Lanvin A Girl In Capri



When I hear the word Capri, I associate it with lemons. This time, the conception is not so different, yet more long-lasting and more pleasant. French Maison Lanvin launches a new perfume for women simply named A Girl In Capri.

Those who love lemons or at least a sourly/sweet aroma will find this new fragrance daring and sensual. Definitely modern and mystical at the same time, this new perfume has a balanced composition created by the famous perfumer Sophie Labbe, that melts into a very seductive and primal female scent.

Lanvin A Girl In Capri has a pleasant and nice aroma made of fresh lemon and bergamot notes along with marine accords and grapefruit hints, nicely seasoned on a white musk and amber base.


The flacon of Lanvin A Girl In Capri is so simple, but really inviting due to its nice pale yellow color that looks so stunning and feminine, inspiring the sun that warms up its wearers, especially the girl from Capri. 

Lanvin A Girl In Capri is available as 30, 50 and 90ml Eau de Toilette. Come into the beautiful world of Lanvin….