeycomb. Tucked inside the bees wings is a hidden chamber, ready to be filled with the wearer’s signature fragrance.

Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

Guerlain Les Absolus d’Orient Epices Exquises

French Maison Guerlain’s Les Absolus d’Orient Collection is an olfactory homage to the fragrant treasures of the East. Imagined by the Guerlain Perfumers, the collection’s latest creation, Epices Exquises, embodies the irresistible essence of an Oriental fragrance. A warm, full-bodied and sensual base with tinges of black pepper, woody notes of oud, patchouli and sandalwood is juxtaposed with notes of pink pepper and fresh green angelica. A bold, rich sillage that contrasts the spicy warmth of cardamom with the earthy bitterness of coffee.

Guerlain Les Absolus d’Orient Epices Exquises is available at Guerlain boutiques and selected stores worldwide as 125 ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

When I see red, it better could be Guerlain Habit Rouge L’Instinct

In 1965 Parisian Maison Guerlainpresented Habit Rouge, a tantalizing fragrance that redefined men’s perfumery and the male beauty industry as a whole. Its warm and spicy-ambery fragrance for men, offering a unique masculine olfactory signature at the time. Its name pays homage to the jackets worn by equestrian riders during this period.

Now, the French Maison has unleashed the power of Habit Rouge L’Instinc, a flanker of the original fragrance of 1965, These two worlds collide, separated by generations of fragrance trends and technological advancements. In this contemporary scent, Guerlain aims to reinvent Habit Rouge with the spirit of freedom.

Maison Guerlain has utilized design cues from the original design. The flacon is shaped like a square with the same badge in the center of the glass. A red cap sits atop an atomizer. Protruding through the transparant sides is a light gold juice, maintaning similar colour prompts compared to the original.

Created by Delphine Jelk, Habit Rouge L’Instinct is announced as portraying the passion of an aromatic and woody fragrance, untamed by nature, featuring animalic and vegetable characteristics. 

Top: bergamot, grapefruit, green notes
Heart: rose, hemp, mate
Base: leather, patchouli, vanilla

Habit Rouge L’Instinct features an assumed note breakdown of zesty Bergamot at the top amidst a refreshing grapefruit and an apo calyp tic absintha accord. Down in the heart is rose, which is a delicate new touch to the olfactive concoction and a tribute to how far modern perfumery has come since 1965. The portion of the breakdown concludes with hemp, a note known for its psychoactive marijuana aromas. The base is where this fragrance becomes an ode to the original Habit Rouge. Leather and vanilla were staple accords in the original release, becoming traiblazing notes for their time. Giving a wet earth scent, patchouli is presented in two qualities, heart and essence, and still finds abundant success in today’s modern perfume style.

Guerlain Habit Rouge L’Instinct is available at Guerlain boutiques and selected stores worldwide as a 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette Intense. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

From earth to skin: Guerlain unveils Terracotta Light  

French Maison Guerlain is presenting the newest version of their iconic Terracotta bronzer, now as Terracotta Light, which offers a fresh and luminous, healthy glow in a natural origin formula.

Guerlain is offering a reinvented sun-kissed glow with Terracotta Light, the new natural healthy glow powder. This light powder features a unique blend of sun-kissed tones enhanced with vibrant colors to reveal a radiant, healthy-looking glow for every skin tone.

Terracotta Light is made in Guerlain’s makeup and skincare La Ruche production site Chartres, France. With 96% naturally-derived ingredients, including luminescent shimmer, its texture instantly fuses with the skin to provide a fresh and lively healthy glow finish.

The new bronzer reflects the French beauty house’s commitment to using a minimum of 90% natural-origin ingredients across its makeup portfolio.

It has been infused with hydrating Euphorbia honey, known for its moisturizing properties, its formula maintains skin hydration for long-lasting comfort. It is produced in Southern Morocco by Saharan bees and harvested by a fair-trade women’s cooperative. The same Tanganine cooperative network produces the Argan Oil used in the original Terracotta formula. The scented powder blends ylang-ylang and orange blossom notes with vanilla and tonka bean.

Terracotta Light gives a natural sun-kissed glow with an even, second-skin finish. A radiant, luminous, and translucent complexion that sports a fresh and natural healthy-looking glow all year long. Six harmonies designed to illuminate all skin tones: three intensities – Light, Medium, Deep – each available in two undertones: Cool and Warm.

There are six harmonies of colors offered for Terracotta Light bronzers, while each of them combines four shades. Terracotta Light bronzer arrives in “historic compaction with organic impressions that symbolize this natural revolution and pay homage to the earth itself. This pattern perfectly combines a satin bronzing shade, a tone-on-tone matte shade, a vibrant blush shade, and a universal luminiser that offers all skin types a beautiful translucent finish”.

The bronzer is complemented with a new Kabuki brush made with high-quality synthetic bristles and a responsibly-sourced wooden handle.

Guerlain Terracotta Light is available at Guerlain boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

Maison Guerlain’s upcoming fragrance honors cherry blossom season

Guerlain‘s new Cherry Blossom Exceptional Piece is a tribute to the fragrance created in 1999 by Jean-Paul Guerlain. Encapsulated in cherry blossom motifs, the iconic Bee flacon has become a symbol of an annual age-old tradition, in which the Japanese gather to admire cherry blossoms every spring.

French Maison Guerlain presents the annual limited edition of their Cherry Blossom perfume that celebrates springtime in Japan. Cherry Blossom 2022 Millésome is available from the start of February 2022 in a special limited edition flacon design, this time decorated with the help of French-based Japanese fine embroidery artist Kyoko Sugiura, who is no stranger to the know-hows of both her country and France.

The artist decorated the iconic ‘Bee’ flacon by hand with silver and black flowers that feature black beads. Leather petals in shades of gold, black and white adorn the flacon. Elsewhere, five-needle sewn petals are found on the flacon, a number that represents the flower.

Black pearls are subsequently embroidered with a needle to create the stamens, which are embellished with golden pearls. A ribbon rounds off the piece, which is sewn on tulle with a crocheted black thread. The black ribbon around the neck and a black label symbolize cherry blossoms that bloom at night.

The original Cherry Blossom perfume was first launched in 1999. Its composition is based on the essence of cherry blossoms with notes of green tea and almonds. It was made by Guerlain’s 4th generation perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain, inspired by the ‘hanami’ Japanese custom of celebrating spring.

Top notes: bergamot, green tea note
Heart: cherry blossom, jasmine, lilac
Base: white musk

This years edition has remained unchanged: it is still an incredibly delicate soliflore, a child of the ’90s, which combines the sea freshness of calone, and draws the contours of a tart, bitter citrus-tea chord and the tenderness of a floral-fruity chord with sour lychee and a drop of indole. It’s as if in the distance there are mock orange blossoms. In the base, you can feel a slight powderiness of musks and almonds, which does not overshadow the fresh, transparent mood of the fragrance for a second.

Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2022 Millésime is limited to just 2,605 pieces, and it retails for €600. It will be available a 125 ml Eau de Toilette flacon at Guerlain Boutiques and selected stores worldwide, and comes with a funnel and 20ml purse spray in a white leather case. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

Guerlain commits and act

Guerlain has been inspired by nature since the Maison’s founding in 1828. Almost two centuries later, they celebrate fifteen years of pioneering commitment and actions to preserve the wonders of nature for future generations, spearheading change at the forefront of the beauty industry.

Home to some of the world’s rarest orchids, the Tianzi Exploratory Reserve in China is a haven of orchid biodiversity – the inspiration behind the Orchidée Impériale collection. Working alongside conservationist Minguo Li-Margraf, over the last 10 years the French Maison has replanted close to 10,000 orchids as part of a vast reforestation program, illustrating our commitment to combining luxury with ethical and responsible production.

Nature has long been intertwined with Maison Guerlain’s past, as well as being inextricably linked to its future.

They are proud to begin this New Year with a new chapter in their story, through new bold initiatives and ambitious targets to deliver a sustainably driven tomorrow and beyond. As Guerlain welcomes 2022, they recommit to to the four key pillars of their sustainable development promise: biodiversity, eco-innovation, climate, and social impact.

Guerlain perfumes, skincare, make-up are available at Guerlain boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

Guerlain celebrates the ritual of fragrance in its fullest sense

Guerlain’s L’Art & La Matière celebrates the ritual of fragrance in its fullest sense. A collection of six scented candles and Eaux de Toilette to imbue one’s living space with Guerlain’s unmistakably Parisian je ne sais quoi. The ultimate in French refinement.

Guerlain’s L’Art & La Matière Collection is available at Guerlain boutiques ans selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

Guerlain Rouge G Gold Bee Sequins Satin Lipstick Prestige Limited Edition by Maison Baqué Molinié

The newest limited edition Rouge G Gold Bee Sequins offers an exclusive set that includes a jeweled case inspired by the legendary Guerlain bee through the art of embroidery and a lipstick shade in a satin finish.

Discover the new prestige limited edition Rouge G Gold Bee Sequins, an exclusive set that includes a jewelled case inspired by the French Maison’s legendary bee through the art of embroidery, and a lipstick shade in a satin finish.

A wonderful creation that revisits the iconic symbol of Guerlain, designed and hand-embroidered by Maison Baqué Molinié, the French embroidery studio renowned for its know-how and its distinctive sensibility. For this exceptional lipstick, Guerlain offers creamy skincare action and intense colour, sealed in a formula as precious as a jewel for instant comfort and long-lasting wear. Your lips are infused with a luminous, brick-red hue.

The Rouge G Satin has a unique fragrance; the composition is just like Guerlain fragrances have. The sweet, enveloping scent of a vanilla ‘floriental’ leaves its incomparable mark on Rouge G de Guerlain. The opening notes sparkle with lemon, orange, and bergamot scents. The rose and iris heart exudes sweetness, while the warmness of vanilla and tonka bean dry-down gives Rouge G de Guerlain all of its intensity. 

Perfect for holidays and collectors! Guerlain Rouge G Gold Bee Sequins (N°214 Satin) is available at $350 at Guerlain boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.