Guess 1981 Indigo

Guess 1981 Indigo Banner

Fashion house Guess creates stylish, modern, and casual/elegant clothing as well as light, fresh and special perfumes for daily use. A new fragrance for women Guess 1981 was launched in the spring of 2017, followed by Guess 1981 for Men soon after. Now a year later, Guess launches new versions of these fragrances.

The fashion house launches a new pair of stunning  stunning perfumes for both men and women named Guess 1981 Indigo. What is amazing with these new perfumes and what have wondered me is the wine notes infusing these perfumes, thus making them special and delicate.

Guess 1981 Indigo for Women

Guess 1981 Indigo for WomenGuess 1981 Indigo for Women has a nice floral/woody aroma mixing Pinot Noir wine note inside – one of the most romantic wines with a voluptuous aroma and sweet on edge. I adore this kind of wine, and maybe this fact will make me buy it as quickly as it arrives on market. Guess 1981 Indigo for Women comes in a pale light blue color bottle.


Guess 1981 Indigo for Men

Guess 1981 Indigo for MenGuess 1981 Indigo for Men is more woody and fresh fragrance blending more floral notes thus making it smell more elegant and stylish. The perfume comes in a dark blue color bottle.

Guess 1981 Indigo both fragrances are available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.


Guess 1981 for Men


Famous American fashion house Guess launches the masculine counterpart Guess 1981 for Men – after the feminine version was launched at the beginning of this year, 2017. The masculine version, Guess 1981 for Men, suggests being more fresh and prominent due to its woody/green composition.

Top notes: Italian bergamot, Violet leafs
Heart: Ambergris, Cedar, Oakmoss
Base: Leather, Olibanum

Guess 1981 for Men opens to seduce with fresh Italian bergamot notes along with woody accords of gray amber, cedar, ambergris, oakmoss calmed down on a leather and olibanum layer. When the feminine edition comes as a strong, intense fruity/floral perfume, then the masculine version comes as a fresh masculine and admirable fragrance.

Guess 1981 for Men is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.