Kate Spade In Full Bloom Blush


Katherine Noel Valentine Brosnahan (December 24, 1962 – June 5, 2018), known professionally as Kate Spade and Kate Valentine, was an American fashion designer and businesswoman. She was the founder and former co-owner of fashion house Kate Spade New York.

After working in the accessories department at the fashion magazine Mademoiselle, Katherine Brosnahan and her husband, Andy Spade, identified a market for quality stylish handbags, and founded Kate Spade New York in 1993. The handbags Spade designed and produced quickly found popularity, owing to their sophistication and affordability, and have been described as a symbol of New York City in the 1990s.

The company expanded into other product lines. Kate Spade sold mainly handbags at first, but soon extended to clothing, jewelry, shoes, eyewear, baby items, fragrances, tabletop, bedding, and gifts. In 1999, Spade sold a 56-percent stake in her business to Neiman Marcus Group, and in 2006 she sold the rest of her shares. In 2016, Spade and her partners launched a new fashion brand, Frances Valentine. Sadly, on June 5, 2018, Spade was found dead in her apartment, her death being ruled a suicide.


New York Kate Spade lives on, and is presenting the first floral flanker of the In Full Bloom edition from 2018. It is a new version that celebrates the spring bouquet ‘inspired by the natural grace and confidence of a blossoming rose; the scent is unapologetically feminine and unabashedly confident. Live every day in full bloom’, notes the Kate Spade brand. The new creation is based on green and floral nuances of a fresh, spring flowery bouquet, soft woods, and a touch of sweet fruits.

In the opening, In Full Bloom Blush will offer citrus sparks of lemon and crisp red fruits blended with fresh green tea leaves. The heart develops floral notes of rose petals mixed with elegant and feminine aromas of peony and lotus flowers, accompanied by soft white wood, sweet velvety peach, musks, and noble cedar.



Kate Spade In Full Bloom Blush is available as a 100 ml Eau de Parfum at the price of $98 on the Kate Spade official website. The fragrance will be available in travel flacons of 10 ml Eau de Parfum as well. Come into the beautiful world of Kate Spade.





Kate Spade In Full Bloom Blush



American fashion house Kate Spade launches a new perfume for women with a burst of a pleasant bouquet of floral aromas, In Full Bloom Blush. Kate Spade In Full Bloom Blush is the new flanker to last years Kate Spade In Full Bloom, yet more inspirational with more flowers and roses in its composition. This perfume, just like the previous edition, got its inspiration from the delicate beauty of the youthful and pure roses in their bloom.

We chose feminine, vibrant, empowered women in all different stages of their lives, There are many moments throughout each of our lives that we feel most fully alive and we wanted to celebrate that.

Kristen Naiman, Kate Spade New York’s Senior Vice President of Brand Creative.

Kate Spade In Full Bloom Blush comes in the same beautiful bottle decorated with a rose-inspired stopper that is more than very feminine and elegant. The new fragrance promises a more light and fresh aroma for sunny hot days.

Top notes: Citrus, Red fruit
Heart notes: White peony, Honeysuckle roses
Base notes: White Musk, Cedarwood, Ambrox, Benzoin

On paper, it sounds dreamy: Top notes of lemon, green tea, and lush greens contrasted with rose, peony, peach skin, and cedarwood. It is basically like the olfactory embodiment of a lush, verdant garden – and who wouldn’t want to smell like that?


Kate-Spade-In-Full-Bloom-Blush-BottleThe ethos of the fragrance is all about celebrating women and the power of femininity, and it’s a vibe that’s unapologetically present in the fragrance and how it made me feel. The message is also echoed by the trio of women – actress Laura Dern, actress and comedian Sasheer Zamata, and writer, magazine editor, actress Tavi Gevinson – who fronted the fragrance campaign. The Kate Spade In Full Bloom Blush campaign is shot by Inez & Vinoodh.

Kate Spade In Full Bloom Blush is available as 10 or 100ml Eau de Parfum.