Chloé Atelier des Fleurs


French Maison Chloé presents Atelier des Fleurs, a collection of nine exclusive fragrances designed to be combined in layers of two or three so you can create your own personal floral signature blend. With this collection, Chloé invites you to create your own olfactory bouquet of different fragrant flowers and aromatic leaves.

Composed of natural ingredients and floral, aromatic or woody notes, they can harmoniously combine with one another.

Nature is a precious source of fragrant flowers and aromatic leaves. Drawing on this wide variety of natural bouquets, the French fashion house has collaborated with six renowned perfumers to create the Atelier des Fleurs line. This prestigious collection comprises nine perfumes for women, each with a unique signature rooted in the perfumer’s memory. The fragrances are designed to work in harmony in endless combinations.


Rosa Damascena by Amandine Clerc-Marie


As a young girl, I enjoyed creating all sorts of concoctions from our garden in Normandy. There was this delicate scent of fresh petals and the thrill of the leaves rubbed together – it was such a crisp, spontaneous rose.

Amadine Clerc-Marie

Inspired by the rose petals and leaves that perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie brewed in her family garden as a child, this floral Eau de Parfum reveals a crisp rose scent. The lightly spiced floral signature exudes a sense of botanical purity.


Hibiscus Abelmoschus by Michalon Bertier


With its sunny, slightly fruity scent and its soft petals, hibiscus is the queen of the Polynesian gardens of perfumer Domitille Michalon Bertier’s childhood. The warm radiance of hibiscus blossom brightens this fruity Eau de Parfum with opulent and musky notes.


Cedrus by Quentin Bisch


Behind this woody Eau de Parfum, with either tender and subtle notes or warm and musky ones, lies the perfumer’s childhood memory of a playful lover’s gift: a bouquet of branches that Quentin Bisch’s father gave to his mother.


Verbena by Mylène Alran


This aromatic Eau de Parfum takes perfumer Mylène Alran back to her parents’ garden, where she would rub verbena between her hands as a child to keep the scent with her all day. Verbena brings a delicate freshness of lemon for a naturally radiant fragrance.


Herba Mimosa by Amandine Clerc-Marie


This powdery Eau de Parfum evokes perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie’s intense emotions when discovering mimosa in Grasse when she was 20. Mimosa unveils tender, woody and vegetal notes.


Magnolia Alba by Louise Turner


Louise Turner transcribed the plump and slightly lemony notes of Magnolia blossoms from her native England. She created a smooth Eau de Parfum, unveiling the fresh, almost creamy scent of Magnolia Petals.


Neroli by Sidonie Lancesseur


For this interpretation of neroli, perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur let the memory of a trip to Seville be her guide: the orange blossoms exuded smooth and deliciously refreshing scents warmed by the sun. Neroli takes us on a true olfactory journey with the comforting and addictive floral accents of this lightly honeyed Eau de Parfum.


Jasminum Sambac by Louise Turner


For this velvety Eau de Parfum, Louise Turner thought of the exquisite jasmine sambac she smelled on Mother’s Day in Bangkok, where it is the gift of choice for that occasion. The delicate jasmine petals bring soft and sunny notes to the fragrance.


Lavanda by Quentin Bisch


This Provencal Eau de Parfum captures Quentin Bisch’s childhood vision of his mother walking from the heat into the cool shade of their garden, a bunch of lavender in her arms. Bisch revisits the scent with a highly modern twist, while enhancing every facet of lavender – from aromatic freshness to full-rounded, sun-drenched notes.

The elegant pleated glass flacons are topped with an ivory cap that appears to be carved in stone. Touches of gold at the neckband and label trim enhance the light hue of each Eau de Parfum.

1718 Paris created a premium content factory for Chloé Atelier des Fleurs, They produced all assets directed by Melanie & Ramon.

The Chloé Atelier des Fleurs Collection is available in 50 and 150ml flacons at the Chloé boutique, Rue St. Honoré in Paris, and at their website. Comme into the beautiful world of Chloé.






Nina Ricci L’Air du Ciel



French Maison Nina Ricci launches a new limited edition perfume L’Air du Ciel new flanker to the fashion’s house iconic perfume L’Air du Temps. The new perfume has a gorgeous colorful perfume inspiring a rainbow and spring feelings.

Pink of orange tainted rays mingle in the blue sky and the soft whiteness of the clouds. The azure becomes metamorphoses while daytime gradually gives way to the night, The sparkle of the sun imperceptibly declines into a caress of light. The evening breeze tones down the heart of the afternoon.

For this exceptional edition, the famous L’Air du Temps flacon, originally designed by Lalique, has quite naturally taken the on the colors of a sunset. The glass doves have perched on a whirl of celestial tones; a shading of lacquered pink, yellow and blue shades evoke the final hours of the day. Meanwhile, a ring provides a final touch of luminosity.




Created by perfumers Louise Turner and Natalie Cetto, L’Air du Ciel expresses all the sensations of dusk, the freshness of the atmosphere, the softness of the ambient light, the warm caress of of the last rays of the sun.

Nina Ricci L’Air du Ciel opens to impress fresh bergamot, mandarin seasoned with orange blossom calmed with sweet notes of honey, bitter almond, tonka beans, and white musk. Finally ‘a cloud of cottony white musk is floating into the sillage of this perfume, which creates the feeling of touching the sky’.



I don’t know how many of you, but I am fed up with this winter – I am so eager for spring, for sunny days, for light outfits, and this perfume as if reminds me of fresh aromas and positive feelings.

Nina Ricci L’Air du Ciel is available in 50 and 100ml Limited Edition Eau de Toilette. 




The new fragrance duo from Kenzo – Aqua Kenzo

Aqua Kenzo Banner

Fashion house Kenzo has become a turning point in the artistic inspiration of the company’s acquisition by two new directors. This is how Kenzo World appeared, a fragrance with a new outlook on the world. However, today Kenzo decided to honor him who is close to him: water. Indeed, in 1996, Mark has already developed a fragrance called L’Eau from Kenzo. Today it comes back and gives us a new watery taste. Let’s focus on new perfumes: Aqua Kenzo.

Water does not have colors, so I wanted water in color, fruit, flowers, freshness and happiness, but it seems that this again inspired the creation of Aqua Kenzo, based on our source of life and wealth of the planet’s first treasure, Kenzo made the essence synonymous with poetry, this smell pays homage to nature and brings a touch of charm and sweetness to our urban universe. Also, the Aqua Kenzo seems to be a bubble filled with colors and freshness. The fragrance combines delicacy, emotion and sensuality, fresh, brings an indisputable vitality to the one who wears it, and moreover, his slogan can not be clearer.

When Kenzo developed L’Eau by Kenzo in 1996, his idea was to give this fragrance-free product a more innovative color and richness. This perfume designed ‘Only for those addicted to water’, I understand ‘For Water Addicts Only’

Aqua Kenzo pour Homme


Aqua Kenzo for Him, this aquatic fragrance opens with a refreshing rush of ocean mist. Spicy and fresh notes to create a masculine scent that is both fresh and sensual.

Top notes: Apple, Pink pepper
Heart notes: Hazelnut leaf, Sesame, Aquatic notes
Base notes: Sandalwood, Tonka, Cedar, Musk, Amber

Created by perfumers duo Ane Ayo and Philippe Romano, Aqua Kenzo pour Homme is a fresh/spicy with woody elements in the end. It opens with fresh apple note along with spice pink pepper next to freshly accords of sea water, sweet hazelnut and sesame. The base calms with woody elements of sandalwood, Tonka bean, cedar, amber, and musk.


Aqua Kenzo Pour Femme


In fact, if this perfume exudes an extreme sense of freshness, it is not really aquatic. Designed by Louise Turner, Aqua Kenzo Pour Femme focuses much more on the scent of flowers and fruits. It combines the dynamism of plants with the romanticism of plants.

Top notes: Mandarin, Raspberry leaf
Heart notes: Magnolia, Rose, Jasmine
Base notes: Patchouli, Vetiver

It flies firstly on a juicy and tangy combination of mandarin and raspberry leaves. His heart, meanwhile, brings together three emblematic plants of perfumery for women: jasmine, rose and magnolia. Finally, Aqua Kenzo Pour Elle wins in depth and tenacity in its wake. It is wrapped with patchouli and vetiver


Finally, the appearance of the Aqua Kenzo bottle is very inspired by the figure of its predecessor, whose bottle was reinterpreted in 2003. Here we have a bottle with waving glass, as directly carved by the waves. This container offers us a unique tactile and sensory experience. The transparency of the glass allows to express the delicacy of the shade of turquoise blue. However, matt glass gives it a more austere and modern side.

Ideal for daily use, Aqua Kenzo for Him and Aqua Kenzo for Women are both available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.





Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto


The Italian fashion Guru, Roberto Cavalli, became popular in the industy world thanks to his extravagant, eccentric and bizarre clothing. Many celebrities love his styles and designs because his collections are unique with their unique methods, ideas and materials.

Roberto Cavalli has also proclaimed his name in the perfumery industy as one of whose perfumes symbolize the Italian elegancy and beauty. Roberto Cavalli perfumes are known to be one of the most famous and praised perfumes of our time. Truly unique, elegant, romantic and sensual are few words that would describe Roberto Cavalli perfumes.

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto 3

As the name of the perfume inspires, Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto is all about a magical and a fantastical feeling of one’s paradise. The new perfume is part of the Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Collection featuring Paradiso and Paradiso Azzurro perfume.

Starting with the slogan ‘where pleasure never ends’, Paradiso Assolute perfume will delight with its seductive notes along with a glamour touch, inspiring a true way of life. The first impression about this fragrance is pleasure and happiness that one can create on this earth, due to its brightness and charming aroma.

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto 1

Created by Louise Turner (Givaudan), Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto represents aromas of a heavenly garden, its generous nature and intense flowers. Its a sensual and alluring fragrance thats starts floral and spicy with accords of red pepper and wisteria. A wild jasmine note, signature to the Paradiso collection, is mixed with red lily in the heart of the perfume. The base is described  as sensual and creamy, with accords of patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla.

Dreamily leaning back in a comfortable hammock, Edita Vilkeviciute perfectly captures the charm and sensuality of Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto. As she cradles the precious bottle in her hand, she gazes dreamily into the distance, enveloped in the enchantment of the paradise garden that surrounds her. Her natural beauty and attraction, enhanced by her sense of glamor and refinement, make her the Paradiso Assoluto woman par excellence. Her striking portrait is the work of Mario Sorrenti, a talented photographer who is internationally known for his glamorous portraits of the most beautiful women in the world. He is the official columnist of the Paradiso saga.


The flacon, designed by Eva Maria Duringerand shaped like a faceted diamond, is this time colored in shaded of red.

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto will be available as 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum.





Roberto Cavalli launches Oud Al Qasr, the new tribute to Oud

Roberto Cavalli is the brilliant designer of an unashamedly opulent and glamorous universe. His predestined encounter with the most precious and complex essence in the world of perfumery gave birth to the Oud collection. This exclusive line of fragrances explores the most fascinating oriental scents through the couturier’s sensibility and inimitable sense of style.


Oud al Qasr and haute couture have a lot in common. Both are labours of love. Both consist in the careful assembly of precious components, be it scents or fabrics, in order to reach a perfect harmony, a form of grace. And above all, both start with the scrupulous selection of the noblest raw materials.

Oud is a unique scent. More than a simple wood, it is a concentrate of contrasting aromas, from the leathery quality that was featured in the original Oud Edition to the more sensual dimension showcased in Tiger Oud. The last perfume of the Oud trilogy explores yet another facet of this exceptional ingredient: its slightly animal undertones.

This is what makes Oud al Qasr so mysterious. Wearing Oud al Qasr is a token of nobleness and refinement. It is the key to al Qasr, one’s inner fortress.

Conceived by master perfumer Louise Turner, this woody oriental fragrance is a journey through some of the most refined scents of the Orient. This olfactory voyage begins in the Atlas Mountains with the majestic power of cedar. The oud accord that forms the heart note of the fragrance prolongs this woody opening but adds a warm and sensuous dimension, a sense of luxurious mystery.


The ambery base note comes from Labdanum, a hand-harvested gum extract that has been used in perfumery for more than 3000 years. Facetted with pure vanilla, it gives depth and opulence to this uncompromisingly rich elixir. This vivid trail makes for a bold signature, faithful to Roberto Cavalli’s motto: never go unnoticed.

In the spirit of the Oud collection, Oud al Qasr’s bottle adopts the smooth silhouette of Roberto Cavalli’s signature perfume and its familiar stopper, the golden seal of excellence. The deep purple colour alludes to the nobility of the fragrance. It is also a symbol of balance, between red and blue, between sensuality and elegance. The colour playfully adorns the stripes of iconic tiger print collar of the bottle. The lavish coffret retains this royal purple shade, creating a pleasing contrast with the golden rivets and the stylized Roberto Cavalli logo.




Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto Flacon Banner2.png

Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli launches a new perfume for women, Nero Assoluto. Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto will show up later this summer and will thrill women’s heart with its passionate, sensual and floral smell.

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto has the same bottle shape as the previous editions, yet colored in a dark black color and a golden stopper inspiring elegancy, strictness and mysteriousness. Created by perfumer Louise Turner, Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto is a woody/flowery perfume composed of orchid, black vanilla and ebony wood.

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto will be available as 30ml Eau de Parfum.

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto Flacon Banner





Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition

Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition Flacon ad.jpg

Famous Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli launches a new stylish, glamorous and Haute Couture edition perfume, Oud Edition.

Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition is a luxurious, acclaimed and sparkling perfume describing an elegant, rich woman. This perfume has a long-lasting, intense aroma touched by pure elegance and stylishness. Oud Edition by Roberto Cavalli is created by perfumer Louise Turner as a priceless and ultra-feminine fragrance worthy of anyone’s desire.


Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition is soaked by the main ingredient oud – a precious note that makes a fragrance impossible to forget. Also it blends rare and rich notes like leather, saffron, mandarin, orange blossom, white flowers, amber, vanilla and incense notes. Oud Edition preserves the same golden precious and luxurious bottle design as the original Roberto Cavalli for Her.

Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition will be available in 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum Intense.





Roberto Cavalli Acqua

Roberto Cavalli Acqua ad.jpg

The Italian fashion house of Roberto Cavalli launches a new wonderful, fresh and pure perfume for women, Roberto Cavalli Acqua. As the name inspires, Roberto Cavalli Acqua is all about an exciting and unique aroma inspired by liveliness and excitement feelings of everyday life. It is an optimistic yet romantic and elegant perfume that is energetic, alive and sublime.

Roberto Cavalli Acqua was created by perfume Louise Turner as a floral/musky fragrance, composed of jasmine notes, lily of the valley layered on the soft musky accords. Acqua by Roberto Cavalli comes in a turquoise round bottle shape adorned with a golden cap. As the design, as well as the aroma emanates a stylish and distinctive feminine design touched by elegant elements.

Roberto Cavalli Acqua will be available as 50ml Eau de Toilette.

Roberto Cavalli Acqua3




Love, Chloé Eau Florale

Love, Chloe Eau Florale Banner.jpg

Love, Chloé Eau Florale is the new summery and fresh perfume for women launched by the fashion house of Chloé . Also, Love, Chloé Eau Florale is the new flanker to 2010’s Love, Chloé. This time perfume captures a freshly powdery and sensual form ideal to be worn during hot summer days. It will as if refresh and revitalize your mood and air during the day.

Love, Chloé Eau Florale is created by perfumers Louise Turner and Nathalie Cetto-Gracia (Givaudan) as a pleasant and aromatic fragrance offering positive and sweet emotions. This feminine perfume blends sweet pea accords, green tea notes and powdery notes in the end. Love, Chloé Eau Florale will definitely be a hit perfume for summer 2012 and will grab attention with its unforgettable and long-lasting smell.

Love, Chloé Eau Florale will be available as 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette.

Love, Chloe Eau Florale





Roberto Cavalli liquid gold

Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum ad.jpg

Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli presents their new feminine perfume with a staying power Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum. Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum will symbolize the typical Italian elegancy, beauty and femininity.

Created by perfumer Louise Turner of Givaudan, Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum is an extravagant yet careful and sensual perfume composed of luring notes of orange blossom, amber, benzoin, pink pepper, Tonka bean and vaniila notes.

Elisa is self-confident and she has an amazing personality. She has got this animal side, she is enthusiastic, really sexy with a stunning body and hypnotic eyes. She is the woman every woman would like to be, so she is the real Cavalli woman.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum by Roberto Cavalli comes in a round crystal bottle filled with a gold color juice and an aristocratic gold stopper. Perfume is advertised by beautiful and gorgeous model, actress Elisa Sednaoui. Her inner beauty and sex-appeal made her to be the muse of Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum.



Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum by Roberto Cavalli – the new perfume for women that love to wear Cavalli stylish yet extravagant clothing.