Sisley Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term


Sisley Paris, the famous producer of prestige cosmetics, has introduced a couple of new products this fall. Among them is the new Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term, a powerful anti-aging moisturizer that provides both immediate and lasting benefits. The Double Tenseur is announced as a powerful lifting skin care, infused with nourishing botanical extracts. It features a sensorial, fresh-gel texture that feels like a second skin.

The gel absorbs instantly, while giving an immediate lifting sensation. At the same time, the skin surface appears visibly smoother, as it retracts. The main active ingredient of the formula is Oat seeds extract, which creates a stretchy and flexible 3D mesh over the skin. Rhatany and Lemon extracts tone and smooth skin texture.

sisley-double-tenseur-2The Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term is said to contain the best of Sisley active ingredients, and have a power to work both on the skin surface and in-depth. In the long run, the combination of plant-based active ingredients, Tiger Nut and Cottonseed extracts, strengthens the dermal structure, so the skin is more toned, and appears as if plumped up.

Other notable active ingredients are anti-oxidant Red Vine extract, toning and revitalizing Watercress extract, moisturizing Biosaccharide solution, and softening Glycerin of vegetable origin.


This moisturising and ultra-sensorial fresh gel with a ‘second skin’ effect is doubly effective, both immediately and in the long term.

Because of its unusually fresh texture, Sisley Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term can be used in three different ways. Firstly, it works as a perfect face primer that helps makeup and foundation last longer.  Then, it can be used as a touch-up, over makeup, to give an instant boost of freshness throughout the day. Last but not least, when used nightly, it provides an instant beauty boost.

Can be applied over daily skin care, but also:

  • as a base for make-up to help foundation last longer
  • as a touch up over make-up throughout the day
  • in the evening for an instant beauty boost

Sisley Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term is delivered in a 30ml bottle with pink cap.

Estée Lauder’s Dynamic duo


For your makeup to glide on like a dream, you either have the smoothest skin to begin with. Or you fake it. For the latter scenario, there’s the Estée Lauder Crescent White Brightening Makeup Base SPF30/PA+++. It has lavender pigments to tone down skin dullness, sallowness and dark spots. And since we all know how dry, flaky skin can make even the best foundation streak, this makeup base is also all about keeping up the moisture levels for hours. This same devotion to keeping your skin well-hydrated is present, too, in the brand’s Crescent White Hydra-Bright Essence Makeup SPF30/PA++. It plumps up skin, balances oil levels, and blurs the appearance of fine lines, pores, dark spots and uneven tone. Smart makeup? Definitely on my yes list to work with.

Base instincts by Dior


Once upon a time, we were happy enough with makeup bases in that one nude or whitish shade. But they have gone all techni-colour now. Cue the Dior Diorsnow Brightening Makeup Base Colour Correction SPF35/PA+++, which come in three hues. Each has a specific purpose: pink for giving dull skin a rosy glow, beige for minimising redness, and blue for perking up a sallow complexion. Of course, the ideal situation would be to own all three shades and use each where it’s needed most.

  • The essential base for a radiant makeup.
  • Instantly targets and corrects skin imperfections for a perfectly unified finish and a fresh complexion.
  • The ultra-fluid, weightless formula blends lightly and imperceptibly into the skin for perfect makeup hold and long-lasting foundation wear.
  • The pink shade revives dull areas of the face and illuminates lackluster skin with a natural rosy glow. The complexion is purer, fresher and vitally radiant.
  • The blue shade visibly conceals sallowness to reveal a perfect bright clarity, transparency and immaculate luminosity.
  • Beige shade helps to neutralize and diminish redness of the skin. The complexion is perfectly even and translucent.

How to use:

Apply it (alone) after your regular skincare routine; or before putting on makeup.

Yves Saint Laurent introduces new primers

For years I was a HUGE fan of Yves Saint Laurents Premier Teint, an àmazing product, that did èverything it promised. For me, and many of my colleagues a Holy Grail! They where availble in several coloris, like yellow (my favorite, most used), green, pink and ‘white’. There texture was sóo perfect! But not only that, also the colors, the where perfect. These little 20ml square bottles where little gems! Sadly…. on one moment: production stopped. Why? That’s always the question….

I tried many, many others, from other prestige houses, but no…. I didn’t find someting that comes close. A friend of mine advised me MAC. But I’m sorry, the texture…. no, it’s totally not my thing! When there is ‘good’, ‘better’, ‘best’… Mac was for me (not that) ‘good’. The YSL Premier Teint was (the) ‘Best’!!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer, 30ml (Click photo to enlarge).

Now the house of Yves Saint Laurent has just released its new Touch Éclat Blur Primer, a product described as the brand’s first light infused primer. This blurring and illuminating fluid gel primer not only helps your makeup look better and last longer, but it also evens out the complexion, and blurs pores, lines and wrinkles.

This innovative primer is formulated using a cutting-edge technology, which allows the light to diffuse appropriately without interference from dulling opaque fillers. This (extreme!) lightweight, transparent gel features miniscule shimmering particles that blend evenly into the skin. The result is a gorgeous, natural-looking radiance, without any excess glitter. The primer is quite watery and very easy to apply, so that it instantly creates an ideal canvas.

The Touche Éclat Blur Primer can be layered under foundation to boost radiance, or worn alone (or with powder) to create a perfect canvas. Either way, apply one pump of the product on the back of your hand, and then apply with a tender sweeping gesture from the center of the face outward. The important thing is to leave it to set over skin for about 10 seconds before applying foundation.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer is available in a single, transparent shade. The product is delivered in a luxurious, massive glass bottle with a gold-colored stopper and a pump dispenser. The formula is suitable for all skin types, and it is non-comedogenic. The formula is a blend of corn oil, apricot kernel oil, passiflora oil, and rice bran oil hydrates skin and smoothes out the skin’s texture. A dose of finely milled gold shimmer imparts skin with a hint of luminosity.

Yves Saint Laurent YSL-Couture-Eye-Primer-Fair

Yves Saint Laurent YSL-Couture-Eye-Primer-Medium

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Primer in Fair and Medium (Click photo’s to enlarge).

In addition, YSL has introduced the ultimate Couture Eye Primer, which promises to prolong the wear of your eyeshadow to no less than 16 hours. Same as its Touche Éclat Blur counterpart, the Couture Eye Primer can be layered under the eye shadow, of worn alone for a perfect nude eye look. The formula promises a crease-proof wear, and it comes in two shades Fair and Medium.

I love them! I found a new Holy Grail! There texture, everything, they are perfect! But still: I miss the old premier teint to work with…..

The Touche Éclat Blur Primer, a real must have! For everybody! Even when you don’t use makeup but loves a radiance boost! It doesn’t matter what kind of makeup brand you prefer! You can use it with every product, every brand!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer 9/10

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Primer 9.5/10

Summer tip: Use your facial Sun Cream SPF 30 as daycream. Then after a few seconds a thin layer Touche Éclat Blur Primer and then if you like… just a little of your favorite (YSL) bronzing powder! Voila! And look amazing on summer boulevard!

by Jean Amr