Loewe launched line of luxury soaps inspired by ancient bathing rituals

Loewe has previously seen a lot of success from its fragrances as well as candles, which instantly sold out after they were first revealed, and is now growing the label’s offerings into more products in its signature scents. With the pandemic forcing people to spend more time at home, more people are also spending money on homeware and other items that elevate the everyday experience, whether it is a fancy soap or a luxe candle.

There’s no denying when Spanish luxury house Loewe first debuted its collection of candles, bringing the luxurious scents in our homes, we were obsessed. Not only do the candles have a sophisticated shelf appeal, but they also echo Jonathan’s Anderson’s wildly unique design eye. The latest addition to the home scents collection consists of a range of soaps.

The new handsoap is arriving in three scents including ‘Scent of Marihuana’ – yes, seriously – Oregano, and Liquorice is set to arrive alongside three cleansing solid soap bars (for the whole body!) in the same fragrances. Of course, it is also branded with the label’s recognizable logo for the ultimate bathroom flex. 

Each scent intricately developed and designed was inspired by the Ancient Greek and Roman practice of integrating therapeutic botanical essences in their bathing rituals to manifest the ultimate luxurious bathing experience.

To ensure the soaps mimic the Ancient rituals, the liquid versions are made with hydrating ingredients such as jojoba oil, aloe vera, and glycerine that make for a nourishing washing experience. The bar soaps feature soothing elements such as shea butter, and some with the antioxidant-rich and exfoliating particles of red algae.

The three aromas embody earthy notes; the Liquorice soap is a sweet and woody fragrance from the liquorice plant’s roots, the Oregano soap evokes the scent of a Mediterranean herb garden, featuring a resinous scent that reveals woody and amber notes on the skin.

Lastly, the Scent of Marihuanais a cleansing perfume wash featuring the aroma of the herbal Sativa plant (note: no material from the Marihuana or Cannabis Plant has been used to make the synthetic scent in the fragrance). 

If you, like me, want to try out the Loewe soaps, they are all available for purchase online at Loewe’s website where the handsoap is priced at $60 USD and the solid soap bar at $48 USD. Additionally, the liquid soaps will be available soon at Loewe’s Boutiques worldwide.

Come into the beautiful world of Loewe.