Meet the new Boss: Chris Hemsworth is the new Hugo Boss global ambassador

Starting this year, actor Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role as Thor, will be the first Hollywood star to be appointed new global brand ambassador for Boss. In this role, he will be the international Boss face of the worldwide fashion campaigns planned for 2021 and 2022. 

Having been part of Hugo Boss’ perfume marketing campaigns since 2017, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth will begin his debut as the new Hugo Boss brand ambassador this spring/summer season and will continue to do so throughout 2021. Having previously worked for the brand’s perfume line, the 37-year old actor will appear in the fashion campaign, too.

“Chris perfectly exemplifies the modern man of today: self-confident, authentic and approachable”, company spokesperson and board member Yves Müller explained in a statement. The choice of Hemsworth reflects Hugo Boss’ shift into more casual looks. The pandemic has seen sales of the formalwear the German brand is so well known for dwindling, as executives are forced to work from home and larger formal events are canceled.

I’ve been a huge Boss fan for a long time, so I’m really happy to now represent the brand’s collections as a global ambassador. Our partnership over the past few years has been absolutely brilliant. I’m very excited to be working more closely with the Boss team.

Chris Hemsworth

Yves Müller added: “He embodies a contemporary take of success and masculinity. Chris perfectly exemplifies the modern man of today: self-confident, authentic, and approachable. His global fame will further augment the Boss brand’s desirability going forward”.

Later in the year, Hemsworth will also collaborate on a capsule collection for Hugo Boss. Because Hemsworth is a staunch environmental advocate, the collection will ‘underline its leading role as a sustainable company within the textile industry’.

Come into the beautiful world of Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme: Strong Feminine Independent.


Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme was inspired by the independent spirit of a woman as she pauses to indulge in the simple moments in life; in this moment,she is at her most captivating, exuding a glow of femininity and confidence. Fresh, indulgent and fulfilling, this perfume, created around the cactus flower invites you to take time to savour your life.

The Boss Na Vie Pour Femme set contains a 30ml Eau de Parfum and a 100ml Body Lotion. The set is available at selected stores around the world. Come into the beautiful world of Hugo Boss.




Liam Payne stars in Hugo Now fragrance campaign


A new fragrant adventure is awaiting us with the newest Hugo Now edition launched at the beginning of 2020; a limited edition inspired by the power of Now! The scent is a symbol of this free-spirited and young-at-heart attitude, and Hugo partners with artist Liam Payne to inspire his peers to seize the only moment they own: Now. #MyTimeIsNow

Hugo Now follows the success of the Hugo line started in 1995 with the pillar of the collection: Hugo The collection grew over the years, offering various flankers, limited editions and art editions, of which we’ll mention Hugo Iced, Hugo Reversed, Hugo Urban Journey. The newest creation is presented and created under the license of Coty, while being signed by perfumer Frank Voelkl.


This Aromatic Watery fragrance opens with a hit of Cardamom, a spicy and fusing note combined with the biting energy of Lemon zest, bringing light and freshness to the composition. This cutting-edge freshness carries through to the heart, softened by the aromatic notes of Lavender and paired with the cooling sensation of Mint and watery Aquozone, a frozen accord providing a cold aquatic freshness. It’s a fresh, masculine dose of confidence to seize your moment, now! At the base are the elegant notes of Haitian Vetiver, both rough and soft, cold and warm, earthy and smooth for an urban masculinity. The olfactive composition of Hugo Now encourages those who wear it to discover the unknown, now! Because Now is the only time.”

Singer. Producer. Creator. Dreamer. Introducing Liam Payne, the new face of Hugo Parfums. A symbol of a generation empowered to act in the here and now, Liam embodies the Hugo spirit and encourages today’s young people to reach out and grab opportunities. Joining the Hugo family, Liam will spread an important message to his 20 million Instagram followers and others: to be the heroes of their own lives – because NOW is the only moment you own.


Speaking directly to today’s young people, #MyTimeIsNow is a call-to-action that says: Live in the present and become the hero of your own life. The new campaign film is directed by Colin Tilley and shot by Alasdair McLellan, in Berlin, a city which embodies perfectly the Hugo spirit; young, free-spirited, playful. The film itself is a big bang of powerful snapshots.

Liam Payne embraces the present moment, from his brief but passionate encounter with a young woman, played by supermodel Stella Maxwell, to appearing on stage as himself. The film is set to speak to those who shape the world they live in, for whom every day and every moment is a new opportunity.
HB H NOW 20 EDT 75mlHugo Now is crafted with a sleek minimalist design – the iconic Hugo flask-shaped flacon. Its frosted pale blue color reflects the idea that the sky is the limit if you just believe in yourself.

The newest Hugo Boss creation Hugo Now is available as 75 and 125ml Eau de Toilette at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Hugo Boss.






Hugo Boss Hugo Reversed



German fashion house Hugo Boss launches a new masculine fragrance Hugo Reversed. This new perfume is inspired by the new Hugo Reversed fashion collection. The urban scent refreshes with a citrus cocktail and is contrasted by the elegance of the woody notes.

The modern composition of the new Hugo flanker will give the fragrance a sparkling aroma of fresh Calabrian bergamot along with grapefruit in the opening notes, followed by the intense charm of rosemary in the heart. that calmes on a woody layer highlighting the elegant signature of Haitian vetiver.



The flacon is white and in the recognizable Hugo style, the logo is printed as a mirrored reflection, which itself is also a reflection of the Hugo Reversed fashion collection.

Hugo Boss Hugo Reversed Eau de Toilette is available as 75 and 125ml. Eau de Toilette.





Hugo Boss taps Joseph Schooling for their Washable Suit campaign


Introducing the latest tailoring development from Hugo Boss, The Washable Suit. This versatile design, available in three different wool-based fabrics, reflects the brand’s mission to dress driven men with fast-paced lives.

The Washable Suit was created with a demanding lifestyle like this in mind. With no need for dry cleaning, time spent on care is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to an altered construction, the innovative tailoring can be machine-washed, while retaining a signature sharp BOSS look.

The unlined jacket features a softer shoulder with a stripped back and reduced internal structure, while the soft waistband of the trousers allows for both wearing comfort and washability. Each fabric has also been specially developed and finished to withstand the effects of water and washing. The suit should be lightly ironed after being machine-washed to ensure a sharp finish.

Joseph Schooling, swimmer and Olympic gold medallist, is the face of the campaign, shot in Singapore. Chosen for his determination, ambition and drive to succeed, Schooling is captured where both he and the suit perform – submerged in water. The swimmer’s lifestyle mirrors that of the Boss man: his day-to-day routine is defined by being constantly on the move, where time is of the essence.

Adding a further level of versatility, the jacket and trousers are sold separately to allow the wearer to mix and match different designs in the collection and create a number of looks with the separate pieces. The Washable Suit is available in store and online from July. Come into the beautiful world of Hugo Boss.





Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme L’Eau


German fashion house Hugo Boss re-launches a new edition of their famous Ma Vie Pour Femme with a new floral composition, yet accentuated with lighter accords making it a new lovely and precious perfume for women. Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme L’Eau is a nice feminine and passionate fragrance touched with delicate and soft flowers. In the fragrance cactus flower, peony and musk are progressively revealed.

Top notes: Cactus blossom.
Heart notes: Jasmine, Magnolia, Roses.
Base notes: Cedarwood, Musk.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme L’Eau also blends floral notes of white magnolia, peony and pink roses. The scent is rounded off with white musk and cedar wood for a pleasantly warm feeling. All the notes together offer a unique and modern fragrance with an elegant scent for everyday life. Even though I am not a Boss fan, still this perfume promises to have a nice and soft aroma with a free spirit for the modern women.




Ma Vie Pour Femme L’Eau will please any woman in all the simple moments of life; like a walk from the office, a walk in the park, and so on.

Ma Vie Pour Femme L’Eau, just like other previous editions, celebrates femininity, strength, elegance and modern women. The new L’Eau edition preserves the same bottle shape as other editions. a nice and compact bottle for refreshing and revitalizing one’s fragrance on the go.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme L’Eau is available in 50ml Eau de Toilette.





Boss The Scent for Her Eau de Toilette


Boss The Scent for Her is described as a seductive perfume for women with a sublime feminine elegance and seductiveness. The Eau de Parfum version from 2016 resembles much in composition with the new ‘lighter’ Eau de Toilette version. However, the new Boss The Scent for Her Eau de Toilette will leave behind an unforgettable memory that captivates both the Boss man and Boss woman equally. It is a sweet, mouth-watering fragrance composed of sweet notes perfectly balanced with roasted cocoa – what can be more intriguing and lovely?

Top notes: Mandarin, Honeyed peach, Pink pepper
Heart notes: Orange blossom, Freesia, Osmanthus,
Base notes: Roasted cocoa

Hugo Boss Boss The Scent for Her Eau de Toilette preserves almost the same composition, yet in more lighter and more fresher way. Fresh mandarin note starts to impress a wearer as its freshly aroma is mixed with sweet honeyed peach along with head-turning combination of floral notes of orange blossom, freesia and osmanthus calming with delicate roasted cocoa note. It is simply a gorgeous and nice combination of a long-lasting, not heady, yet modern and feminine perfume.


The perfume design bottle doesn’t differ from the original version, yet the new Eau de Toilette fragrance comes in a pinky colored bottle and pink chrome top.

Hugo Boss Boss The Scent for Her Eau de Toilette is available as 30, 50, and 100ml.





Boss Bottled Unlimited by Hugo Boss

Hugo_Boss-Boss_Bottled_Unlimited.jpgGerman fashion house Hugo Boss launches a new perfume for men, Boss Bottled Unlimited. Boss Bottled Unlimited by Hugo Boss is the new flanker to Boss Bottled released in 1998. The new perfume inspires a fresh aroma, yet elegant and classic. Men will adore this smell as it will elude a pleasant and lasting feeling of freshness.

Boss Bottled Unlimited by Hugo Boss is composed of fresh notes of mint, citrus and wood. It is a stylish fougère fragrance for men.

Boss Bottled Unlimited by Hugo Boss comes in a modern white bottle and is available as 100ml Eau de Toilette.





Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme

Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme ad.jpg

German fashion house Hugo Boss launches a new perfume for women, Boss Jour Pour Femme – the counterpart to last year’s Boss Nuit Pour Femme. This spring, Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme shows up in a milky white bottle inspiring a fresh, clean and pure aroma ideal for daily use. This year it captures a new face with a bursting revitalizing aroma suitable for any woman.

Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme opens to impress with a soft easiness composed of white flowers mixed with citrusy notes. It opens with lime and grapefruit blossom accords along with white flowers like freesia, lily of the valley and honeysuckle leaving it a beautiful feminine and sensual aroma. The base melts with aromatic notes of white birch and creamy amber.

Beautiful actress Gwyneth Paltrow represents this ultra feminine and freshly perfume.

Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme is available as 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum.

Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme Flacon Ad