Haeckels Officially Opens Haeckels House London

U.K.-based sustainable cult-skincare brand Haekels has opened the doors to its second Haeckels House location, adding a treatment rooms and an events space to its London store. The design of the space references both its Hackney location and the brand’s seaside roots in Margate, while the a bright and open space is designed as an escape from the busy Broadway Market below.

Marking its first expansion from its base in Margate, the space will stock all of Haeckels’ natural and vegan products, as well as featuring two treatment rooms with two high-tech facial chairs as well as space for a range of massages. The label will also introduce a range of treatments based on the seaweed-driven skincare line it launched last year.

Continuing its mix of coast and city influences, Haeckels has continued its community focus as it moves to London. Announcing a string of community-oriented initiatives, Haeckels will create a soap using waste coffee grinds from a local coffee roastery, and is also planning to open a community ice bath in the surrounding area.

As featuring a venue space for talks and events, and a ‘living area in which the company will grow spirulina that can be turned into a sustainable food source for visitors to the space. The Haeckels store is open now, and you can take a look around the space in the gallery above. Come into the beautiful world of Haekels.

Haeckels House London
16 Broadway Market
E8 4QJ
Come into the beautiful world of Haekels.