Les Boites à Parfums, a set of hand-crafted perfume chests by Henry Jacques

French Maison Henry Jacques introduces ‘Les Boites a Parfums’, a set of hand – crafted chests designed to house the maison’s treasured Classiques perfumes. The extensive range of 50 fragrances that lie at the heart of Henry Jacques give rise to the desire of creating one’s own exquisite collection; the new chests were borne to reveal and protect these flacons in a manner as unique and special as the scents that they encase.

There is a sense of grandeur in treasure chests – not only the kind that stores buried loot, but also the ones that house precious personal objects. Even in our daily lives, the act of opening a treasure box to access its cherished contents can be a luxurious ritual indeed.

French haute parfumerie Maison Henry Jacques has created ‘Les Boites à Parfums’, boxes specially intended to house its flacons of exquisite fragrances. Perfume, after all, is the most personal and intimate thing that anyone can wear: it is intended to adorn one’s bare skin, and yet can clearly be perceived by the people around the wearer. That makes the moment of putting on one’s perfume all the more special.

Henry Jacques’ new perfume chests not only add an air of refinement to your daily fragrance ritual and look beautiful when sitting on a vanity, but also safeguard delicate fragrances from the ravages of light. Exposing a perfume to sunlight would result in its degradation more quickly than if it were shielded in a cool box.

However, these fragrance boxes are not available to just anyone, and are in fact not even available for sale. Whether the collection of Les Classiques or Les Brumes was purchased in store or on Henry Jacques’ new e – shop set to launch in June, the Maison now offers these elegant padded cases free of charge with any purchase of 3, 6 or 10 perfumes. After all, they are crafted specifically to fit Henry Jacques’ crystal flacons.

‘Les Boites à Parfums’ come in three different sizes to display the fragrances, and are available in four colours: taupe, brown, beige and pink.

The box epitomises the French art of living and would look ideally at home on an elegant credanza, bathroom vanity or walk-in wardrobe. There is perhaps no better safeguard for one’s olfactory journey. After all, they say that fragrances are deeply linked to our memories – and memories certainly should be treasured like the precious cargo they are.

Come into the beautiful world of Henry Jacques.