Haute French Parfumerie Henry Jacques unveils new Les Toupies fragrance series


French fragrance atelier Parfums Henry Jacques was founded by Henry Cremona in 1975 and since then the Maison has been creating bespoke fragrances for the world’s greatest clientele.

Henry Jacques has been creating exquisite fragrances for over 40 years, and while its offerings have previously been made-to-order at the request of discerning clients, the Maison began expanding three years ago and now offers a permanent selection on its shelves.

The newest line to be launched by Haute French Parfumerie Henry Jacques, Les Toupies – or Spinning Tops – are the expression of everyone’s inner dream. Part of the rare collection of Masterpieces. Each Toupie in the pair contains its own, unique and exclusive fragrance, one for men and one for women, each with a real distinction to their style.


Recently, the French Maison launched the first fragrances, Mr. H and Mrs. Y, as part of its Les Toupies series. Mr. H is a well-balanced blend of fresh green Cedar leaf and Geranium with warm Sandalwood, Tobacco, Amber and Patchouli; while its other half, Mrs. Y, is a sweet floral-bouquet of Ylang-Ylang, Rose Damascenia, Jasmine, precious Iris, Lily of the Valley and Tonka bean.

More and more we see everybody mixing scents. Some perfumes that were traditionally created for women are also very beautiful when worn by men. It’s not a question of being feminine or masculine; it’s a question of personality,

Anne-Lise Cremona

For all the creative mixing that went into the two formulations, however, Henry Jacques chief executive Anne-Lise Cremona, daughter of perfumer Henry Cremona, believes in the unisexuality of perfumes.


The juices are housed in intricately-designed symmetrical crystal flacons, which are reminiscent of the spinning tops that one would associate with a fun-loving child. Les Toupies are offered in pairs or individually and are specially designed for those with an endless passion for art, historic French craftsmanship and olfactive know-how.

With the Mr. H flacon being slightly larger, the two fragrances seem to form a coordinated visual of an endless waltz. What a perfect match.

It takes a good few years for an Henry Jacques perfume to make the journey from conception to crystal bottle. For the first scents in the perfumer’s Les Toupie line of fragrances, the curved-crystal flacons alone took three years to develop. Every single detail has been overseen by Artistic Director Christophe Tollemer. The Men’s flacon is slightly larger than the Women’s and when looking at them side by side, their curves seem to respond each other’s.


The Henry Jacques Les Toupies collection is now available at Henry Jacques Boutique, and very selected stores. Come into the beautiful world of Parfums Henry Jacques.