Kat Von D: the tattooed beauty mogul introduces True Portrait Foundation


Kat Von D Beauty is a makeup collection designed by the famous tattoo and makeup artist Kat Von D. Today she introduces a new vegan foundation! Kat Von D Beauty’s first ever medium coverage liquid-to-powder foundation, features a brand new formula and an innovative packaging. Named True Portrait Foundation, it comes in 40 different shades, representing the many faces of Kat Von D.

True Portrait is a lightweight next generation foundation that has true medium coverage for perfect-skin look that is selfie approved and an unbelievably soft texture that you have to feel to believe!

True Portrait Foundation is a lightweight next generation foundation. Recognizing that there is no ‘typical individual’, the brand developed a medium coverage formula that matches all tones and undertones across 40(!) evenly distributed vegan shades in 4 families of 10: Light, Medium, Tan and Deep.




True Portrait Foundation stays with you and sets to a long-wear, airy matte finish. Created for normal to oily skin, this unique formulation balances sheer and opacity, ensuring your skin will not look shiny halfway through the day and won’t clog pores.

It moves with you and flexes with your skin through its Elastic Essence Effect liquid-to-powder formula: a combination of spherical powders, which have an elastic core that ensures the foundation never settles into skin, will not clog pores and self-sets to a long-wear airy matte finish that flexes with each expression.


Unlike any other Kat Von D product, the True Portrait Foundation arrives in a completely innovative bottle from the design to the unique functionality – unlike any other product released from the brand. The formula is packaged in a sleek matte white bottle uniquely engineered for maximum usage and precision with intricate ornamentation including skull detail and an elliptical portrait window to reveal the shade.

Pushing the standards of high-performance formulations and pigments, the bottle incorporates shaker beads to easily blend and break up the foundation along with dispensing exact drops from the squeezable precision tip.


Kat Von D’s True Portrait Foundation’s fresh, unique formula and sexy packaging found its match with Kat Von D Beauty fan, singer, poet and fellow animal lover – Jhené Aiko as the global campaign face.

I am so excited to be partnering with Kat Von D Beauty for this launch and to be working with a brand that shares so many of my same passions. I love this foundation because it feels like I have nothing on – it’s like vegan silk! It’s the perfect all-day coverage with an airy lightweight finish whether I’m on-stage or at home.

Jhené Aiko.

“Jhené first caught our eye years ago when she showcased our Shade & Light Contour Palette in a Vogue video and then we saw her again in a PETA campaign. Jhené seamlessly aligns with our beauty brand ethos being an avid animal lover, vegan advocate and an existing Kat Von D Beauty user”, explains Kelly Coller, Kat Von D Beauty Global Vice President of Marketing and PR. “Plus, Jhené has the sweetest soul, stunning skin, and our entire team has been obsessed with her music and tattoos.”


Kat Von D is an iconic, global, high-performance, long-wear, vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand. It has been disrupting the industry since its debut at Sephora in 2008, with 4 red lipsticks. Today, the brand has over 250+ innovative products in every makeup category, hundreds of awards and is distributed in 36 countries, only at Sephora, Sephora Inside JC Penney, Debenhams and online.





Kat Von D teaches us the power of stippling

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation Banner

When Kat Von D launched her beauty brand in 2008 exclusively with Sephora she was set to shake up the industry. Now the artist is leading the way with a new set of techniques… Next year marks Kat Von D Beauty’s 10th anniversary on the Sephora beauty shelf discovers the artist’s top makeup tips.

Everyone has different skin texture. The easiest comparison is to compare (skin) to fruit: apples, oranges and peaches. The apple skin type is super smooth and shiny with no pores. Secondly, you have an orange, which is the skin type with more pores. Lastly you have the peach, which has visible fine hair.

Kat Von D

Here Von D describes the ultimate foundation application according to skin type…

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation


Shiny, Smooth Skin (The Apple)

Start from the centre of the face and work outwards. With the stippling brush work in small circles and build the custom coverage that you want.

Bumpy, Pore Prone Skin (The Orange)

To achieve flawless skin, dip the brush into the foundation and stamp it across the skin. Then blend the foundation using the bare minimum coverage.

Fine Hair Face (The Peach)

Use less than one pump of foundation and avoid adding more texture by using too much product. Be conscious in the direction that you apply the foundation, work downwards with your brushstrokes. Follow the same direction as your hair. Then blend.

Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder and Brush.jpg

Kat Von D Beauty is available exclusively at Sephora….