Celebrating the art of haute fragrance.


House of Sillage showcases its signature fragrances along with their new limited-edition bottles.

Each of Luxury fragrance producer House of Sillage’s scents and artisan cupcake-inspired crystal bottles are created and produced in France by a team of professional noses, artists and craftsmen. These House of Sillage Limited-edition bottles, filled with precious signature fragrances, wearing names as ‘Love is in the Air’, ‘Cherry Garden’, ‘Nouez Moi’, ‘Benevolence’, ‘Emerald Reign’ and ‘Tiara’. Featuring finest, hand-placed Swarovski crystal on each cap, the bottle has its own serial number to ensure the exclusivity of a long-term keepsake.

Sillage Nouez Moi

Sillage Nouez Moi. Seeing this bottle, the cap, for the firt time, it reminded me on Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘White Diamonds’ (Click photo to enlarge).

Sillage Emerald Reign

Sillage Emerald Reign, the now famous ‘Tiger’ bottle, wich Nina Dyer and the Duchess of Windsor would have liked… a lot!(Click photo to enlarge).

Sillage Emerald Reign

Sillage Emerald Reign, another limited edition (Click photo to enlarge).

These precious’ bottles are a matter of tast. You like them, or not at all. But special they are! Knowing that they worked with a team of professional noses, artists and craftsmen, and using the ‘right’ ingrediants I hope I can bring you some reviews soon on these fragances.

by Jean Amr

House of Sillage limtied edition travel spray in a diamond encrusted solid gold case for $118,000

House of Sillage debuts limtied edition travel spray in a diamond encrusted solid gold case for $118,000

House of Sillage is a haute parfumerie based in California, known for creating extraordinary and unrivaled luxury fragrances. The scents are created and produced in France by a team of professional noses, artists and designers, all overseen by founder Nicole Mather.


The company remains true to their goal of maintaining and surpassing the true definitions of luxury and perfume. Each of their fragrances comes bottled in breathtaking designs, the latest and definitely the crowning jewel in their design repertoire is a Limited Edition private collection luxury travel perfume spray. This incredible bejeweled spray was inspired by a moment of sheer bliss on a hot tropical on a remote island in the South Pacific.

House of Sillage debuts limtied edition travel spray in a diamond encrusted solid gold case for $118,000

The design features a stunning emerald gecko climbing a beautiful exotic flower, immediately taking you back to the tropics. The gecko has been created using 2 carats of rare colombian green emeralds in a traditional gold bezel setting. To help highlight the brilliant shades of green and gold, House of Sillage has also used over 4 carats of brilliant cut colorless diamonds to embellish the leafy vine. Thus this incredible bottle has been created using a total of 665 gem stones, all hand set on an 18K yellow gold cylinder.


House of Sillage debuts limtied edition travel spray in a diamond encrusted solid gold case for $118,000

This limited edition travel spray hold 7.5 ml and comes with one of each of the brand’s six different fragrances. The bottle which was created in house, comes with a certificate of authenticity and is priced at $118,000 retail. The gold travel spray comes packaged in a gorgeous Birdseye maple lacquered gift box. House of Sillage founder Nicole Mather described this unique piece best, “It’s an elegant addition to the House of Sillage line and represents a synthesis of artistry and craft, tradition and innovation”.

If this isn’t the ultimate Christmas gift…..

House of Sillage Tiara

House of Sillage Tiara_banner-copyjpg

Founded by Nicole Mather, House of Sillage is based in California and produced in France. Haute parfumerie House of Sillage, which is a recently appeared house in the industry world, is already impressing and shocking perfume wearers with the release of an amazing and expensive perfume named Tiara.

I remember when I was a little girl I would cut out Tiara’s from paper maché. I would wear my mother’s dress and put on my Tiara and think I was the most beautiful princess in the world. What little girl didn’t have this dream? I designed Tiara for every woman as a reminder that they are still that beautiful princess with elegance, poise and sophistication.

Nicole Mather

The perfume’s priceless and valuable design is eye-catching and thrilling. House of Sillage Tiara has an impressive look, sealed in a luxurious limited-edition cupcake bottle decorated with a lot of white and blue Swarovski Crystals.

House of Sillage Tiara Coffret.jpg

Created by Francis Camail, Tiara by House of Sillage is a floral/oriental and a little bit chypre perfume composed of fresh and lovely notes that also delight as the appearance of the perfume. This adorable and pure perfume opens with sensual/fresh notes of Calabrian green tea, Sri Lankan cinnamon along with heart notes of Bulgarian rose, peony and Virginian cedar. Madagascar vanilla, amber and musk cling to skin to tempt and entangle with creamy soft , delicious and mouth watering notes that seduce.

The perfume is pure, but sensual, shy and blooming as a bride. Tiara is a modern classic that is synthesized to be both subtle and sensuously magnetic.  Vanilla and musk notes infused with rare and delicate florals create an evocative scent that is further transformed by each woman wearing it. This sumptuous fragrance is instantly emotive and empowering.

Nicole Mather

Only 5,000 bottles of 75 ml were produced. Each is numbered on the inner side of the cap, which is heavy and shiny-polished, covered with white crystals and faceted blue stones, created exclusively for House of Sillage. Refills will be available only for those who buy a luxury bottle, because you actually don’t buy a perfume – you buy a house for sweet memories. This is the idea. The bottle is nested in a beautiful white box made of lacquered wood.  Its lock is adorned with a matching blue crystal.



House of Sillage Tiara is a lavish and truly elegant perfume that can be made as a gift for the most special occasions. Its price ($1200) will allow wearers to buy Tiara perfume as an accessory to remember rather its remembering smell. The perfume is hand-crafted and shiny-polished. Personally I would like to be gifted with such a wonderful and remembering present. My first impression about this perfume was; it looks cold but at the same time feminine and pure, as if too innocent to hurt.

House of Sillage Tiara is available as 75 ml Extrait de Parfum.