Loewe Aire Sutileza

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Spanish fashion house of Loewe launches a new romantic and elegant feminine perfume Loewe Aire Sutileza. It is an intense woody aromatic perfume with a nice burst of flowery aroma, yet highlighted with fresh citrusy notes. Loewe Aire Sutileza follows other floral perfume editions like Loewe Aire Sensual, Loewe Aire Evasion that succeeds to capture the attention of even the most pretentious wearers.

Loewe Aire Sutileza opens to impress with a nice sweet aroma of Calabrian mandarins, juicy pear and currant notes along with a white bouquet of flowers composed of elegant and aromatic lily of the valley, Egyptian jasmine and magnolia notes. The woody base dies down with wood, Haitian vetiver, Indian sandalwood and musky notes.

Loewe Aire Sutileza is available as 75 and 125ml Eau de Toilette.


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Loewe Aire Sensual

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Spanish clothing and lucury goods brand Loewe, founded in 1846, is launching a new fragrance with a pleasant, fresh and light aroma special for summer, Aire Sensual. Loewe Aire Sensual is a new flanker to 1985’s Loewe Aire fragrance for women. The new fragrance will be a whisper of sensuality and delicacy on the bare skin. It targets free, confident women who are aware of their natural charm and beauty.

This time, Loewe Aire Sensual captures a pure and delicate form and smell. It will awake fresh feelings in the morning thanks to its Calabrian lemon, orange from Tangier, green apple, Sambac jasmine, lily of the valley, freesia, musk and amber notes.

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Loewe Aire Sensual comes in a crystal pink color bottle that emanates luxuriousness, youth and freshness.

Loewe Aire Sensual will be available as 75, 100 and 125 ml Eau de Toilette.