Yesu Toro by Joan Crisol for Zarpa Madrid



Although all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights, there are still discriminatory laws, policies and practices in the world against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI +) people. In some countries, they are even re-emerging after being dormant for several years.

That is why we must take the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia as an opportunity to increase awareness of the human rights of LGBTI + people, without forgetting that it also represents a unique opportunity to celebrate our diversity.







Model: Yesu Toro
Photographer: Joan Crisol





Modus Vivendi Antibacterial Line by Joan Crisol

Modus Vivendi – Antibacterial Line by Joan Crisol02.jpg

Famous Greek fashion label Modus Vivendi has just released a fresh new line of men’s underwear, tank tops and T-shirts made from pure cotton with a special antibacterial finish. This technology combats bacteria and so diminishes body odour, keeping you fresher for longer. The Antibacterial Line comprises super comfy low cut briefs, classic briefs and boxer briefs as well as tank tops and tees in three colours, black, white and beige, with pure, aesthetic designs that complement the male form and are yet plain and straightforward, bearing just a discreet Modus Vivendi label.












The new line from Modus Vivendi is launched with a striking photographic campaign. Visionary photographer Joan Crisol worked with acclaimed dancers Eduardo Fedriani and Julián Goméz to present the underwear and tops of the Antibacterial Line with images of the male form in movement. Intriguing, visually enchanting, Crisol’s images capture the fresh feel of the fabric and the super comfortable cuts. Enjoy the campaign and the backstage video and treat yourself to this great new underwear by Modus Vivendi!





Underwear, tank tops and t-shirts: Modus Vivendi, Antibacterial line
Photographer: Joan Crisol
Models: Eduardo Fedriani, Julián Goméz


Hairy Goals

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 03

In this hairy month post Francesc ‘Pako’ Gascó, an avid CrossFit trainer, Men’s Health España contributor and comics fan, who recently earned his PhD in Paleontology.

Pako‘ was currently featured in the Men’s Health Spain Januari cover story Change in 2016 

Here we see Francesc Gascó in a photoshoot ‘Goals’ by Joan Crisol, photographed in Madrid for Summer Diary

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 01

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 04

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 17

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 06

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 10

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 08

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 09

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 19

Francesc Gascó in Joan Criscol

Born in Badalona in 1974, Joan Crisol currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain. After his photography studies at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, Crisol started working as a professional photographer in 1999.

His work has been published in more than 40 different magazines all over the globe, and Crisol has also been Director of Photography for more then 50 music video’s.

Discover more on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 18

Francesc 'Pako' Gascó 24


Modus Vivendi Buddha Line



Modus Vivendi presents its new 2015 collection presented by one of the most individual, visionary photographers active in the world today. After first three stops in England, the USA and Greece, the home of Modus Vivendi, they take you to Spain and its red-blooded capital, Madrid, the home of Spanish photographer Joan Crisol.



Joan Crisol chose model Davide Zongoli for the shoot. An artist, dancer and acrobat, Zongoli’s heroic physique, focus, incredible strength and flexibility helped Crisol to create the brilliant, mesmerizing images that illustrate the Buddha line.




Crisol presents us with superb images of serenity, inner strength and harmony which, we feel, perfectly capture the spirit of the new Buddha line.



In fact, Christos Bibitsos, founder of Modus Vivendi, drew his inspiration for the new line from the martial arts practices of Shaolin monks, using oriental oranges and yellows to complement blacks in this wide new range of men’s underwear and loungewear.



There’s the super comfortable Buddha robe, lounge pants and converter boxers, along with some of the best-loved, highly individual Modus Vivendi designs, such as the langot, the sumo brief and sarouel pants, in new colors, patterns and fabrics.

For more information, visit Modus Vivendi