Lalique Mossi scented candle in crystal vase

Based on original designs by the legendary Rene Lalique, the Mossi crystal collection is a luxury series of handcrafted lead crystal vases, scented candle vases & votives. The iconic Lalique satin finish contrasts with the gleaming over-sized cabochon-like bubbles that pick up the light and reflect it for a kaleidoscope effect.

The Mossi Scented Candle Vase by Lalique is a modern, a 11.5 cm high, finely detailed crystal home decor accessory covered in shiny gem-like marbles on a satin-finished surface. Its estimated burn time is 40-50 hours. Once the candle burns out, the container transforms into a statement home accent.

The Lalique Mossi Scented Candle Vase is available at Lalique boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Lalique.

Lalique Les Vendanges

French Maison Lalique presents the Les Vendanges candle collection representing the quintessence of the French art de vivre. Imagine taking a trip to the fabled vineyards of Saint-Émilion at harvest time. The golden autumn light of the afternoon sun.

Dark grapes hanging heavy in the vine, ripe for the picking. Birds darting in to feast on the juice-gorged fruit. The utter luxury of sipping the fabulous Château Péby Faugères in the domain’s cool cellar…

The complex aromas of the Grand Cru Classé Saint-Émilion served as an inspiration for Les Vendanges. Utter indulgence in an elegant deep black jar, decorated with a motif drawn from René Lalique’s ‘Merles et Raisins’ (Blackbirds and Grapes, 1928), originally the décor of panels designed for the fabled Orient Express.

The Lalique Les Vendanges candle collection is available at Lalique boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Lalique.

Iconic Lalique Bacchantes vase

Originally designed by the legendary René Lalique in 1927, the Bacchantes Vase defines luxury home decor. The finely detailed sculpture-like priestesses of Bacchus that adorn the exterior of the crystal vase mesmerize with their fluid movement brought to live by the artistry of hand craftsmanship.

The iconic Bacchantes Crystal Flower Vase by Lalique is a luxury floral vase that fuses classic Roman motifs with the clarity & simplicity of modern crystal. A masterpiece of creation, the vase is a work of art of unparalleled beauty & sensuality.

The Lalique Bacchantes Crystal Flower Vase is available several sizes and colors at Lalique boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Lalique.

A sculpture that is sure to bring style to any home

The Green Languedoc Vase by Lalique is a re-issue of a vase originally created by the prolific Rene Lalique. The lush vegetation found in the southern part of France inspired the vase, but in the structure of the vase you can also see the quilted look so prevalent in the designs of Coco Chanel. So this is more than a vase, more a piece of art, a sculpture that is sure to bring style to any home.

The Lalique Green Languedoc Vase is available several sizes and colors at Lalique boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Lalique.

French Maison Lalique to co-design a special car with Italian coachbuilder

Luxury Italian coachbuilder Ares Design and world-renowned French crystal maker Lalique announce their collaboration to produce a bespoke limited-edition car expected to be revealed later this year.

The two luxury houses will produce a bespoke limited-edition car expected to be revealed later this year. The teaser shot is revealing the sleek silhouette of the ultimate luxury accessory (doesn’t the silhouette look like the Rolls-Royce Hyper0n by Pininfarina?)..

This very special collaboration will create the ultimate luxury accessory, perpetuating the work of René Lalique, renown for creating iconic car mascots in the 1920s and 1930s.

Silvio Denz, Lalique Chairman and CEO

Modena-based Ares Design will be responsible for the design and build of the car; currently in the development stage, while Lalique, who co-designed the look and feel, brings its distinctive brand of timeless French luxury to the project with the inclusion of crystal embellishments; complimented by additional signature items throughout.

The plans for the car look stunning, said Ares Design’s Executive Chairman and Co-founder Waleed Al Ghafari, and we do not doubt that, via the designers, engineers and artisan’s collaborative process, we will bring our mutual vision to life in a beautifully adorned masterpiece; a work of art unlike anything we have produced before; the epitome of bejewelled excellence.

Masters in their respective fields, Ares Design and Lalique share common values, that of excellence, craftmanship and artistry, and the masterpiece that will result of this collaborative work will surely be unique and exceptional.

Silvio Denz, Lalique Chairman and CEO

Currently, in the development stage, the car is part of the company’s Legends Reborn programme which blends traditional craftsmanship and modern-day engineering technologies to breathe new life into past icons. The process transforms elegant vehicles of the past into timeless masterpieces of the future.

The hand-made crystal products are produced at Lalique’s factory in Wingen-sur-Moder in Alsace, France, where, like its Italian counterparts, its team of gifted artisans marry traditional skills of the past and modern-day technology to create stunning and unique works of art.

The ultimate luxury car will be presented later this year. More on Yakymour soon. Come into the beautiful world of Ares Design and Lalique.

Lalique Soleil Hair Mist


Soleil Lalique, with this addictive fragrance, French Maison Lalique celebrates the sun and the free-spirited women who love it. Dressed in gold and coral, adorned with a delicate charm bracelet (exclusive to the 100ml Eau de Parfum flacon), the flacon is as playful and feminine as the fragrance.

She wakes up and enjoys the first rays of the morning sun. Her hair shines in the sun while she shines contentedly and enjoys the feeling of freedom. A new hair fragrance covers the sun strands with rich, feminine aromas where pear, mandarin, and cardamom stand out in the opening; infectious and addictive aromas of caffè-latte with almonds and jasmine petals, which carry a breeze of white musk.

Now the Maison presents a new product in the Soleil line, Lalique now presents Soleil Hair Mist, which complements the collection and is intended for fans of the fragrance. Soleil Hair Mist is perfect for a summer morning, as an office or after-fitness refresher, or when going out. It is available in a small and convenient flacon that fits in every designer bag.


The fragrance composition for Soleil Hair Mist is a creamy floral-solar and a refined gourmand; the change in relation to the perfume water is in the formula that preserves and nourishes the hair, making it shiny and silky.

The transparent flacon is in a coral shade decorated with golden sequins and has a smooth and round shape and an elegant cap in a gold color. Danish model Ulrikke Hoyer, Ambassador of the Soleil Lalique fragrance, also advertises this new fragrance for the your hair.

Lalique Soleil Hair Mist is available in a 50ml flacon at Lalique boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Lalique..




Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Blue Rise, Velvet Plum, Infinite Shine


French Maison Lalique is presenting three new fragrances for their Les Compositions Parfumees collection which brings new colors, new aromas and new emotions in this luxurious line. The three new fragrances are exclusively presented at the TFWA 2019 exposition in Cannes.

A brilliant pioneer, René Lalique was the first to blend glass and gems in his ground-breaking Art Nouveau jewelry, just as perfumers were revolutionizing their art with amazing new materials. Today, the Fench Maison keeps his innovative spirit alive with the exclusive collection Les Compositions Parfumées, inspired by the alchemy of perfumery, jewelry and crystal-making.

Inspired by René Lalique’s mythical ‘Duncan’ collection, designed in 1931, the elegant satin-finished Art Deco flacons are topped with a white wooden cap bearing Lalique’s ‘Hirondelles’ (‘Swallow’) logo in gold. A golden metal pendant, also presenting the emblem, is tied around the neck of the f by a coloured cord, highlighting the exclusivity of the Collection. The flacons are presented in a luxurious white coffret with a magnetic clasp, lined in white padded fabric. It is protected by a coloured sleeve, matching the nuance of the fragrance, inscribed with its name on a white label.

Dressed in the delicate blue, gold and plum and palette of the three new scents, the streamlined form of Les Compositions Parfumées’ iconic flacon takes on a playful femininity.

Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Blue Rise


Fresh. Luxuriant. Tropical… Blue Rise, a dive in a dewy floral paradise, by perfumer Vincent Ricord.

The one and only image I had in mind when I imagined Blue Rise was an immensely beautiful lagoon. A tropical emerald. Fresh, transparent, infused with naturality, this is a scent for a spontaneous, alluring woman with a touch of sophistication.

Vincent Ricord

An emerald forest. A blue lagoon. A swirl of white petals, dancing in a transparent aqua pool. A delicate floral scent carried by a tropical breeze… A dream comes true. In Blue Rise, the unique fragrance of the tropical water jasmine is reinvented with a blend of natural jasmine sambac absolute and two magic molecules: the fruity, dewy Helional, and the green, tropical Undecavertol. Powdery iris concrete and musky cashmere wood add a precious backdrop to the luxuriant scenery…  Dive in! You’re in paradise.


Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Infinite Shine


Spicy. Fiery. Wild… Infinite Shine, a flamboyant veil of saffron and rose, by perfumer Corinne Cachen.

In the Middle-East, I had the privilege of experiencing an unforgettable ritual. The moment when men and women scent their garments in the smoke of smouldering oud, the folds of gold-embroidered fabric swirling and fluttering, filling the whole room with fragrance. This was my inspiration to create this rich duo of sensuous rose and wild saffron.

Corinne Cachen

The flamboyant colours of a sunset on desert dunes. The sensuous perfume rituals of the Orient. Channel your inner Scheherazade with Infinite Shine, a flamboyant veil of rose, sandalwood and saffron. Here, the orange spice expressed by Safranal, the molecule that produces its warm, leather-tinged scent. A crimson rose fires up its sensuality. Creamy sandalwood tempers its animal facets.


Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Velvet Plum


Lush. Glam. Bohemian… Velvet Plum, a sensual suede and cashmere wrap, by perfumer Valérie Garnuch-Mentzel.

I was inspired by the beauty and velvety touch of suede. I instantly wanted to reveal its beauty through the contrast of Suederal, a silky soft molecule, and dark, mysterious patchouli. A bohemian duo that feels raw yet sensuous, mellowed by a feminine accord of fruity, floral and powdery notes. Simply sublime.

Valérie Garnuch-Mentzel

Is it the real life? Is it just fantasy? With Velvet Plum, slide on your butter soft suede jacket. Wrap yourself in a fabulous, plum-coloured cashmere shawl – the truly miraculous molecule Cashmeran, as complex as any natural ingredient with its facets of musk and sun-warmed wood. Then step into a purple haze of sweet heliotrope, powdery iris and velvety patchouli, to pick an armful of exotic flowers, hypnotic tuberose and apricot-scented osmanthus… Express your Bohemian soul!


Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Blue Rise, Velvet Plum and Infinite Shineare available as 75ml Eaux de Parfums from October 2019.

Come into the wonderful world of Lalique.





Shalini Parfum introduces Paradis Provence created by Perfumer Maurice Roucel


Shalini Kumar – New York-based fashion designer, and owner/creative director of Shalini Parfum – is about to launch her fourth fragrance, Paradis Provence. After Shalini (2004), Jardin Nocturne (2017), and Amorem Rose (2018), the new opus features the Provence region in France, and the focus of the composition is around aromatics like lavender and thyme.

Where the solar energy lights your soul. The golden sunshine warms your skin, and soft breezes caress your senses… A feeling of deep relaxation prevails. Paradis Provence is the fragrance of the eternal summer – of our youth, our imagination and our passion. A happy summer of blue salt and crystal


Created by Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel, who who is also responsible for all of the other perfumes of Shaline, Paradis Provence is a solar composition of lavande absolut, thyme and orange blossoms. It carries you to the days of blue and gold and warms your soul with it’s sunlight. Lavande absolut is the purest essence of this blue flower that is the heart of Provence. The sight of rows of endless blue in the summer is magnificent. The parfum captures the essence of lavender that insights courage and encourages you to share your True self with others. Thyme with it’s golden beam of light, cleanses and heals. It opens your heart to receive love. Orchards of orange blossoms laden by the bees, swaying in breeze, scent the air. The orange absolut carries the glorious energy of joy and abundance.

Fields of blue lavender, thyme, orange blossoms, and sunflowers following the golden sun, ancient olive trees, the sky that turns pink as it touches the azure of the Mediterranean and amorous nights drenched in jasmine.

Overall, the evolution of Shalini Paradis Provence takes a rather therapeutic character: its intense, highly energizing opening awakens body and mind, moving then on slowly towards cleansing, relaxing and soothing the wearer.


Like the three previous fragrances, Paradis Provence, comes in the limited edition Lalique crystal flacon. This time in an iconic design of René Lalique: ‘Deux Fleurs’. René Lalique used the symbol of ‘vesica piscis’ in this exquisite flacon representing the creative life force from which everything begins.


Shalini Paradis Provence will be launching this autumn at select luxury retailers worldwide. Beauty doesn’t come cheap. The parfum is available in a limited edition Lalique crystal flacon for $2700. It is also available in the Cubique glass bottle with a black bulb atomizer for $500.

Come into the beaiutiful world of Shalini.






Wake up, and smell the sun Lalique Soleil


French Maison Lalique has been creating beautiful Objets d’Art for over a century. From vases and bowls

Today Lalique has launched a new scent, Soleil. Lalique Soleil is inspired by the ‘magic of the morning sunshine’.  With this new fragrance, Lalique says; “Wake up – and smell the sun!”


Discover Soleil Lalique. Her scent is as exhilarating as the pearly golden light of a fresh new day, as irresistibly sweet as the first sip of frothy Caffè Latte in the morning, as warm and soft as her golden skin.

Top notes: cardamom, mandarin, bitter almond
Heart: pear granite, coffee with milk, jasmine, caramelized sugar, roasted almonds
Base: white musk, sandalwood, pink pralines

Soleil is created by perfumers Alexandra Monet, Benoist Lapouza and Barbara Zoebelein as a gourmand composition. Its components include citruses, spices, almonds, sweet notes such as caramel, pralines and coffee, jasmine, woods and musk.


The round flacon of the perfume is adorned with stylized sun rays. It is decorated with a small piece of jewelry wrapped around its neck with a golden plaque showing the engraved name of the fragrance.

The bracelet that comes with the 100ml size has a tasseled chain. As an added, playful touch, a jewel is wound around the neck of the bottle. Unwind the jewel, and voilà: it becomes a charm bracelet inspired by the timeless modernity of an Art Deco Lalique Earring, it is adorned by a solar pearl drawn from the 1927/1928 Lalique collection, resurrecting a motif designed by René Lalique. The chain ends with a golden tab bearing the name of the fragrance.


Lalique Soleil is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the beautiful world of Lalique.





Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps Couture Florale Perfume


French Maison Nina Ricci was founded by Italian born Maria ‘Nina’ Ricci in 1932. Maria was known for her vèry elegant, feminine gowns. Nina Ricci’s first fragrance Coeur Joie, was introduced, just after the second world war, in 1946. The perfume was presented in a beautiful crystal flacon, with an ‘open’ heart, handmade by Lalique. It marked the beginning of an historic partnership between the two French Maison’s up to the present day.

Nina Ricci’s most famous fragrance L’Air du Temps, in it’s famous distinctive Lalique dove flacon, was launched in 1948. It is one of the timeless, oldest (and bestselling!) perfumes on the market. Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps defines time. Like almost all Nina Ricci perfumes are classic, meaning that no matter when it was created, the perfume has still a place in the modern perfumery arena.

Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps Lalique Couture Florale is a new masterpiece launched 2017 adorned with a gorgeous solar bouquet created by innovative and genuine Maison Guillet. Definitely, the new limited edition is all about a modern approach-aroma, more delicate, lightly, yet floral infused sparkling with elegant notes.

Top notes: Neroli, Bergamot, Roses, Cloves, Peach, Rosewood
Heart notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Orchid, Violet, Violet leaf, Carnation, Ylang-Ylang
Base notes: Amber, Benzoin, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Musk, Oakmoss, spices

Inspired by the floral garden of Madame Ricci, Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps Lalique Couture Florale opens with top notes of fresh bergamot, peach, spice cloves, rosewood along with floral accords of jasmine, gardenia, violet leaf, orchid, violet and seductive ylang-ylang. The base calms on a woody layer made of amber, sandalwood, musk, oakmoss, vetiver, and benzoin. But the question is: are you going to open the flacon?…

Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps Lalique Couture Florale Perfume FlaconCreated by Lalique, the flacon, like other previous editions a true collectors item, is eye-catching and very attractive. This time the signature handmade crystal pigeon wings are adorned with gorgeous silk pongee flowers of three different colors. This perfume is exquisite and a piece of art starting with its delicate, unusual design as well as rare ingredients.

Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps Lalique Couture Florale and costs 1,650 euros.