Loewe Solo Platinum

Loewe, the quintessential Spanish luxury brand established in  1846, unveiled in 2012 its new fragrance for men.

Loewe Solo is a fragrance that defines a contemporary man. For the perfectionist, sensitive, observant man. A man who aims to be exceptional, special, unique, balanced, sophisticated and elegant. Loewe has gone one step further to create the definitive perfume: Loewe Solo Platinum.

Loewe Solo Platinum 1

A leather fragrance for men. “Life is full of small details” says the blurb on the box and the latest fragrance from the Spanish luxury goods company certainly delivers on that – with the bottle at least, which is full of little surprises – from the quirky, hollowed-out lid to the wrap-around metal name plate.


Loewe Solo Platinum

Loewe Solo Platinum preserves the base notes of the original fragrance and has been conceived contrasting two sets of two perfectly balanced chords.

The resulting aroma is smoky, elegant, innovative and leathery with a hint of black tea, which had never been used before and creates a perfect balance with fresh lavender. It contains also notes of frankincense, benzoin, cedar, olibanum, black pepper & nutmeg.

The fragrance itself is and improves the longer it’s on the skin. It’s not going to change the world but is unique but perfectly wearable.

Loewe Solo Cedro



Spanish fashion house Loewe has reinvented its legacy of fine craftsmanship based on a 168-year history, this time inspired by wood, the finest of raw materials, with its unquestionable leading role in the worlds of art, architecture and contemporary design.

Loewe Solo Cedro, named after an elegant, aromatic wood, a favourite material in Spanish art and culture. Warm, lively, unique and brimming with history.

A new concept of masculinity, based on Loewe Solo and its ceaseless quest to find harmony in daily life, this time intoxicated by a natural instinct which marries routine life in the city with the magnetic draw of contact with nature. And so Loewe Solo Cedro was born. A new Eau de Toilette that revolves around wood: the aroma, bottle, packaging and communication. A robust, high quality material, both flexible and adaptable, which breathes life into a perfect balance of opposites A breathe of fresh air for the new Loewe Solo Cedro man.


Loewe has developed an olfactory creation with opposing bases, in line with the Loewe Solo family. Four contrasting harmonious notes come together to create this aroma: A citrus note from mandarin and petit grain merges with spicy pink pepper and nutmeg. Moist chords based on mate leaves, basil and lavender with a contrasting woody note, rich in Virginia cedarwood, gayac wood and amber wood. Fine raw ingredients pay homage to discreet luxury.



Loewe Solo Cedro is presented wrapped in a universe of wood. The harmonious elegance of contrasts between natural wood on the plates and stopper and the sophistication of straight lines and round shapes of the original Solo. A marvellous rigid box, screen printed to resemble real wood. The side of the box opens to reveal a product worthy of exhibition. Pure, natural beauty!

Loewe Solo Cedro is available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.

Welcome  in the beautiful world of Loewe.