Iceberg Burning Ice

Iceberg Burning Ice

Fashion house Iceberg is presenting a new masculine fragrance Burning Ice inspiring romance and true passion. It is a fresh fragrance with powerful notes that attract and allure. Iceberg Burning Ice will become a man’s preferred fragrance thanks to its easiness and pureness. It is an ideal fragrance for daily use.

The Burning Ice Man: The seductive attraction of opposites. Fire and ice are essential elements in his character. A powerful duality that embodies the raw icy strength inspired by the of the brand, polarized by strong sensuality. Strength and Sensuality, his fragrance is like him. An alliance of sharp cold and voluptuous incandescence, a subtle exchange between the extreme freshness of the head notes and the burning sensuality of the dry-down, lingering in the steps of its wearer like a fragrant echo of his own character.

Burning Ice blends bergamot sorbet, frozen apple, cardamom, clary sage, sea cliff, patchouli, amber, vanilla and musky notes.

Burning Ice, Iceberg's new men fragrance.

Male model Mathias Chico Hernandez stars in Iceberg’s new ad campaign for it’s new perfume for men. Iceberg Burning Ice is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette as well as shower gel and deodorant spray.





Iceberg Eau de Iceberg Jasmine & Eau de Iceberg Cedar


Italian fashion house Iceberg presents its new fragrances Eau de Iceberg Jasmine & Eau de Iceberg Cedar part of the Eau de Iceberg ’74 Collection. The new fragrances are flankers to 2010 Eau de Iceberg Pour Femme and Eau de Iceberg Pour Homme. Iceberg Eau de Iceberg Jasmine for women is said to be flowery and sweet while Iceberg Eau de Iceberg Cedar is woodier and more classic.


Iceberg est.74 Eau de Iceberg Jasmine


Iceberg Eau de Iceberg Jasmine

Iceberg Eau de Iceberg Jasmine seduces with a fresh and interesting mixture of ginger and red berries while highlighting cheerful mood and dynamics of the edition. A heart continues the characteristic, feminine and youthful tempo with notes of jasmine, rose and violet flowers. The long-lasting and appealing base calms with velvety musk, peach nectar and creamy sandalwood.


Iceberg est.74 Eau de Iceberg Cedar


Iceberg Eau de Iceberg Cedar

Created by Sonia Constant, Iceberg Eau de Iceberg Cedar is created with an accent on woody notes surrounded with aromatic and fresh notes and selected spices. Top notes of the new fragrance Eau de Iceberg Cedar host notes of frozen cardamom and rhubarb as a very pleasant and vibrant introduction to juicy accords of apple, watermelon and cypress. Base notes are accompanied with precious, woody charm of patchouli, vetiver and amber.

Iceberg Eau de Iceberg Jasmine & Eau de Iceberg Cedar will appear on the markets early 2012 in 100 ml Eau de Toilette.