Boucheron & Hiroshi Sugimoto



To mark Boucheron’s presence for 120 years at 26 Place Vendôme, the Maison exhibited exceptional works by Hiroshi Sugimoto. The remarkable and enigmatic images were presented with the new High Jewelry collection ‘Hôtel de la Lumière’.

The introduction of Boucheron’s latest High Jewellery collection was, once again this season, a highlight of the couture week in Paris.


A highlight indeed, as ‘Hôtel de la Lumière’, the new collection, pays tribute to… Light! The light that shines constantly on 26 Place Vendôme, an exceptional location  chosen in 1893 by Frédéric Boucheron precisely because there, at the heart of the City of Light, sunrays would shine on the stones from dawn till dusk.

Created in honor of the 120th anniversary of 26 Place Vendôme, the High Jewelry collection Hôtel de la Lumière is also inspired by Boucheron’s archives. Soleil Radiant, Paon de Lune, Cascade de Diamants, Perles d’Eclat, Halo Delilah, Goutte de Lumière, Les Messagers Célestes and Fleur du Jour : each line in the collection evokes the art of Light according to Boucheron.


Today, let’s focus on the masterpiece of the new collection : the Soleil Radiant line, with its incredible necklace. An allusion to the Place Vendôme, the Soleil Radiant set is a tribute to the ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV. It is under his reign that Jules Hardouin-Mansart – the architect of Versailles – designed the Place Vendôme, where the balconies are, still today, decorated with suns. The Soleil Radiant line is a stylized interpretation of those suns, and its masterpiece is a necklace.

The sparkle of the diamond in the Soleil Radiant necklace (which comes with a circular case of rock crystal and diamonds in the center) is enhanced by the variety of cuts: the baguette-set choker looks like a halo of teeming rays, alternating tapered, princess cut, baguette and round diamonds in a clever arrangement… 1,000 hours of work were needed for this masterpiece.


The exhibit took place from the 15th to the 25th of October 2013 in the Boucheron private salons at 26, Place Vendôme.