From Lancôme with love

Lancôme Spring Collection 5 copy

With their Spring 2016 makeup collection, From Lancôme With Love the brand is definitely aiming at the younger audience with the playful illustrations, tins the products come in and pastel shades. The promo image with blue and pink shades makes me smile and think of a beautiful spring ahead of us. It looks romantic and carefree, if you ask me. And we all need that…

One look at the new Lancôme Spring 2016 Collection, I couldn’t agree more that it is the essence of pastels. I would describe the collection as girlish yet sophisticated, soft, feminine and demure. Such a beautiful collection that will mesmerize anyone who sets eyes on it. There are 3 main products in this collection, My Parisian Pastels,  My Parisian Blush (LE) and Poetically Pretty Eyes Hypnose Palette (LE).

Lancôme Poetically Pretty Eyes Hypnose Palette,

Inspired by the famous Rubik’s Cube, this smart yet glamorous palette contains 9 shimmer pastels and luminous cubes for custom combination which can be used on the face or on the eyes. This 9 cubes of pastels goodness is a an overall palette. You can use it for your eyes, your whole face as powder, cheeks as highlighters and contouring. Yes you heard me right, contouring. I thought the brown shade is too shimmery but it blended so well and it really does work as contouring and bronzing. The 9 iridescent pastel cubes totally caught me by surprise, I would never thought to love pastel shades so much, but this one is a must have for the spring season! The 9 shades is divided into 3 corrective shades, 3 blush tones and 3 illuminating pastels. And the packaging, gosh don’t even get me started. The tin packaging that looks like a box of crayon is customized by the collection signature illustration.

Spring Collection 3 copy

Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palette,

There’s another palette for the Spring 2016 collection, the Hypnose Palette (DO12 Paris Merveilleux). The palette is more towards warm shades which is perfect for spring. With an added one pop of colour in the palette, it will brightens up the whole look. Freshness is the key to that perfect spring look. Instead of a soft look, you can also use this palette to create smoky eyes, for the extra effect. A limited edition palette, so get this before it ran out!

  • DO12 Paris Merveilleux
  • DO13 Paris en Rêve

Spring Palette copy

Lancôme Hypnôse Khôl Waterproof,

At last, eyeliner that’s here to stay. Formulated for an intense eye look to withstand everything from tears to inclement weather, this waterproof eyeliner has a unique twist tip that never needs sharpening. Won’t skip, smudge, or streak. The easy-glide, creamy texture helps you create any look you like.

  • 10 Bleu Ciel Parisien
  • 11 Brun Metropolitan


Lancome My Parisian Blushes,

There are also two beautiful cream My Parisian Blushes, The blush is another star of the collection. There are two beautiful shades available in this collection, Corail de Ville (fruity orange) and Rose Haussmann (bluish pink). These blushes has play-doh like texture because of the creamy texture. When I pressed the blush, I can feel the smooth texture and how buttery it is. It glides smoothly on the cheeks and it does gives the perfect glow. Totally gorgeous!

  • 01 Corail de Ville
  • 02 Rose Haussmann

This blush is also perfect for lips and with added gloss in the center of the lips, your lips will shine like a star!

Spring Collection 2 copy

Lancôme Rouge in Love,


  • 406 Aube de Printemps
  • 407 Corail de Ville
  • 408 Rose Haussmann

Lancôme Lip Lover,

Dress your lips in new Color Design Lipcolor for full coverage, smooth hold, and sensational effects in one coat. Creams, sheens, shimmers and metallics, for modern finishes for custom lip styling. A range of shades to create the perfect designer’s palette for any lip tone.

  • 406 Aube de Printemps
  • 407 Corail de Ville
  • 408 Rose Haussmann



Lancôme Vernis in Love,

Inspired by the new trendy Rouge In Love lip collection, Vernis in Love is a high potency nail lacquer perfectly themed to compliment every woman’s mood and style. With ultimate brilliance, intense color, and a mistake-free application, your nails will love the lasting shine and pop of color that stays put for days.

  • 146 Rose Haussmann
  • 148 Corail de Ville
  • 149 Jaune Grands Boulevards
  • 153 Bleu Ciel Parisien