Chanel Une Fleur de Chanel

Chanel Une Fleur de Chanel box

When Maison Chanel introduces a new fragrance, it quickly become a sensation. Be it either a strong feminine scent or a pure fresh indulgence Chanel knows how to impress its loyal perfume lovers. Every Chanel perfume is a small piece of art, an accessory that enriches your wardrobe and your everyday mood.

Chanel Une Fleur de Chanel was originally launched in 1998, however, it was recently re-launched as a limited-edition fragrance for women.  Une Fleur de Chanel is classified as a floral green scent designed to satisfy even the most demanding women. Full of flowery notes, truly unique and ultra-feminine, Chanel Une Fleur de Chanel is an endless source of inspiration. Even though Chanel crafts more elegant, strong and chic perfumes, I consider that any of us will find its age perfume. For me Chanel is one of the most prominent fashion houses in the world, with most outstanding and notorious perfumes. Since day one I am truly in love with the Chanel Antaeus. These luring fragrance is one of my favorites. Every time I spray it on, and shower with it, I feel complete. A feeling full of joy and happiness. Perfume is an invisible fashion accessory on any woman or man, but is an important tool for our feelings.

Chanel Une Fleur de Chanel1

Created by Jacques Polge Une Fleur is described as a light and floral scent with sensual jasmine, green notes and a touch of citrus on the top. Though simple at first breathe, perfume ascends on skin with its exciting and tenderness notes. For is a must try for this year.