Kenzo World Power


Fashion house Kenzo presents a new perfume for women World Power. The new fragrance belongs to the Kenzo World Collection. It has been made to be an olfactory manifestation of creativity and composed without any floral notes. The new creation, Kenzo World Power, is following other editions of the Kenzo World Collection: Kenzo World from 2016, Kenzo World Intense from 2017, and Kenzo World Eau de Toilette from 2018. At the beginning of 2019, Kenzo World presented a limited collection of the first three editions of the Kenzo World Fantasy Collection in unchanged compositions.

An oriental perfume that dares to free itself from floral codes for a femininity full of strength and authenticity.


This new edition perfume is infused with a freshly salty/sweet aroma to make it more lingering and more summery. The composition of a strong character invites us to write our own rules, with a focus on clear expression, to show who we really are. Our power, to show it to the world.

Kenzo World Power is giving specific contrasts: bitterish, sweet, and gourmand. In the opening, cypress plays a major role; it is borrowed from a masculine olfactory wardrobe, giving this female composition an aromatic and spontaneous opening. In the core of the composition are salt crystals that form special nuances toward the gourmandish and with almondy tonka beans in the base, to make it a daring, fresh and light fragrance to be worn during the day.


Kenzo World Power preserves the same bottle shape as the previous editions, this time with a body of transparent glass and sunny and bright yellow liquid inside. It was created as an ode to diversity and freedom.

Kenzo World Power is available as 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum.





Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie


Fashion house Kenzo launches Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie as a new interpretation of the legendary original Flower by Kenzo fragrance from 2000. Created by Alberto Morillas, Flower by Kenzo is a groundbreaking fragrance with a special place in many people’s hearts. It was really innovative and straddled the lines between floral and oriental perfumes.

Celebrate every moment with the joy, happiness and power of the flower that makes the world beautiful.

Suitable named, Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie is inspired by the concept of ‘coup de coeur’, love of life, life with passion. Created by perfumer ‘trio’ Alberto Morillas ànd Marie Salamagna and Fabrice Pellegrin, Eau de Vie retains the original Flower DNA, but is lighter and more playful.


Described as an ideal companion for women who love vivid and sparkling floral perfumes, the new composition is made of bright notes that include ginger and citruses, the flower satisfaction of Bulgarian rose and orange blossom, and the new addiction of tonka and musk.

Top notes: Ginger, Neroli
Heart: Orange blossom, Bulgarian rose absolute
Base: White musk, Tonka

Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum Legere, at Kenzo boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the wonderful world of Kenzo.





Flower by Kenzo Red

Flower by Kenzo Red Banner.jpg

Flower by Kenzo Red is a flanker to the original perfume Kenzo Flower, launched in 2000, and since then it has been updated with much more pure and aromatic notes. Kenzo Flower is an aromatic and intense fragrance. The new edition promises a lighter version, yet strong and quite intense.

Top notes: Mandarin, Citrus
Heart notes: Jasmine, Roses Frangipani
Base notes: White musk, wood notes

The red color always symbolizes romance, hot aroma, and pure love. The new perfume is like a sun kissing you on your forehead – it warms you and your feelings from the start of your day. It opens with fresh citrusy and mandarin notes along with floral accords of frangipani, roses, and jasmine calmed on a woody layer made of wood and white musk.


Flower by Kenzo Red Flacon

Flower by Kenzo Red preserves the same curved shape as if inspiring a growing flower, sealed in a transparent red color bottle. 

Flower by Kenzo Red is available as 50ml Eau de Toilette. 





The new fragrance duo from Kenzo – Aqua Kenzo

Aqua Kenzo Banner

Fashion house Kenzo has become a turning point in the artistic inspiration of the company’s acquisition by two new directors. This is how Kenzo World appeared, a fragrance with a new outlook on the world. However, today Kenzo decided to honor him who is close to him: water. Indeed, in 1996, Mark has already developed a fragrance called L’Eau from Kenzo. Today it comes back and gives us a new watery taste. Let’s focus on new perfumes: Aqua Kenzo.

Water does not have colors, so I wanted water in color, fruit, flowers, freshness and happiness, but it seems that this again inspired the creation of Aqua Kenzo, based on our source of life and wealth of the planet’s first treasure, Kenzo made the essence synonymous with poetry, this smell pays homage to nature and brings a touch of charm and sweetness to our urban universe. Also, the Aqua Kenzo seems to be a bubble filled with colors and freshness. The fragrance combines delicacy, emotion and sensuality, fresh, brings an indisputable vitality to the one who wears it, and moreover, his slogan can not be clearer.

When Kenzo developed L’Eau by Kenzo in 1996, his idea was to give this fragrance-free product a more innovative color and richness. This perfume designed ‘Only for those addicted to water’, I understand ‘For Water Addicts Only’

Aqua Kenzo pour Homme


Aqua Kenzo for Him, this aquatic fragrance opens with a refreshing rush of ocean mist. Spicy and fresh notes to create a masculine scent that is both fresh and sensual.

Top notes: Apple, Pink pepper
Heart notes: Hazelnut leaf, Sesame, Aquatic notes
Base notes: Sandalwood, Tonka, Cedar, Musk, Amber

Created by perfumers duo Ane Ayo and Philippe Romano, Aqua Kenzo pour Homme is a fresh/spicy with woody elements in the end. It opens with fresh apple note along with spice pink pepper next to freshly accords of sea water, sweet hazelnut and sesame. The base calms with woody elements of sandalwood, Tonka bean, cedar, amber, and musk.


Aqua Kenzo Pour Femme


In fact, if this perfume exudes an extreme sense of freshness, it is not really aquatic. Designed by Louise Turner, Aqua Kenzo Pour Femme focuses much more on the scent of flowers and fruits. It combines the dynamism of plants with the romanticism of plants.

Top notes: Mandarin, Raspberry leaf
Heart notes: Magnolia, Rose, Jasmine
Base notes: Patchouli, Vetiver

It flies firstly on a juicy and tangy combination of mandarin and raspberry leaves. His heart, meanwhile, brings together three emblematic plants of perfumery for women: jasmine, rose and magnolia. Finally, Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle wins in depth and tenacity in its wake. It is wrapped with patchouli and vetiver


Finally, the appearance of the Aqua Kenzo bottle is very inspired by the figure of its predecessor, whose bottle was reinterpreted in 2003. Here we have a bottle with waving glass, as directly carved by the waves. This container offers us a unique tactile and sensory experience. The transparency of the glass allows to express the delicacy of the shade of turquoise blue. However, matt glass gives it a more austere and modern side.

Ideal for daily use, Aqua Kenzo for Him and Aqua Kenzo for Women are both available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.





Kenzo World Eau de Toilette

Kenzo World Eau de Toilette Banner

After the Original Kenzo World from 2016 and Kenzo World Intense from 2017, fashion designer Kenzo launches a new freshly version of its popular World perfume with a fruity/floral aroma, Kenzo World Eau de Toilette.

Top notes: Pear
Heart notes: Peony, Almond blossom
Base notes: Orris root

Kenzo World Eau de Toilette, the sparkling fragrance for a woman who does not take herself too seriously. This lingering fragrant trail led like a burst of laughter by the perfumer duo, Francis Kurkdjian and Maïa Lernout, offers an amazing fruity floral accord between sparkling pear, luminous peony and almond blossom, and feminine orris.



Kenzo World All Flacons

A definitely feminine bouquet smiling at life. Kenzo World Eau de Toilette, the fragrance for a joyful and mischievous woman. American actress Margaret Qualley is the face of the new perfume that is described as elegant and feminine with an air of romance.

“This is a fruity, floral, vibrant flight of fancy to which pear brings lightness and enticement”, states perfumers Francis Kurkjian & Maïa Lernout.

Kenzo World Eau de Toilette Flacon BoxKenzo World Eau de Toilette comes in the same bottle shape as other World perfume editions – the bottle symbolizing an eye colored in a beautiful pale pink color. It is available in 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Toilette.





Kenzo World Intense


Fashion house Kenzo is launching a new perfume for women, World Intense – flanker to last year’s Kenzo World, which came out as the first fragrance led by the new creative directors of this fashion house, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. Humberto Leon described the new edition as a gourmand floral explosion in a strong bottle, expressing the duality of a Kenzo woman.

Top notes: Black plum
Heart: Peony, Jasmine
Base: Vanilla

Created Maïa lernout as a sweet, rich, and gourmand perfume, Kenzo World Intense opens with plum notes along with floral accords of peony and jasmine calmed on a sweet vanilla base.


Kenzo World Intense is described as a gourmand floral perfume with an elegant femininity that ideally portrays the real Kenzo woman. The bottle is in a darker turquoise shade, with details of black rubber and rose-gold colored metal. The gommato stopper is inspired by the design of the Kenzo Kalifornia bags, while the whole design evokes the ‘The Eye’ jewelry collection.

Kenzo World Intense is available as 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum Intense.






Avon Life by Avon & Kenzo Takada

Avon Life by Avon & Kenzo Takada for Women and for Men Banner.jpg

A unique, vibrant and refreshing pair of long-lasting scents created in collaboration with renowned fashion designer Kenzo Takada, one of my favourite brand in fashion world and fragrance scent choices too.

My greatest joy is drawing inspiration from the beauty of the world around me, and turning it into an entirely new reality. My experience with the Avon team has allowed me to do that, working with some of the most incredible perfumers to create a fragrance line that reflects our shared passion to live life beautifully. The fragrances convey beauty and positivity and are brimming with the splendour of the natural world.

Kenzo Takada

Avon Life is a new fragrance designed by Mr. Kenzo Takada to reflect the creator’s philosophy to Live Life Beautifully. The fragrance’s star ingredient, violet, captures a sense of unwavering positivity, which lies at the heart of Kenzo Takada’s designs and personality.

Avon Life by Avon & Kenzo Takada Kenzo designer.jpg

The use of violet gives the fragrance a sweet freshness. Cultivated in the fields of Egypt and Grasse, France, the coveted blossom is prized for its leaves, which are distilled into a sophisticated fragrance oil. The scent for women also features an energetic citrus top note of white tea and a timeless warm, floral base note of iris flower. The scent for men features a heady spice top note of black pepper and a warm, woody base not of Virginia cedarwood.

Kenzo Takada has brought such characteristic passion, vibrancy and vision to this project. Kenzo Takada’s personal mantra of beauty and positivity resonates deeply with Avon’s belief in beauty, optimism and the power of women.


Recognised as a leading designer across the globe, Kenzo Takada founded his eponymous luxury fashion house in Paris in 1970, becoming the first Japanese luxury brand based in the city. The designer is known for creating innovative styles that bring together the best elements from both the East and the West.

Avon Life for Him For Her Kenzo

Avon Life for Women

Bright and energentic, this feminine fragrance layers delicate floral notes with the essence of white tea for a scent that’s both fresh and light.

Top notes: Waterlily, White tea, Red apple
Heart: Violet, White peony, Sakura essence
Base: Iris, Ambrette seeds, Patchouli

The star ingrediënt is stunning violet, wich lends elegance and clarity to the fragrance. Balanced with subtle notes of waterlilly and sakura essence, the fragrance captures a warm and sensual finish and adds an undeniable allure that lasts all day.

Avon Life for Men

This modern yet distinctly masculine fragrance features a refined blend of spices and aromatics.

Top notes: Black pepper, Juniper berries, Crips cypress
Heart: Violet leaves, Geranium, Star anise
Base: Virginia Cedarwood, Musk, Orris root

The structured scent opens with bold top notes of black pepper and juniper, before revealing a warm heart of violet, geranium and star anise. Rich Virginia cedarwood provides the base, creating a polished, lasting finish for an all-day impact.

Avon Life by Avon & Kenzo Takada for Women and for Men Bottle Banner2.jpg

Avon Life for Him and Her are available as 100ml Eau de Toilette

Avon Life for Him and Her, to purchase this lovely fragrances with shining, stunning packaging and refreshing scents that managed to envelope me into romanticism for hours long, you can contact your Avon Dealer or visit any Avon Beauty Boutiques. For inquiries, you can call the AVON Toll-Free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or log on to