Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Air Watch Collection


French Maison Louis Vuitton unveils the spectacular Tambour Spin Time Air Collection, boasting an innovative system of rotating cubes set within a transparent face.

As playful as it is technical, the unrivaled, innovative Spin Time concept provides a fun way of reading the time thanks to an exclusive and patented caliber developed a decade ago. Instead of a central hand, these watches use twelve rotating cubes to display the hours. Every 60 minutes, the corresponding cube spins to reveal the next hour, while the previous hour simultaneously rotates to hide its numeral. This year, the master watchmakers at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton have further evolved the unique self-winding movement to be more even more ethereal, in that the cubes displaying the hour appear to float in mid-air. These cubes have become veritable satellites, suspended between the caliber and the case, whose hidden sides can be seen through the transparent back along with the oscillating weight.

Each of the seven new Tambour Spin Time Air watches is housed in a white gold case, available with a variety of central pattern in gemstones settings, while the cubes themselves are set with diamonds or colored stones, lacquered or satin-brushed.


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Louis Vuitton releases new Tambour Icons watch collection


Louis Vuitton unveils new models of the Maison’s original timepiece: the timeless Tambour watch. It is hard to believe that it was only seventeen years ago that French Maison Louis Vuitton put its name on the dial of a watch. And even more surprising to think that in this short time, the Tambour has become such a recognisable presence on wrists around the globe.

If you’ve been looking to treat yourself to a statement accessory, look no further. Louis Vuitton has just released its latest Tambour Icons collection, which features a selection of sleek watches for all occasions.

Back in 2001, Louis Vuitton made its watchmaking debut with the Tambour, an unprecedented timepiece that integrates all of the Maison’s values into its design – from the Louis Vuitton letters engraved on its case to the yellow second hand like the waxed thread used in the Maison’s classic bags. Beyond multiple references, the Tambour model has come to symbolize Louis Vuitton’s core identity, it represents a signature that combines a timeless look with renewed technical performance.


Tambour, which means drum in French, refers to the deep, sloped sides of the case. This generous case shape has housed from simple three-hand models to head-spinning complications such as a minute repeater or a flying tourbillon.

Beyond multiple references, the Tambour model has come to symbolize Louis Vuitton’s core identity, it represents a signature that combines a timeless look with renewed technical performance.

Thanks to the enduring success of its basic design the Tambour has marched through the years enriching its ranks with a dazzling array of variants including a connected watch that playfully allows you to choose dials from the Louis Vuitton watch range, neatly fusing the past with the present. Its distinctive case shape and multiple variations all referencing the firm’s rich history have secured the Tambour the status of a house icon. From all angles, the Tambour is a Vuitton product: the dial, the strap, the case shape and even the sides of the watch are engraved with words Louis Vuitton.


The French Maison launches four Tambour ‘Icon’ watches that most thoroughly and totally embrace the spirit of watchmaking at Louis Vuitton. The Tambour Damier Graphite and the Tambour Monogram are the distillation and very essence of Louis Vuitton in a wrist-sized object. The historical Damier and Monogram patterns now travel from the strap right onto the dial for a total Louis Vuitton look.

But first a reminder of the history of these two patterns. Towards the end of the 19th century, thanks to his overwhelming success, Louis Vuitton wanted to set apart his flat-top steamer trunks from competitors so decided to cover his superior luggage in a new canvas of alternating brown and beige squares which he called the Damier canvas; the French for chequerboard.  The pattern earned Louis Vuitton a gold medal at the 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris but didn’t stop the pesky imitators. So Louis Vuitton’s son and heir Georges Vuitton tackled the problem again with the creation of the iconic Monogram canvas conceived in 1896. It was inspired by the pattern of four-petal flowers on the Gien earthenware tiles in the family kitchen in Asnières on the outskirts of Paris. Little was Georges Vuitton to know that the quatrefoil star and flower shapes and the interlocking initials of the founder LV have become the foundation of Louis Vuitton’s identity.


Today these hallowed patterns are now on the canvas straps of the new watches but also on the dials. If you look closely at the dial, you will see that the texture of the canvas is recreated in engraved steel that is then painstakingly printed to mimic the real thing thanks to the skilled craftsmanship of the dial experts at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton in Geneva.

Driven by a quartz movement, the new Tambours are fitted with interchangeable straps – featuring Louis Vuitton’s innovative patented system that allows wearers to easily swap out the straps to suit the occasion and invent their own style.

What’s more like all Louis Vuitton watches, these Icon Tambour models feature a patented easy-strap change system allowing you to personalise your look in an instant. Straps come in almost every variation of Louis Vuitton leather and canvas for a tantalising offer of choices.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Damier Graphite watch


The Tambour Damier Graphite is the largest of the four new watches with a sizable 41.5mm diameter. Masculine and elegant in a graphite colour scheme that would slip elegantly under the sleeve of a gentleman’s suit or add that finishing touch to laid-back weekend look.

• Polished stainless steel case
• 41.5mm in diameter
• Dial with Damier graphite canvas pattern engraved and printed
• Hours and minutes polished rhodium-plated hands, blue central second hand
• Quartz movement
• Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
• Interchangeable strap fitted with Louis Vuitton’s patented system,
in Damier Graphite canvas
• Ardillon buckle
• Water-resistant to 100 metres


Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram watch


The Tambour Monogram comes in three sizes from a cute version suitable for the most petite wrists to a unisex 39.5mm dimension. All four new watches are powered by quartz movements housed in stainless steel cases water resistant to 100 metres.

• Polished stainless steel case
• Available in three sizes: 28, 34, 39.5mm diameter
• Dial with Monogram canvas pattern engraved and printed
• Hours and minutes polished rhodium-plated hands, yellow central second hand
• Quartz movement
• Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
• Interchangeable strap fitted with Louis Vuitton’s patented system,
in Monogram canvas
• Ardillon buckle
• Water-resistant to 100 metres

As well as the Damier and Monogram patterns, the history of Louis Vuitton is alive and ticking in the yellow on the second hand of the Monogram version, reminiscent of the waxed thread of the Maison’s handbags. With the arrival of these most Louis Vuitton of Tambour watches, it may just be possible that these four models become as coveted as the trunks and handbags from which they were inspired.

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Louis Vuitton’s enigmatic Tambour Moon Mystérieuse Flying Tourbillon

Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon-2-1170x1560

The Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon, is Maison Louis Vuitton’s next chapter in fine watchmaking. Cartier might have popularised the concept of mysterious timekeeping but it appears that Louis Vuitton is taking a leaf and expressing horological expertise with a new adventure in watchmaking with the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon. Following the French Maison’s watchmaking grand complications such as Répétition Minutes, Skeleton Tourbillon Poinçon de Genève and Spin Time, the new Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon further demonstrates the artisanal and technical craftsmanship of the brand.

The adaptation of the principle of the mysterious calibre, used with ingeniously disguised sapphire discs and arranged in a line and combined with a flying tourbillon escapement marks a decisive step forward in the wonderful world of high horlogerie.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon-6-1170x1560

Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon-4a-1170x1560

Developed in the 19th century, mysterious movements like those used in the new Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon traditionally make the hands appear to levitate. This Mysterieuse or optical illusion is made possible thanks to a clever mechanism of crystal discs, today replaced by sapphire crystals. Here in Louis Vuitton’s latest watch, the LV110 calibre drives the sapphire disc arrangement to great effect – hands appear untethered, leaving nothing to distract from the majesty of the Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon.

Developed and crafted by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton, the co-axial double barrel concealed beneath a Monogram Flower situated at 12 o’clock of the 45mm Tambour Moon, perpetuates the brand’s signature motif. Meanwhile, the central wheels dedicated to the hours and minutes, as well as the tourbillon carriage at 6 o’clock, appear to float in mid-air. A lightweight creation reinforced by two stylistic effects: the absence of a connection between the winding crown and the double barrel, and the choice of a flying tourbillon whose carriage, performing a complete rotation in 60 seconds, is adorned with an openwork Monogram Flower.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon-4-1170x1560

Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon-5-1170x1560

Adorned with a black alligator strap, the manual winding Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon driven by LV110 calibre with eight-day power reserve offers watch enthusiasts another surprise: the back of the tourbillon carriage may be personalized with the customer’s initials or crest.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon-3-1170x1560

Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon

Movement: Manual winding  LV110 calibre with 8 day power reserve
Case: 45 m platinum with 50 metres water resistance
Strap: Black alligator leather
Price: On application





Louis Vuitton launches first connected watch, Tambour Horizon



French Maison Louis Vuitton might be in the news a lot for its Supreme collaboration which just dropped, but turns out it’s still extremely dedicated to challenging the big boys of the watch industry.

We don’t know where the industry of connected objects is going, but we know it’s going to be massive. You can either sit on the sidelines and observe, or you can dive in and be an actor.

Michael Burke, Louis Vuitton Chairman and Chief Executive

Hot on the heels of Tag Heuer, MontBlanc and De Grisgono, the Maison has unveiled its first ever smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon, and you can see why its such a big deal for the wearable tech industry.


Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Black

In keeping with the House’s inimitable travel-inspired aesthetic, Louis Vuitton has created this in mind for the globetrotter who we presume only travels business class and above.

In Graphite, Monogram or Black, the new Tambour Horizon brings horological style and refinement to the practicality of a smartwatch. The best of both worlds combine in a luxury connected timepiece with an array of functions.

A very wearable 42mm in size, the unisex watch is outfitted with Android Wear 2.0, and works internationally – yes, including in China – so it’ll be your loyal companion wherever you go, regardless of whether you own an Android or iPhone.


Tambour Horizon Graphite

The theme of travel continues in the app function, ‘My Flight’, where you’ll be given essential information such as airport departure times, terminal and gate information, reports of delays and even syncs of the time until landing.

The watch face can be customized with signature Louis Vuitton elements – Monogram, Damier, colored stripes – as well as personal initials. A simple and robust snap-on system lets wearers easily change their strap to suit any occasion.

You’ll also get special access to digital versions of the Maison’s famed city guides, and a geolocation function that will feed you recommendations of nearby restaurants, hangouts and hotels. Solo travellers, this is the only companion you really need.


Tambour Horizon Monogram

As expected, Louis Vuitton has gone all out with the idea of customisation here. After you’ve decided which of the 60 detachable straps you’re going to use for the day (30 each for men and women), you’ll get to customise your watch face.

Contemporary and connected – and at the same time both playful and luxe, with a unique capacity for personalisation – the Tambour Horizon becomes a powerful tool for the men and women who wear it.

As a reference to the effervescent Escape time zone watch series, the ‘GMT’ watch function in the Tambour Horizon provides a 24-hour display on the rim of the dial, and the corresponding time of the chosen city will appear in the time zone of your choice.



Coupled with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon watch makes a mean competitor to its luxury counterparts. A 300mAh battery will power you through the day before a charge is required. Google Fit features will be at hand should you need an exercise buddy, but really, who sweats in a Louis Vuitton watch?

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