Follow Jo Malone London to Lavenderland

Journey to an enchanted world of violet visions, where English lavender meanders in purple pathways across the countryside. Discover a trio of takes on this timeless note, each offering a different presentation of natural lavender. One strikingly aromatic, the second fresh with a cool woodiness, and the third cascading with soft florals. Fall out of the ordinary and into a new lavender story.

In perfumery, we mainly use French lavender. It is such a familiar, popular scent, so we wanted to explore it in ways that you might not be used to. We’ve taken natural English lavender and gone in three different directions with the other ingredients, to give it that Jo Malone London twist.

Celine Roux, Jo Malone Global Head of Fragrance

The Lavenderland themed line is modeled in the same style as the previously presented English Fields Collection, Wild Flowers & Weeds Collection and The Herb Garden Collection. In its purple hues, the new Lavenderland line promises relaxing and subtle compositions in which lavender shows her different faces, facets and characters.

Jo Malone Wisteria & Lavender

Cascading wisteria frames a characterful house, creating a nostalgic purple picture. This soft floral presentation of English lavender is entwined with sweet wisteria and powdery heliotrope. A picturesque trio, cocooned in clean and delicate white musk. Jo Malone Wisteria & Lavender is available in a 30ml flacon.

Jo Malone Silver Birch & Lavender

Morning light across a rambling garden, framed by silver birch trees.
The air fresh with a crisp coolness that cuts through the iconic scent of English lavender. Refreshed with a squeeze of grapefruit, grounded by a woody, charismatic base of silver birch and a compelling note of roasted oak. Jo Malone Silver Birch & Lavender is available in a 30ml flacon.

Jo Malone Lavender & Coriander

Aromatic English lavender nestled in a thriving and fragrant herb garden, bolstered by the striking note of coriander. Earthy sage deepens the lavender’s timeless scent, while creamy tonka bean adds an unexpected touch of warmth and sensual balance. Jo Malone Lavender & Coriander is available in a 30ml flacon.

Each of these distinctive Colognes adds something unique when paired with another scent from the perfume house’ refined palette. Jo Malone London recommends pairing:
Wisteria & Lavender with Peony & Blush Suede for a sensual floral combination. Blooming peonies add opulence to dainty lavender and wisteria, with a soft trail of musk.
Silver Birch & Lavender with Wild Bluebell for an aromatic floral combination. The dewy delicacy of bluebell is wrapped in herbaceous notes of English lavender, warmed with amberwood.
Lavender & Coriander with Lime Basil & Mandarin for a zesty and aromatic combination. Spicy coriander and a kick of basil add herbaceous edge to sparkling citrus notes.

Two limited-edition home products complete the new Lavenderland collection, both infused with the scent of Lavender & Musk.

Jo Malone Lavender & Musk Pillow Mist

Scent the road to dreams with Jo Malone London’s limited-edition Pillow Mist. Aromatic English lavender mingles with a cocooning note of musk to create a soft and sensual scent that helps you relax and unwind for a good night’s sleep. The pump design allows for light dispersion and optimal diffusion.

Jo Malone Lavender & Musk Pillow Mist is available in a 45ml flacon.

Jo Malone Lavender & Musk Scent Surround Diffuser

Create a tranquil atmosphere with a Diffuser in the same fragrance. The perfect scent to place on a bedside table or dresser to encourage a relaxing mood.

Lavender & Musk Scent Surround Diffuser is available in a 165ml flacon.

Jo Malone Wisteria & Lavender, Silver Birch & Lavender, Lavender & Coriander, Lavender & Musk Scent Surround Diffuser, and the Lavender & Musk Pillow Mist, are available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Jo Malone.

Zara and Jo Loves by Jo Malone Unveil 8-Piece Fragrance and Candle Collection


Spanish fashion giant Zara and the London-based fragrance company Jo Malone have collaborated, introducing the Zara Emotions Collection by Jo Loves. The alliance began over a year ago when Zara wanted to launch a new fragrance collection and found a fitting partner in Jo Malone, united by the same sense of detail, creative flair and desire to tell stories.

Unisex scents for you and your home.

Jo Loves is Jo Malone’s secondary company that creates scents inspired by the memories and moments in life that she loves. In the collaboration with Zara, you can find eight types of unisex Eau de Parfums and candles, ranging from ‘Ebony Wood’, a scent that reveals notes of pink peppercorn, clove and ebony wood, as well as ‘Amalfi Sunray’ a summer-ready scent packed with bergamot, mandarin and orange blossom. Elsewhere, the duo presents ‘Fleur d’ Oranger’ (Orange Blossom, Neroli, Ylang Ylang), ‘Vetiver Pamplemousse’ (Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange, Vetiver), ‘Waterlily Tea Dress’ (Bergamot, Green Mint, Musks), ‘Fleur de Patchouli’ (Peony, Patchouli, Guaiac Wood), ‘Tubereuse Noir’ (Ylang ylang, Tuberose, Sandalwood), and ‘Bohemian Bluebells’ (Lavander, Sandalwood, Musks).

Zara Emotions No.1 Vetiver Pamplemousse


A crisp white cotton shirt layered with citrus cologne, an everyday accessory for me

Jo Malone


Zara Emotions No.2 Waterlily Tea Dress


Soft jazz music plays in the background, picnics on the lown, a vintage tea dress floats by in the gentle breeze

Jo Malone


Zara Emotions No.3 Ebony Wood


That moment of freedom and care-free adventures that are about to begin

Jo Malone


Zara Emotions No.4 Amalfi Sunray


So many happy memories of summer, Italian Riviera holidays

Jo Malone


Zara Emotions No.5 Tubereuse Noir


The single note of tubereuse is more commanding than diamonds

Jo Malone


Zara Emotions No.6 Fleur d’Oranger


Royal and regal moments should always be celebrated with orange flowers

Jo Malone


Zara Emotions No.7 Fleur de Patchouli


The eye of this fragrance stares straight at you daring you to engage with her creativity

Jo Malone


Zara Emotions No.8 Bohemian Bluebells


This scent breathes a bohemian spirit, it’s full of bold unexpected notes and its very vibrant character mesmerises the wearer. It’s like nothing you have ever smelled before

Jo Malone

Paris-based art director Ezra Petronio, who is the founder of Self Service magazine, was enlisted to design the packaging for this project. Zara took an eco-friendly approach with its new range, opting to use FSC certified paper for the box that is not wrapped in cellophane or plastic, and has also used a clear glass bottle to show that the fragrances are free of coloring agents.


The scents come in sizes ranging from 10ml to 40ml and 90ml, and each has an accompanying candle, which will be available from November 15th 2019 in Zara stores across Europe, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, followed by the US and Asia in early 2020.

Take a look at the Zara Emotions Collection by Jo Loves in the gallery above, and shop everything on Zara’s website now.





Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne


Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne is a new interpretation of the original Jo Malone London Orange Blossom, while this time with a more freshly, revitalizing, and new composition to instantly catch the attention. Unlike the previous edition, this one is definitely a summery aroma full of fresh floral/citrusy notes to glow of attention and compliments.

Like in a shimmering garden oasis. Clementine flower sparkles over a heart of orange blossom and water lily, with warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver. Pure delight.

Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne is a limited edition perfume sealed in a massive crystal bottle in a beautiful ombré limited-edition color. 

Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne is available as 100ml Eau de Toilette. Come into the beautiful world of Jo Malone.




Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne



Since its inception in 1994 – when its founder created a handful of scents revolutionary in their discerning simplicity – Jo Malone London has become synonymous with British style. The Jo Malone Studio orchestrates a world of bespoke luxury immersed in modern British culture, curating collaborations between world-renowned master perfumers and London’s leading creative talent.

Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne

The personality of the man or woman whose name is on a perfume bottle is rarely captured in the personality of the liquid inside. Red Roses Cologne by Jo Malone is an exception. In person, Malone is a crisp, practical, straightforward, delightful English woman, and when she was directing her perfumers in the creation of her scents ‘she left her eponymous house in 2006; Jo Malone Ltd. is now owned by the Estée Lauder Companies’ she established an artistic olfactory style that was, at its best, equally direct and delightfully English (the latter a relative rarity quality in a business dominated by the French and the Americans).

Supporting the Estée Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Awereness campaign, Jo Malone has pledged to donate a percentage of its Red Roses Cologne sales to fighting breast cancer, With a blend of seven of the world’s most exquisite roses, Charity has never been sweeter.

One feature of Malone’s perfumes is that they are not perfumes but scents; Malone favored transparent, light-filled, linear works of olfactory minimalism and in urging her clients to ‘layer’ her creations cheerfully contradicted the very French ego-based notion of ‘Big Creator as Artist with Deep Vision’. Malone’s style could be a liability, and some of her work (and Lauder’s work in her name) elides into aromatherapy. One sometimes has the sensation of smelling a nice olfactory sketch that its designer has neglected to complete. When the style works, as it does here, the result is a pure, contemporary accessibility and a refreshing lack of fussiness and overthinking, scents as plainly alluring as a summer dress.

Here is a 21st-century rose scent that breaks no new aesthetic ground, doesn’t try to, and doesn’t need to. Red Roses uses YSL’s Paris equation of rose + violet leaf, but the variables are a bit lighter here, the math less dense. The result is a straightforwardly lovely scent of garden roses, a peony or two, and the green leaves on the crisp stems.



Created in 2001 by Lucien Piquet and Patricia Bilodeau, Red Roses by Jo Malone is the essence of modern romance. Inspired by a voluptuous blend of seven of the world’s most exquisite roses, this fragrance features notes of crushed violet leaves and a hint of lemon, unfolding like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. A deep, honeyed note with its smooth, rich accents of beeswax, brings an addictive sweetness to the fragrance.

Top notes: Lemon, mint
Heart notes: Bulgarian rose, Scarlet velvet rose, Violet leaf
Base notes: Honeycomb

I love Jo Malone fragrances in general anyways for their packaging, so elegant, and the scent is not overwhelming. If you are a person who loves rose-scented things, you absolutely must sniff out this perfume. Jo Malone Red Roses is surprisingly clean, sheer and romantic.

Charity has never been sweeter. Jo Malone Red Roses is available as 50 and 100ml.

Come into the world of Jo Malone





Jo Malone has just launched its first men’s fragrance collection



It’s a known fact that Jo Malone’s popular candles, diffusers, body oils and colognes make the perfect gift for any woman, no matter the celebration. But when it came to just purely men’s offerings, it was the one thing missing from the coveted British brand.
Until now, that is…

British collaboration between Jo Malone London and Huntsman Savile Row this new collection is perfectly timed for festive gifting and winter fragrance wear.

Jo Malone London’s first ever Men’s Collection is launching this month, and let me tell you – it looks seriously stylish. Sharply dressed. Introducing a new collaboration between Jo Malone London and Huntsman Savile Row – the bespoke tailor of the highest tradition. The perfect pairing of scents and style. Jo Malone London’s first men’s collaboration brings together four refined uniquely crafted scents, Whisky and Cedarwood, Amber and Patchouli, Birch & Black Pepper and Assam and Grapefruit, tailored to the modern man. For laidback days, wild nights, and everything in-between.


The union between the two brands is a natural one. Huntsman have an unwavering commitment to quality, something they share with Jo Malone London, along with their dedication to British manufacturing and raw materials. A Huntsman suit makes you walk a bit taller, stand a little straighter. Whilst a Jo Malone London Cologne is an extension of your personality and the perfect finishing touch.

The enigmatic Whisky & Cedarwood Cologne is the perfect match to a tweed, weekend suit. Amber & Patchouli Cologne is for those times you want to impress – paired with a navy blue business suit this will complete the ultimate gentleman’s outfit. Invigorating Assam & Grapefruit Cologne is fit for flannel, whilst Birch & Black Pepper Cologne is the finishing touch to a winter sporting suit.

Campbell Carey, Huntsman’s Creative Director and Head Cutter

Made in collaboration with Huntsman in Savile Row, the fragrances are quintessentially British and are just as good-looking as they are great-smelling. Complete with matte burgundy caps and Huntsman’s gold typography, the four fragrances will make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.


Jo Malone x Huntsman Whisky & Cedarwood 

Footsteps after dark on waxy wooden floors. An enigmatic nightcap. Fine whisky, edged with spicy pimento, finished with warm cedarwood. A fragrance for the small hours. Daring and intriguing.


Jo Malone x Huntsman Amber & Patchouli

Decadent evenings, wrapped up in the sensuality of amber. A heady pairing of a legendary ingredient with deep, characterful patchouli. The tempting smokiness of guaiacwood. A supple, suede-like finish. Seductive.


Jo Malone x Huntsman Birch & Black Pepper 

Britain today. Its rebellious roots in punk, yet with an enduring respect for tradition. The cool spiciness of black pepper and cardamom, juxtaposed with smoky birch and an accord of magnetic ink. A scent of subtle contrasts.


Jo Malone x Huntsman Assam & Grapefruit

The lively, full-bodied aroma of a cup of tea in the morning. A citrus burst of grapefruit. A black tea note of Assam, unfolding. The herbal scent of maté, infused with spicy cardamom and the warmth of patchouli.


The limited edition Jo Malone x Huntsman collection is now available online on, select Jo Malone London Boutiques and Huntsman, Savile Row from October 2018, with each 100ml Cologne retailing at £120. These sexy-smelling Instagrammable beauties are sure to fly off the shelves.






Jo by Jo Loves, her first eponymous fragrance


Over the last 25 years I have created fragrances for all kinds of reasons, but this one I created for myself.

Jo Malone

Jo Loves – by Jo Malone – launches a new perfume for men and women Jo by Jo Loves. jo by Jo Loves is described as a citrusy/aromatic fragrance ideal for daily use. It opens to impress with fresh citrusy notes of grapefruit, bitter orange, lime along with fresh mint accords calming on a woody layer made of cedar, vetiver, guaiac wood and black pepper.






Hapiness bottled: Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana



Sadly, the summer is coming to its end, but many perfume brands still create warm, hot, sunny/florescent perfumes to prolong us more in the summer. This late summer days, Jo Malone releases a new unisex perfume Honeysuckle & Davana.

Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana is based on honeysuckle, composed in a different way from the predecessor Honeysuckle & Jasmine from 1999, again dealing with the sweet honeyed aroma of this lovely flower and the wild nature of England.


Honeysuckle is a quintessential English flower, and it’s not a flower we talk about a lot in perfumery. In England, it’s very rare to not have a story about honeysuckle. It always brings you back to a happy moment. It grows wild and almost surprises you. With a rose, you go to smell it in your garden. With honeysuckle it surprises you on your walk.

It was very important for me to capture the bucolic feeling – that pleasant feeling of countryside life – as well as all the facets of the honeysuckle flower. Honeysuckle is a complex, particular flower, there are a lot of facets, and it’s the creamy, addictive part of the honeysuckle that we use.

Anne Flipo

The sunny creation of Honeysuckle & Davana is based on a floral theme, sweetened with a vibrant, fruit-green aroma.


Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana is a happy new floral, winding through the English countryside. Created by perfumer Anne Flipo, Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana in its opening seduces with the green an fruity sweetness of davana which leads to fresh roses and wild honeysuckle layeredon an accord of moss.


Climbing. Twisting. Ever more alluring after dark. Fresh with rose and the aromatic, fruity twist of davana. Woody with moss. Warmed by sunshine. Davana is a green plant with hints of liquorice that brings vibrancy to the fragrance and a touch of a fruity note. English honeysuckle, with a radiant floralcy, brings a rich character to the heart of the fragrance. Evocative of undergrowth damp with fresh rain, the verdance of moss cushions the base of the fragrance in earthy, woody warmth.

Happiness bottled. Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana is available as 30 and 100ml Cologne along a 200gr. perfumed candle.





Jo Malone Cattleya Flower


As known Jo Malone launches very nice and unique fragrances to delight its wearers with beautiful aroma for everyday use. Now Jo Malone has launched Cattleya Flower Body Mist (above center), a new fragrance in the limited edition Hot Blossoms collection, which also includes Tropical Cherimoya (above left and right).

Jo Malone Cattleya Flower comes as a lightweight yet luxurious body mist that refreshes skin while enveloping you in the velvety scent of Cattelya Flower.

The new luxurious and exquisite perfume for women is very refreshing and soaked with notes of flowers for everyday wear. This fragrance sparkles with fresh fruits and exotic flowers. Cattleya Flower is considered the queen flower of the wild, thus making this Jo Malone perfume be the queen fragrance among others available on the market. 



Jo Malone Cattleya Flower will make your day be light, fresh and full of sunshine. A delectable beachside cocktail. Cattleya, queen of the wild. Sumptuous orchid petals. Fresh and exotically floral. Stirred with sparkling fresh citrus fruit. A splash of bitter gentian. Deepened by intoxicating vetiver. A spritz of pure Sunshine. 

Ready for summer, Jo Malone Cattleya Flower is available as 100ml body mist. 





Jo Malone launches Star Magnolia

Jo Malone launches Star Magnolia-Collection---LR[2].jpg

The noted British brand, Jo Malone, has just launched a welcome addition to their line-up of blossom scents − the limited edition, Star Magnolia.

A wonderfully refreshing and feminine cologne, it’s even light enough to wear during the heat of the summer. Star Magnolia comprises top notes of lemon, followed by a deep floral heart of Star Magnolia, with rich woody base notes of sandalwood. And for the very first time, Jo Malone has introduced to the range a hair mist with a high-shine conditioning treatment.


The creator of the fragrance, Master Perfumer Anne Flipo, was surprised to notice on a business trip to Shanghai that, amongst all the tall buildings, the city was filled with large green open spaces, and in early March the pure white daisy clusters of the Magnolia trees perfumed the air with their soft, crisp, petal fragrance. At that moment, the concept of Star Magnolia was born.

Jo Malone London Star-Magnolia-100ml-RM510-May-2017.jpg

Each smart bottle is adorned with a delicate white paper collar of white petals, perfectly imitating the petals of the white flower itself, the Star Magnolia.

Come into the world of  Jo Malone London



Jo Malone London Blossom Belle

Jo Malone London Blossom Belle ad.jpg

Jo Malone presents a new wonderful Belle Collection of trio perfumes that will describe a romantic woman. The Blossom Belle collection consists of three editions that are ‘brought back’: Plum Blossom,  Osmanthus Blossom and  Silk Blossom (originally launched in 2012, 2013 and 2014).

As Jo Malone London is a British brand we are normally inspired by all things quintessentially British, such as history, fashion and literature, but over the years we’ve traveled and discovered an array of different scents. In Asia we fell in love with blossoms – each trip is a new adventure, a new country, a new scent.

Celine Roux, Jo Malone London Vice President, Global Fragrance Development

Jo Malone London Plum Blossom

jo-malone-blossom-belle2Plum Blossom is a floral fruity fragrance. It is described to be a yummy fragrance composed of seductive ylang-ylang note mixed with sweet plums for a more lingering sensuality next to plum blossom notes and jasmine. Top note is yellow plum; middle notes are plum blossom, ylang-ylang and jasmine; base notes are sandalwood and white musk.


Jo Malone London Osmanthus Blossom

jo-malone-blossom-belle3Osmanthus Blossom is a floral fruity fragrance. This ‘delicately exotic’ brings a contrast between the sweetness of apricot and a subtle leathery accord. Top notes are petitgrain and peach; middle notes are osmanthus and orange blossom; base note is cashmere wood.


Jo Malone London Silk Blossom

jo-malone-blossom-belle4Silk Blossom, described as ‘apricot-fresh with a touch of spice’, is a floral fruity fragrance. Top notes are white pepper, bergamot and apricot; heart notes are silk tree blossom, jasmine and rose petals; base notes are oakmoss and heliotrope.


Jo Malone London Blossom Belle.jpgAll three editions Jo Malone London Blossom Belle are available in bottles of 100 ml Cologne.