Très Chique: Polman’s Huis

If you’d have preferred to live a century ago in Paris, you’ll definitely enjoy Polman’s Huis. The imposing ballroom with its 10m-high ceiling could easily serve as a set for a French costume drama. Today, this stylish restaurant is the place to go for anyone with refined tastes and the cash to support them. If you find the nearly regal ambience tiresome, you can always keep yourself entertained by checking out the large windows and mirrors, and enjoying the flowers!

Polman's Huis Restaurant horizon

Polman’s Huis Restaurant, and at the end left, it’s Café

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At the corner Jansdam and Keistraat, was a large building in 17th century, wich was recontructed/transformed in 1865 (to a men’s/herensociëteit) ‘De Vriendschap’ (the Friendship), with it’s large ballroom with it’s original antique wall woodwork and decorated ceiling, that now houses a restaurant

In-style meetings in one of the most beautiful buildings of Utrecht? Particular is the 10 metre-high Ballroom whose atmosphere reflect the 19-century European grand café tradition. Currently the building is used as a wonderful restaurant with multiple inspiring rooms. Here you can meet in peace and enjoy the wonderful original features, culinary refinement and contemporary influences.

Polman`s Huis is a stylish restaurant, with a marble entrance, vèry large mirrors, black niches and gray chairs and lots of fresh flowers. The cuisine is international on a French classic base. Although the menu is changed regularly, some dishes on the menu are terrine of duck liver with delicious white peach chutney and the só delicious cucumber soup! Also for the vegetarian there is plenty to enjoy.

Polman's Huis Cafe

Polman’s Huis Café, Utrecht, Holland

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Polman’s Huis is housed in an imposing, 10 meters high Ballroom with large windows and mirrors. This make this establishment to a very pleasant meeting place, if you go back to Paris in the 1930’s. For over 25 years, it has become an institution that no longer from Utrecht is indispensable. In the restaurant you can have lunch or dinner. Or just a cup of coffee, or a great high tea. The chef enjoys working with fresh products and herbs.

With this weather….. it’s sóo cool inside…!! And that in more then one way! Culinary refinement, contemporary influences, always affordable and a real great personal service. Brasserie Polman’s Huis is an institution. That makes this, from almost day one, my favorite place in Utrecht…. and the rest of Holland.

Soon more on Polman’s Huis, here on Yakymour! What? That’s (still) a secret!!!

Experience a stylish way in Utrecht!

Adress: Keistraat 2, 3512 HV, Utrecht, Holland


Phone: +31 (0)30 231 33 68
by Jean Amr