Gabrielle, The Pursuit of Passion


New truths about Gabrielle Chanel are unveiled in a new short film Gabrielle, The Pursuit of Passion.

Gabrielle Chanel’s passion has been characterised into three simple key terms in the latest must-watch version of the fashion house’s video series. The 21st intallment, aptly titled The Pursuit of Passion focuses in on what it means to ‘seize, dare, create’, as the short showcases Chanel’s desire to: Seize beauty all the time, everywhere you go – in a Venetian church, in a bouquet of white camellias, in a Baroque angel – because it is a vital necessity. Dare to transform your intuition into a brand. Embrace radical decisions: ‘I’ve never done things by halves. I either like them or I don’t.’ Create tirelessly and persistently. Continue your journey without worrying about the past or posterity, with passion as your only compass.

Chapter 21 of Inside Chanel, unveils how Gabrielle Chanel seized her century, dared to pursue passion, and created a surname, Chanel. And invent a first name: Gabrielle. Watch the beautiful two-minute video – Inside Chanel The Pursuit of Passion – below for more insight into the real Gabrielle Chanel. More on: 




Gabrielle The Quest for Freedom



After the last video released at Baselworld ’17 debuted, French Maison Chanel has unveiled a new video for the Inside Chanel series. Titled Gabrielle, The Quest for Freedom, the latest instalment once again highlights key traits of the maison’s founder, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, this time focusing on her strong work ethic.

The 2-minute monochromatic clip reiterates Coco Chanel’s mantra of ‘nothing replaces work; not titles, not nerve, not luck’ and also goes on to share inspirational messages of individualism and freedom.





The Time of Chanel



A tangible and yet eternal present: the time of Chanel.

“Fashion is always of the time in which we live”, said Gabrielle Chanel in the brand’s Inside Chanel series, which was launched to coincide with Baselworld ’17. Focusing on the importance of time, the video showcases how the maison has masterfully fused the traditional and the contemporary to create a present that reflects the founder’s peerless vision of luxury. Also featured in the 90-second clip are the horological pieces that were unveiled during Baselworld including the J12, the Monsieur de Chanel and the Premiere Camelia Skeleton.

In time for Baselworld ’17, Chanel shares its latest insightful video. Watch Chapter 19 of Inside Chanel….






Inside Chanel Gabrielle A Rebel at Heart


It’s here! The new Chanel video wants you to take charge of your life in the way that Coco did.

I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am.

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel

More than four months after the last Inside Chanel video, the French luxury maison has released its latest visual offering titled Gabrielle, A Rebel at Heart. Centred around three definitive mantras – to choose, to desire, to be – the 18th episode in the insightful series shows how Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel evolved her fashion brand through the unique approach.

Both informational and inspirational, the clip urges women to be themselves, to be brave with the choices in their lives as well as to break barriers that inhibit, all in a manner that is similar to the iconic fashion designer.




Chanel Gabrielle

Chanel Gabrielle

Maison Chanel announces their new handbag model (since Boy in 2011) and the new fragrance, both called Gabrielle, named after the first name of the famous founder Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. Gabrielle is the first ‘pillar’ fragrance of the house in the last 15 years.

Chanel Gabrielle Eau de Parfum is announced as an ‘abstract floral’ composition, whose creation is signed by perfumer Oliver Polge. Other details of the fragrance notes have not been revealed yet.

It promises to exalt the rebellious, mold-breaking spirit of her early years before she became Coco. Watch the beautiful one-and a half-minute video – Inside Chanel, Gabrielle, A Rebel At Heart – below for more insight into the real Gabrielle Chanel.

More about the new Chanel Gabrielle fragrance soon here on Yakymour….



Inside Chanel, The Paradoxes of Chanel


Maison Chanel has released new video from its Inside Chanel series titled The Paradoxes of Chanel. This time round, the maison invites viewers to explore the concept of duality within the brand that was embraced by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, helping her shape the brand into the icon it is today.

The video shows that it’s not about black or white, vulnerable or invincible, elegant or nonchalant, but rather a reconciliation of the juxtapositions to create something even better. As the narrator aptly describes, ‘The paradox is borrowing garments and fabrics from the male wardrobe that make women look even more feminine’.




Inside Chanel, A look at the iconic Camellia


If there’s one piece of perfection that has transcended the House of Chanel, it’s the camellia. Now, in a new short film, the history of the flower unfolds…

Chanel have just released Chapter 16 in their video series, aptly titled The Camellia, which tells the story of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s ‘favourite flower’. Each episode is a glimpse inside the designer’s mind, and with that a look at how Maison Chanel has come to be. Today, the story continues with the camellia. Discover the must-see short film about the flower now… 




Inside Chanel The Colours


Black, white, beige, gold, red – Chanel gives us an inside look at its founder’s preferred colours and why they were her favourite.

In Chapter 11 of Inside Chanel, five colours come alive as the French Maison delves into the history, the anecdotes, and the quotes from Mademoiselle Coco herself.

Colour by colour from black, white, beige, gold and red, the stunning video shows how each hue was immortalised and how their significance still stands in Cjanel’s collections today.

Animated_Gif_CHANEL_Chapter11_RED_Lipstick_14visuals_128colors.gif .gif

The short clip is narrated throughout, and also features some of Coco’s quotes, starting with black, “Thanks to Chanel black evolved from the garments of servants and those in mourning to become, since 1926, the colour of elegance epitomised by the little black dress.” and ending with red ” The colour of life and blood.”

Watch the mesmerising video below now: