Stop the Easter Egg Hunt: Lush’s Bunny-Filled Collection Is Right Here


Spring is on its way, and that means one thing: Easter. With a fresh wave of chocolate treats and egg-shaped confectionery just around the corner, what can you do for the vegan in your life? No fear, another vegan Easter is here!

The Easter bunny stopped by at Lush stores and brought the 2020 Easter collection over. With these colorful products, anticipation increases!

The freshly made beauty brand has a wide variety of products available year-round, featuring bath bombs, body lotions, shampoo bars, and face masks. But when we enter a new season (or, a fun occasion like Valentine’s Day), a selection of themed, limited-edition products get added to the Lush lineup, and we get excited every single time. In true Lush style, they’re almost always adorable, or incredibly cheeky, and often, for a good cause.

This Easter, whether you’re hoping to hunt down chocolate eggs left by the Easter bunny or not, one thing is for sure: you’re going to find a cute selection of treats down the aisles of Lush, which include bath bombs that will turn your skin into a glistening gold hue and a egg-shaped shower jelly that looks good enough to eat (but please don’t!).

Golden Egg


A gilded, glimmering soak

Every good egg deserves, well, a golden egg of course. Shimmering and indulgent, this Brazilian orange-scented jewel is the only sweet fix you need this Easter. Not just a bath bomb, this beauty is coated in Fair Trade organic cocoa butter which melts to soften the water and moisturise the skin. Indulge in golden, glimmering waters for a super soak that exudes luxury with uplifting bergamot, almond oils and glittering golden lustre.

How to use: No need to crack this egg open on the side of the bath, simply drop into the hot water for golden, glimmering waters.

How to store: Although this egg doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, it still requires somewhere cool and dry to nest before it’s used.


Cream Egg


Eggscellent mint chocolat bubbles

If you’re looking for a cracking good bath this spearmint and cocoa butter bubble bar is an eggscellent choice. This uplifting mint chocolate bubbleroon is packed with creamy butters that soften your skin, leaving you feeling as fresh and bright as a spring chicken. How do you like your eggs in the morning? Cause we like ours in the bath! Sunnyside Up.

How to use: No need to separate the white from the yellow here, just crumble a little or a lot of this minty bubbleroon under running water for an eggsquisite amount of bubbles.

How to store: Store in a cool, dry place before hatching a blanket of bubbles into your bath.


Sunnyside Up


Bright citrus showers

Don’t leave yourself scrambling for a good shower. Lather up with this sunshine-filled jelly. It’s no yolk, this cheery little egg is packed with a cracking mix of soothing coconut infusion, enzymic pineapple and softening carrageenan extract – a recipe for truly sumptuous skin. Top it all off with a blend of uplifting orange and vetivert for a clucking good shower.

How to use: Keep it whole, and lather onto wet skin to create a rich foam that will clean and leave you feeling fresh and bright.


Dinosaur Bombshell Egg


Roar-some fruity soaks

If you’re looking for a Jurassic bath, the rapturous fizz and crackle of this Easter treat is a T-rrific choice! Grab your prehistoric surprise before you pop one or both bath bomb halves in the water and enjoy a legendary sherbert-scented soak. Inside you’ll find your own little dino bubble bar, ready to be crumbled under running water for an eruption of bubbles. A dino-mite encounter with grapefruit and popping candy is sure to provide roarsome refreshment.

How to use: Use half of your egg at a time or throw the whole thing into a full bath to unleash a fizztacular display. The dinosaur inside can be crumbled under running water to create perfectly prehistoric bubbles.


Lucky Carrot


You’ll dig these zesty bubbles

If you’re rooting for an uplifting Easter bath, then this might be just the bubbly bathtime treat you should be reaching for. It might not help you see in the dark, but the zingy blend of lemon and tangerine might make you see things a little bit brighter. Luckily for you, this seasonal creation is outstanding in the field of bathing, giving you mounds of cheerful citrus bubbles when you crumble it into the bath.

How to use: Crumble your carrot under running water to create as many bubbles as your heart desires.

How to store: Keep your carrot somewhere cool, dark and dry until you’re ready to unleash your luck upon the world.


Avo Good Easter



Super sherbet citrus suds

This soap is the real toast of the town, with the sparkly citrus scent of bergamot and litsea cubeba. Get your guacs off, and wash to your heart’s content with this fruity beauty. You will love this soap if you like fresh, sharp scent of mood-boosting citrus.

How to use: Lather up in the bath or shower for super refreshing suds.

How to store: Keep it dry and cool while you’re storing it, and then once it’s in use keep on a soap dish within easy reach of the sink or shower.


Magic Rabbit


Magically fruity baths

Drop this little hat into your tub and marvel as it transforms your water into a beautifully fruity, deep purple bath. Full to the brim of davana, lemon myrtle and tonka, this will truly cap off your bathing experience. Watch as your little white rabbit emerges in a fizzy, crackling spectacle of colour. You will love this bath bomb if you like fruity, uplifting baths that bring cheer and joy.

How to use: Run a hot bath and drop your bath bomb in to create a magical bath quicker than you can say abracadabra!

How to store: Keep your bath bomb somewhere dry until you’re ready to magic up a totally wizard bath.


Five egg-citing treats



Go for gold this Easter with this shining gift. If they’ve been feeling a bit scrambled or fried, this brightening collection of bath and shower treats will have them seeing the sunny side once more.

This gift set is my absolute favourite! All of the products are amazing.

The shining shell of this Golden Egg has been made from 100% recycled and sturdy materials, so they can store bath bombs, shower gels and other treasures away long after Easter is over. Not your average packaging peanuts – Eco Pops are made from cornstarch and can be popped in your compost to biodegrade. Locally hand-made ribbons adorn your gift and can be reused over and over again.

How to store: Store this good egg away somewhere cool and dry and you’ll be golden.


A cracking bathing trio


This Easter, there’s no need to go on the hunt for soft, sweet-smelling skin. Put all your eggs in one beautifully wrapped basket this year, so when your loved one opens their gift, they can hop, skip and jump straight into the bathroom.

This new bright and cheery Knot Wrap has not only been made from recycled plastic bottles but can be reused over and over again as another gift wrapping, or even an accessory! The eco pops that protect the products within are made from corn starch and are completely biodegradable. If you’ve been searching for a vegan alternative to traditional chocolate eggs, then this cracking basket has got you covered!

How to store: Keep this basket hidden away somewhere cool and dry before you’re ready to make someone’s Easter wishes come true.

Come into the beautiful world of Lush.