Azzaro Solarissimo Marettimo

Solarissimo Marettimo Landscape

Loris Azzaro’s father was born in the Aegadian Islands in the Mediterranean. Solarissimo tells the tale of a day in this natural and dreamlike paradise. From sunrise to sunset on the beach, everyone loves the refreshing sea breezes at noon. Three Mediterranean islands. Three amazing moments. Three unique men’s fragrances. One is to come, two are already available: Levanzo & Marettimo.

Reaching its highest point, the sun gleams. It bronzes the skin, warms the sand. It brightly sparkles patterns onto the endless azure sea spraying its cooling mist. Marettimo captures this moment, a chance to get away and break free.

Azzaro Solarissimo Marettimo

Azzaro Solarissimo collection finds the inspiration in the heart of the Mediterranean, the combination of sun and sea, and represents an invitation for getaways. After Solarissimo Levanzo from 2016, the house of Azzaro launches Solarissimo Marettimo in April 2017, a fragrance that represents the first rays of the sun on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea.


Azzaro Solarissimo Marettimo is a fresh Eau de Toilette, with accords of citrusy fruits, aquatic notes and woods, evoking the sunny open sea. Crisp lemon opens the composition and leads to the heart of the aquatic molecule Calypsone. The base leaves a woody trail of cedar.

Like the sky reflecting its image on the sea, the luminous blue spectrum on Marettimo’s bottle expresses an innate simplicity and refinement. The natural ash wood cap conveys the power and warmth of this Eau de Toilette for Men.


Azzaro Solarissimo Marettimo 1

Azzaro Solarissimo Marettimo comes in a blue bottle of the identical design as its precursor, as a 75 ml Eau de Toilette.