Maison Margiela Replica Fragrance Collection

Perfumes have a tendency to remind you of certain moments or periods of your life, for example, I can put on a fragrance that takes me back to high school and your first love (Christian Dior Jules) or the times of endless desert nights in Jordan (Jil Sander Background). A good perfume is so much more than just a nice scent, it’s also connected to feelings and memories. Thats why I’ve always liked the thought of wearing a special fragrance during vacation (Bvlgari Eau the Vert, Hermès Eau de Hermès), so that I can relate to relaxation and well being when I’m wearing it. It’s possible I got kind of mesmerized by the words on the bottle but in this case they actually do make sense, even before the scent has becomed ‘yours’ you recognize it and I’m not kidding! ‘Reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods’ with a touch of ‘Sun kissed salty skin’ really spells out what this little bottles are all about….


Maison Margiela Replica Fragrance Collection

In 2014, Maison Margiela mirrored its interest for vintage garments and accessories in its menswear and womenswear collections entitled Replica. This year, the brand dives into the world of scents and introduces another Replica masterpiece, a collection of fragrances. These scents evoke personal memories and images that are stuck in our subconscious. The fragrances are poured into classical, simple bottles similar to those in apothecaries, while their outer carton is illustrated with a photograph reflecting the topic of each of the fragrances. Each bottle carries a 100 percent cotton label, which is printed using black ink text and resembles the tags used on the clothing and accessories for the ‘REPLICA’ couture collection. The unique pumps are wrapped with a rope to symbolize the authentic reproduction of the original ‘REPLICA’ couture line.

The reassuring fresh laundry scent is diffused in the Lazy Sunday Morning, while the odor of candy is reflected through the Funfair Evening. Flower Market is a multitude of floral compositions that reminds us of our visit to this natural place, while Beach Walk takes us back to our strolls along the ocean where our feet are embraced by the sand during those beautiful summer days. The British romance comes alive in Promenade in the Gardens scent, and Tea Escape evokes the silence that we find at the heart of the bustle in a Japanese city. The collection also features Lipstick On which, from one smell, depicts the scene of a woman wearing her lipstick and the powdery scent that is diffused at that very moment.

Maison Margiela Replica Collection

For men, Maison Margiela introduces Jazz Club that captures the setting in a Brooklyn-based Jazz club, and At the Barber’s bears a vintage masculine feel. This line also witnesses Maison Margiela’s first launch of a feminine and masculine fragrance, By the Fireplace, which is a warm scent that mixes between smokey woods and grilled chestnuts.

All in all, these fragrances bring sweet memories to our minds, giving us the ultimate olfactory experience we are always looking for!

Soon more on these beautiful and Original fragrances here on Yakymour…