Lab Series For Men Future Rescue Repair Serum

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For decades, men have relied on Aramis Lab Series for technologically advanced formulas that are backed by scientific research and reinforced by years of success. These advanced products fit any lifestyle and allow men to take a high-performance approach to life.

Now Lab Series (an Estée Lauder company) has launched a new anti-aging skincare solution for men – Future Rescue Repair Serum. A high-performance, concentrated, daily anti-aging treatment featuring a ‘Quad Focus’ approach, this global serum creates a barrier to help skin defend against pollution and combat visible aging. Skin is defended; its youth visibly restored, its future rescued.

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With 21 patents worldwide, Future Rescue Repair Serum acts as skin’s first line of protection.

  • Defend: Works to defend skin from environmental aggressors.
  • Detox: Promotes natural cell removal, detoxing the skin of dead surface cells.
  • Rebuild: Fortifies the skin’s protective barrier to help inhibit future damage.
  • Repair: Works around the clock to help promote skin’s natural repair process and natural collagen production.

The perfect solution for dullness and uneven texture as well as dryness, Future Rescue Repair Serum contains an array of unique ingredients from sea and land. With algae and plankton extract as well as mulberry, cranberry, wolfberry, blueberry, grape, and green tea extracts, the serum repairs and restores skin, helping men to look and feel their best.


Lab Series Future Rescue Repair Serum

Lab Series Future Rescue Repair Serum is now available at, and everywhere Lab Series is sold worldwide.

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