Make your eyeliner signature with Lancôme Grandiôse


Eyeliner has always been the signature of some of cinema’s most renowned legends, so why not make it your own as well? It can be applied as desired – graphic, extending over the lid or subtle at the base of you eyelashes. With Grandiôse liner by Lancôme, you are now able to push the boundaries and enjoy a more flexible application. With its opaque and intensely matte formula, you are a few steps away from intensifying your eyes and achieving an audacious look.

Make Eyeliner Your Signature with Grandiôse by Lancôme_Liner_MATTE-NOIR_1000x1000.jpg


The secret behind the success of the Grandiôse liner is its bendable handle, which allows you to use it in a straight or curved position to achieve the desirable look. To make the task even easier, Lancôme has opted for a water-rich formula that slides gently over the skin and dries quickly to keep your eyeliner in place, unaffected by moisture and sebum.

Ladies, get your hands on your favorite color – black, blue or brown – and make the eyeliner look an art to master!