J. Del Pozo Halloween Man

J Del Pozo Halloween Man Visual

Spanish designer Jesus Del Pozo launches a new fragrance for men, Halloween Man in September. J. Del Pozo Halloween Man is the new flanker to Halloween for Women from 1997. It is said that J. Del Pozo Halloween Man will become men’s second skin thanks to its irresistible aroma pure and soft on the skin. It is described as an oriental/fresh fragrance with touches of woody notes. It is a delightful and fresh fragrance for manly-man.

Night has its own scent. Can you smell it? It is a second skin. Or is it the first? Apple Martini comes out followed by an aphrodisiac ginger heart, finishing with sexy leather. No, do not open your eyes, yet. The night also conceals deeper aromas of musks, woods and cinnamon.

J. Del Pozo Halloween Man blends violet leaves, basil, mandarin, lavender, orange blossom, grey amber and vanilla. It comes with the logo: ‘beware of yourself’ – a strong smell ideal for Halloween.

J. Del Pozo Halloween Man will be available as 75 and 125 ml. Eau de Toilette.


J Del Pozo Halloween Man bottle