Illamasqua Launching New Antimatter Lipstick Shades


Illamasqua has created a new line of lipstick, Antimatter Lipstick, that launched January 5th. Currently, they have two new colors making their way to the markets. Following the space trend, they are appropriately named Physical and Eclipse.



These new shades will be available Feburary 2nd, which is just in time for Valentines Day! Physical is a red shade, while Eclipse is a white that can be used to lighten other lipsticks, highlight, or aid in creating an ombre lip.



Illamasqua’s Antimatter lipstick line has a collection of 16 (soon to be 18) semi-matte lipsticks. Their website describes this collection as ‘lipsticks that celebrates rebel-nature and the rule breakers that look far beyond traditional beauty techniques and formulations’.



Their other shades include several purple colors, pinks, reds, browns, and oranges. The lipsticks are presented in Illamasqua’s classic black patent case.

Shades: Quartz, Binary, Solar, Midnight, Lyra, Bang, Mars, Cosmic, Isotope, Charge, Nebula, Spectra, Hadron, Vibrate, Btch, and Energy.

These lipsticks are out of this world and with such a cool aesthetic, how can you resist?

Illamasqua Dusk Collection, Makeup for the Middle East

Dusk Collection – A collection specifically designed for the Middle Eastern market by Creative Director Alex Box and the Illamasqua Art Team. Dusk brings to life the art of contouring, skin sculpting and truly artistic eye definition.


The famous beauty brand Illamasqua has given us a sneak peek into its upcoming ‘Dusk Collection’. The new makeup range, which was slated to hit the shelves on the 17th of July 2015, is specifically designed for the Middle Eastern market.

As announced by the brand, the ‘Dusk Collection’, which is designed by Creative Director Alex Box and the Illamasqua Art Team, is all about the art of contouring and sculpting. The collection focuses on neutral colors, it plays with shadows and highlights, and truly emphasizes the eyes. To promote the collection, Illamasqua has partnered with Makeup Artist ‘Immaculate Beauty’, who created special tutorials on how to apply the new collection.


The central piece of the collection is the Illamasqua Sculpting Palette, which brings six powder shades that work together to bring color, shadow, and luminosity to your face. The shades include tawny neutrals, champagne shimmer, light peach, ash taupe, and coffee. £44

Illamasqua Slick Stick Eye Crayon, which is the brand’s retractable eye pencil with a water-resistant formula, comes in three shades, each priced at £18.50:

  • Mass – black
  • Igneous – plum
  • Alloy – bronze

Illamasqua Slick Stick Crayon comes in three lovely shades, each priced at £18.50:

  • True – nude
  • Flush – pink
  • Adorn – red

Illamasqua Illustrator Pen, which is specifically designed to allow precise application of a black waterproof formula, for gorgeously framed eyes, retails at £20.

Illamasqua also offers a Powder Blusher in Cherish, which is a limited edition intense apricot shade, will be offered for £22-. There is also a limited edition lipstick shade in the matching hue named Born, for £19.50. Last but not least, there are amazing hand-made and cruelty-free limited edition Illamasqua Quiver False Eye Lashes for £15.

by Jean Amr