New Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm


New Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm1.jpgL’Occitane first became known stateside for its amazing hand cream which was made up of 20% Shea Butter. It’s greasy but it works.

But still, if that wasn’t moisturizing enough for you, know there’s a Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm which has 25% Shea Butter and it’s even more luxurious and moisturizing. It has a very rich feel and melts as you rub your hands together, and what’s great about it is that it forms a film over your hands so that they’re protected from dry heat or air conditioning. Cuticles are instantly smoothed down and your skin just feels softer and smoother. I rub it on every night before I go to bed, and its keeping my hands feeling comfortable even after I wash them.


New Shea Butter Intensive Hand BalmTip: Very dry hands? Remove the dry layer first. Treat yourself. Scrub your hands before you apply your handcreme. And see te result…. directly!

L’Occitane Intensive Hand Balm is availble in a handy 150 ml tube.