Get rid of car sickness

Now that everyone is going on holiday en masse by car and so a lot of time is spent in the car, despite the nice prospect, that is not fun for everyone. Some people suffer from motion sickness. But don’t worry, the very renowned French perfume specialist Maison Berger Paris (they celebrated their 120th anniversary in 2018!) offers a solution for this.

Motion sickness is very common. This common ailment, especially in children, can make a car journey, long or short, very unpleasant. Maison Berger Paris has a solution for this problem that not only works well but also looks beautiful.

The car diffuser from Maison Berger is a metal diffuser with a beautiful design. A design object for every car. It is easily attached to a ventilation grille in the car by means of a clip. The car diffuser is available in different versions and has a diameter of 4.6 cm.

The perfume that goes into the car diffuser is spread through the ventilation system of the car. Maison Berger developed a perfume that combats motion sickness. The perfume lasts for 4 to 6 weeks, the essential oils in this Aroma Travel are bergamot, mint, eucalyptus, tea, rose, ginger and amber. The scents of these oils ensure that you do not get sick or nauseous in the car.

Don’t worry if you don’t suffer from motion sickness, there are also several other wonderful perfumes available.

Selling price
Car-diffuser including refill from € 14,95
Refill Aroma Travel, packed per 2 € 5,95

Maison Berger Paris car perfume is available at selected points of sale worldwide. Enter the wonderful world of Maison Berger Paris.