Steinway & Sons collaborates with Lalique



Throughout the 153-year history of Steinway & Sons, there has been a tradition of honouring special occasions by inviting leading designers to create exceptional instruments. Over the years, these limited editions have delighted privileged owners. These precious instruments are unique masterpieces featuring the individual style of each designer.

Steinway is the only piano on which the pianist can do everything he wants. And everything he dreams.

Vladimir Ashkenazy, pianist & conductor

Maison Lalique joins forces with innovative fine pianomakers Steinway & Sons for the production of Heliconia piano, following the example of many other talented designers and artists throughout the last hundred years who have collaborated with the piano makers.



Both brands have long histories of excelling in craftsmanship – Steinway & Sons has been synonymous with high standards for more than 160 years, while Lalique’s creations have all been produced in the factory in Alsace since 1888.

Being two luxury brands that share the same philosophy about craftsmanship, perfection and art, it is no surprise that Heliconia is an excellent example of their quest for perfection in all aspects of the creative process. In order to bring the instrument to life, the designers decided to work with a signature motif from the Lalique archives – the Heliconia flower.



The result is a piece of art that reflects Lalique’s signature of contrasting clear and frosted crystal. The designers opted for a classic design from Lalique’s rich archives. Originally designed in 1992 by Marie-Claude Lalique — the granddaughter of René Lalique – the heliconia flower forms the perfect décor for these fine instruments.

Lovingly crafted at the Lalique manufactory in Alsace, 75 crystals that are pressed, fashioned, cut, engraved, polished and signed. They make the instrument shine, while silver-colored inlays are decoratively arranged into the design, creating interesting reflections as well as a sense of clarity.




Available in black or white, this grand piano exudes beauty and elegance, enriching your home musically and aesthetically. Come into the world of Lalique and Steinway & Sons.

The piano will be available at authorised Steinway dealers.