Les Exclusifs de Chanel box set revisits iconic scents

Chanel has created a new set of mini perfumes from the collection ‘Les Exclusifs de Chanel’, which draws its inspiration from the French brand’s history. A limited edition which will go on sale on February 17, 2017, exclusively at select Chanel Beauté sales points.


While you’re bound to be familiar with No 5, No 19, Coco Mademoiselle and perhaps a few more Chanel perfumes, Les Exclusifs are the real gems. Created from 1922 onwards, these are the most rare and luxurious scents in Chanel’s armoury, ranging from florals to leathers and orientals. Each one is inspired by a key element, person or place in Coco Chanel’s life, from her Parisian apartment, 31 Rue Cambon, to her dearest friend, Misia

Exquisite precious materials, elegant bottles, timeless fragrances: ‘Les Exclusifs de Chanel’ was created between 1922 and 2016 by renowned perfumers with close links to the French fashion and beauty house. Ernest Beaux, Jacques Polge, and Olivier Polge have come up with their own interpretation of a place, texture, meeting or symbol loved by Gabrielle Chanel. Together they form a unique collection, taking us on a perfumed journey through Chanel’s history.

The collection consists of 15 4ml perfume bottles: 14 Eau de Parfum and one Eau de Cologne. An opportunity to (re)discover and appreciate a selection of rare fragrances which include hesperidium, woody, floral and oriental scents.

Fans of unusual perfumes and collectors will be pleased to discover that this set contains ‘Bel Respiro’, a floral evocation of spring, ‘Sycomore’, a woody scent based around vetiver, ‘Coromandel’ with its incense, benzoin, and patchouli notes, the oriental scent ‘Cuir de Russie’, the aromatic-floral-powdery ‘Jersey’, and the woody and fruity ‘N°18′.

The set also includes ’31 rue Cambon’, ’28 La Pausa’, ‘N°22’, ‘1932’, ‘Gardénia’, Beige’, Bois des Iles’, ‘Eau de Cologne’, and ‘Misia’, a fragrance created by Olivier Polge.

This ‘Les Exclusifs de Chanel’ set of 15 mini perfumes will go on sale on February 17 for €280, exclusively at Chanel Beauté stores and the brand’s e-shop.

Chanel Les Exclusifs



Chanel-Les-Exclusifs-FragranceChanel Les Exclusifs (Click photo to enlarge)

Identical bottles. Individual influences. Chanel Les Exclusifs is a collection of 14 fragrances first created by Ernest Beaux, Mademoiselle Chanel’s exclusive perfume creator to present day by Jacques Polge.

Each fragrance reinventing a moment in the life of Gabrielle Chanel’s life. A home, her atelier, her country side walks. 14 unisex fragrances. Which scent inspires you?

Chanel Les Exclusifs Box

Chanel-Les-Exclusif-parfumChanel Les Exclusifs (Click photo to enlarge)

  • Cuir de Russie. An imperial fragrance inspired by old Russia
  • Coromandel inspired by the exquisite Chinese lacquer screens in Gabrielle Chanel’s rooms
  • Jersey, a scent of freedom named after the fabric Gabrielle boldly used in her designs
  • Bel Respiro, fresh open air of the French countryside.
  • Beige, a colour beloved by Chanel for the simplicity it evokes
  • 28 la Pausa, the woody country smell of Chanel’s country home
  • 31 Rue Cambon, the couture fragrance named for the location of her atelier.
  • 1932, the brilliance of a constellation of diamonds
  • Sycomore, woody and noble
  • Gardenia, the closest flower to Chanel’s beloved Camellia flower
  • Eau de Cologne, simple and refreshing • No 22, created in 1922, graceful powdery florals
  • Bois des Iles, an invitation to travel
  • No 18, inspired by the Chanel boutique at 18, place Vendome, rich and full of surprises.
  • Misia, an ode. Misia Sert and Coco Chanel shared a unique friendship. A rare complicity also because it was marked by curiosity.

Chanel-Les-Exclusifs-Extrait-Chanel Les Exclusifs Parfums (Click photo to enlarge)

Soon we will review each of these beautiful scents, starting next month….

by Jean Amr



In 2008, Chanel launched N°5 Eau Première fragrance and last year it got a new bottle design. The bottle was a more compact flacon and resembled the original Chanel N°5 bottle. The bottle is cut like a diamond with a clear glass bottle stopper which is said to be inspired by the geometry of Paris’s Place Vendôme.

Chanel N°5 EAU PREMIÈRE Wihte Gold

Chanel N°5 Eau Première (Click photo to enlarge).

To celebrate its iconic fragrance N°5, what better date than the 5th day of the 5th month of every year? 5 or the lucky number of Mademoiselle. This year, Chanel focuses on Mademoiselle’s first lucky number, N°5 Eau Première , an airy and luminous fragrance, with a unique feminine trail of a floral bouquet with soft and powdery notes.

According to reports, Jacques Polge created the fragrance which include notes of neroli enriched with extracts of ylang-ylang, May rose and jasmine absolute over base notes of iris, white musk, sandalwood and vanilla.

Chanel N°5 EAU PREMIÈRE Giselle Bundchen

This year’s celebration will be supported by a new print ad campaign dedicated to N°5 Eau Première , featuring Gisele Bündchen, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier (Click photo to enlarge).

For N°5 Eau Première , Chanel has designed a collector’s pack. Its modern spirit is encased in an exclusive collection of 10 limited-edition graphic sleeves, all infinitely desirable. Multiple ephemeral and creative events will also take place all over the world. A great Christmas present?….

by Jean Amr

Blue de Chanel

Chanel Blue de Chanel 2Gaspard Ulliel for Blue de Chanel

An untamed, penetrating and lingering freshness that appeals to the liberated man, Blue de Chanel as become the olfactory banner for male anti-conformism. A scent that draws its freshness from the Mediterranean; from the fields of citrus fruits and the leaves of aromatic herbs to the roots of vetiver, the vibrancy of cedar and the creaminess of sandalwood.

Chanel Blue de Chanel 9.jpg

Now an immediately identifiable signature, the unique fragrance is expanding to include a new family member that stays true to the first opus, while asserting its own strong character. An Eau de Parfum version that exudes a sensuality like no other directly against the skin.

Now, Jacques Polge and the Fragrance Laboratory teams present a new interpretation of Blue de Chanel. An intense variation that follows on from its predecessor while carving out its own amber and sensual territory, as if blue harnessed its energy from the evening light. This new olfactory interpretation called Eau de Parfum is not merely a concentration of the key ingredients in the first formula. It instantly feels more enveloping. Rounder. Even more comfortable. You can recognise the older sibling, but now with amber it is almost like velvet, with woody notes that seem to prevail over the aqueous aromatic freshness.

Chanel’s latest Bleu de Chanel fragrance for men

Chanel Blue de Chanel

At the end of the month, the French Maison will be launching a new addition to its Bleu de Chanel range which debuted in 2010.

The new Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum was composed by in-house perfumer Jacques Polge, and is described by Chanel as:

An intense variation that follows on from its predecessor while carving out its own amber and sensual territory, as if blue harnessed its energy from the evening light.

Inside the sleek navy bottle, the Eau de Parfum carries a variety of fresh, supple ingredients, from Sicilian mandarin, lemon, Haitian vetiver, cedar, amber, New Caledonian Sandalwood, Vanilla and Venezuelan Tonka Bean. 

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum will be avaliable from September 1

More about this fragrance soon here on Yakymour…




Chanel signature scents released in super concentrated versions




Replenishing the collection Les Exclusifs de Chanel in a chic, concentrated format are the scents 1932, Beige and Jersey – now released as more ‘pure’ fragrances, using the strongest concentration of perfume extract possible.

In addition to lighter Eau de Toilette options, Chanel has released its scents ‘1932’, ‘Beige’ and ‘Jersey’ in a high-impact concentration.


Reworked by Chanel house perfumer Jacques Polge, each is directly inspired by the work of Coco Chanel; ‘Jersey’ as one of her favourite fabrics including notes of lavender, vanilla, Tonka bean, roses and grass flowers. The second composition is titled ‘Beige’ for the chic, light colourway favoured by the designer, and brings together chords of freesia, frangipani and honey. And finally there is ‘1932’, which was the year that Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel created her first jewellery collection – featuring notes of jasmine, pear, pomelo, iris, incense, vanilla, musk and sandalwood.

Playing on the super exclusive theme of the collection, each concentrated scent is only sold in 15ml bottles.





Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L’Extrait

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L_Extrait Visual

French Maison Chanel presents a new fresher and lighter, but high quality, version to their eponymous perfume Coco Mademoiselle, Coco Mademoiselle L’Extrait. The new delightful, exhilarating and emotional scent will thrill any woman’s heart. The original Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, which has left breathless and still is one of the most sold perfumes in the world, will never lose its charm to impress and seduce.

Top notes: Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian orange
Heart: Jasmine, May rose, Florentine iris
Base: Vetiver, Patchouli, White Musk,

The new refresher version Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L’Extrait is described as daring, mysterious and elegant. In-house perfumer Jacques Polge is the perfumer to this lovely fragrance Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L’Extrait. For this time he offers a light version perfume composed of Sicilian bergamot and orange with jasmine flowers, May roses, very precious Florentine iris and woody accords of patchouli, Bourbon vanilla, musk and vetiver.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L’Extrait is available as 15 ml Parfum concentration for 170 €.