Beau Belle Rose Gold Powder Brush Metallic Sculpting Set


This Beau Belle Rose Gold Powder Brush Sculpting Set has been carefully selected to provide you with the perfect tools for a flawless base and contoured finish. Giving you the best tools needed to create the look of your dreams effortlessly. With their sleek metallic handles which have a groove in giving you maximum precision and control, these brushes are a worthy addition to any dressing table collection.

The Beau Belle Rose Gold Powder Brush set includes: Sculpting brush, Flat Top Contour Brush, Angled Contour Brush and Powder Brush. Made of finest synthetic hair form the perfect fusion of design and functionality.


Notice: Keep your brushes in a dry place. Clean brushes after application which will help maintain the softness and result in long lasting use.

Tips about How to Clean Your Brushes:

1. Dampen the brushes slightly with lukewarm water avoiding getting the base of the brush too wet as this can cause the hair to become loose.
2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to brushes.
3. Gently swirl the brush on the palm of your hand and work into a light lather.
4. Rinse brushes under running water, continue rinsing until no colour leaves the brush.
5. Allow them to air-dry.




The golden touch!

Beau Belle Rose Gold Arched Powder Brush

Get the perfect bronzed effect by using the right tool, such as the new Beau Belle Rose Gold Arched Powder Brush. This stylish brush is made with super-soft synthetic bristles, and with its large, rounded head makes it perfect for blending loose or pressed powder effortlessly.

This rose gold brush is used for the application of powder, foundation and blusher and has been designed with a curve in the handle to give ultimate precision and control.

Beau Belle Rose Gold Arched Powder Brush, retails at £16.95 and is available at:





New Zoeva Brow Collection

ZOEVA_Brow_Collection Banner

Framing the face and evoking femininty, eyebrows and eyelashes are two mof the most important facial features and the key to a Polished, flawless look: The Zoeva Brow Collection offers a complete range of amazing brow tools to professionally define the perfect, expressive brow, while the Zoeva Graphic Lash Mascara creates glamorous volume and long-lasting curls.  

Zoeva will manage to brighten up your day with their new releases coming out really soon. Here’s a list of everything they’ll be adding to their range…

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Brow Collection 2Inspired by the calmness and beauty of a night stroll through the silent streets of a sleeping city, the Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette reveals a versatile range of mysteriously moody matte shades. Far from buzzing boulevards and bright neon lights, the highly pigmented and easy to blend shadows recall the dimmed lighting and melancholic atmosphere of a vibrant metropolis from dusk till dawn. With shades ranging from misty beige and gloomy brown to deep burgundy and muted red, create timelessly elegant, cosmopolitan makeup looks.


To create full, fabulous brows, Zoeva Cosmetics has introduced a selection of products, to make brows look really wow!

Zoeva Graphic Brow


Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix

Starting with the Zoeva Graphic Brow, which is a tinted brow gel that creates ultra-groomed, visibly thicker and more expressive brows, whilst locking hair in place. The long lasting Zoeva Graphic Brow sculpt and perfect brows with a waterproof, smudge-proof formula. Ensuring a rich color payoff, the ultra fine, retractable pencil creates precise strokes, mimicking the natural hair and filling in the brows with ease, while the spiral brush grooms into shape and softens the color – for a natural-looking, uniformly dense and well defined brow.

Zoeva Graphic Brow is available in 4 stunningly realistic shades.


Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix


Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix

With an innovative, superfine spiral brush and a unique, long lasting formulation, the Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix achieves perfectly styled and tinted brows in one easy step. Effortlessly locking brow hair in place while tinting with shades ranging from light blonde to blackish brown, the high definition brow gel provides a smooth, even color release and a flexible, comfortable hold – for ultra-groomed, visibly thicker and expressive brows.

Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix are available in 3 stunningly realistic shades.


Zoeva Brow Spectrum Palette

Zoeva Brow Spectrum Palette

From black to blond, the Zoeva Brow Spectrum Palette is the ultimate eyebrow kit to achieve flawless, professionally groomed arches. The palette comes equipped with a range of long-wearing, highly pigmented brow powders that seamlessly blend together to create customized shades with sheer to medium coverage as well as a selection of matte and shimmering highlighters to brighten eyes and visually lift up the arches – for intense brow statements or natural eye looks.


Zoeva Brow Light Super Soft Highlighting Crayon Margarethe 

Schermafbeelding 2017-01-11 om 14_18_34

To lift and enhance the brow shape this can be achieved using the Zoeva Brow Light Super Soft Highlighting Crayon Margarethe.


Zoeva Graphic Lash Mascara

Schermafbeelding 2017-01-11 om 14_22_21

Drama, please! The Zoeva Graphic Lash Mascara thickens and lengthens lashes in rich, intense carbon-black with a durable, ultra-pigmented formula and a dense spiral brush for instant, glamorous volume. Precisely separating the lashes to ensure maximum definition, the creamy, buildable texture creates natural looking thickness or sensational drama for incredibly volumized, long-lasting and impactful curls.


New Zoeva Make Up Brushus

Zoeva is also launching five new face and lip brushes as they expand their their Zoeva brush range to a portofolio of more then 60 sublime makeup tools. Traditionally handcrafted by Brush Masters – every single Zoeva brush is an indispensable beauty essential and the perfect fushion of design and functionality. The sixfold layer of lacquer applied to genuine wood, a luxuriously shinny brass ferrule and finest synthetic hair form the perfect fusion of design and functionality.


Schermafbeelding 2017-01-11 om 14_27_09


From left to right: Zoeva 113 Fluid Arc Brush

As a true professional tool, the 113 Fluid Arc revolutionizes the makeup routine thanks to its innovative, arched shape and soft synthetic hair. The curved face brush adjusts perfectly to any facial shape and models the face with liquid and cream contour products or seamlessly blends foundation for an immaculate, professional nish.


Zoeva 117 Petit Defined Buffer Brush

The 117 Petit Defined Buffer perfectly adapts to the facial contours with its extra small, angled brush head and is particularly suitable for the precise, comfortable application of foundation and concealer below the eyes and along the nose. The ne, tightly bonded synthetic hair and the compact shape ensure easy application and a smooth, natural-looking makeup nish.


Zoeva 135 Petit Face Definer Brush

Equipped with super soft, pure synthetic hair and a tapered shape for easy handling, the 135 Petit Face Definer works its skills with liquid, cream or powder makeup products and – in addition to ensuring a awless application of foundation – is suited especially well to evenly blend concealer and set loose powder around the eye area.


Zoeva 137 Petit Fan Brush

Just like its ‘big brother’, the 137 Petit Fan embodies multitasking at its best. Thanks to its fan shape and soft synthetic hair the brush is equally suitable for the targeted application of highlighter along the brow bone and Cupid’s bow as well as the separation of eyelashes and easy removal of excess mascara.


Zoeva 331 Precision Lip Brush

The square-shaped 331 Precision Lip allows for an accurate application of lipstick and liquid formulas along the lip contour, while the at side is perfectly suited to generously ll in the lips with color. Thanks to its straight, pure synthetic hair, the tiny brush blends all lip products with ease and creates precise de nition.

I think you would be super excited about these new launches!! The eyeshadow palette, brow products, mascara and petit fan brush are definitely going on your wishlist! Are you going to pick up any of these products? Let me know!!

All the products are available at





Manicare x Liz Kelsh


Liz Kelsh

You might not have heard of Liz Kelsh but you would have definitely seen her work. With over 20 years of experience in the make up industry, Liz has captured the hearts of a long and worthy list of celebrity and the fashion elite, charming them with her warm, quick-witted persona and impeccable hand at make-up artistry. She has worked with highly acclaimed designers such as John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Easton Pearson, Yeojin Bae and Robert Cavalli.

Appreciated for her charisma and moral work ethic, Kelsh has worked with some of Hollywood’s most recognized names such as Jennifer Anniston, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Catrell.

Kelsh’s diversity is what makes her work stand out, with the ability to move seamlessly between famous faces, directing fashion shows and collaborating with the leaders of the fashion realm on publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Russh, Madison and InStyle.



So it made sense that when Manicare, who has been developing quality products for over 30 years, were looking for some inspiration and expertise for their new range of makeup brushes, Liz was the prefect person to collaborate with. The new range of next generation make up brushes reflect the expertise and experience that Liz has garnered over her illustrious career and the brushes feature improved bristles, tapered ferrules, light-weight handles and a new modernised design. The range of 10 brushes feature all that you could need for perfecting the best face.

A selection:

manicare-liz-kelsh-powder-blush-bhManicare x Liz Kelsh Powder Brush

The Manicare x Liz Kelsh Powder Brush is a brush that is very soft. Rounded bristles allow for the smooth application of blush, powder and bronzer. It also features a tapered ferrule, lightweight handle and modern design.

manicare-liz-kelsh-bronzing-blush-bhManicare x Liz Kelsh Bronzing Brush.

The Manicare x Liz Kelsh Bronzing Brush is made of extra-thick, extra-soft bristles for the application of powder and bronzer. It also features a tapered ferrule, lightweight handle and modern design.

manicare-liz-kelsh-countouring-blush-bhManicare x Liz Kelsh Contouring Blush Brush

The Manicare x Liz Kelsh Contouring Blush Brush is a brush that can be used to add powder blush to the apples of the cheeks, and helps make contouring a breeze. It features a tapered ferrule, lightweight handle and modern design.

manicare-liz-kelsh-eye-contouring-blush-bhManicare x Liz Kelsh Contouring Eyeshadow Brush

The Manicare x Liz Kelsh Contouring Eyeshadow Brush can be used to apply eyeshadow for soft definition and a natural look. The brush features a tapered ferrule, lightweight handle and modern design.


manicare-liz-kelsh-eye-contouring-blush-bhManicare x Liz Kelsh Blending Eye Brush

The Manicare x Liz Kelsh Blending Eye Brush is a brush that can be used to blend eyeshadow into the contours of the eye area. The brush features a tapered ferrule, lightweight handle and modern design.

manicare-liz-kelsh-eye-brow-blush-bhManicare X Liz Kelsh Eye/Eye Brow Defining Brush

Manicare X Liz Kelsh’s Eye/Eye Brow Defining Brush is a short, angled bristles can be used to apply brow product or to apply eyeliner with ultimate precision. It also features a tapered ferrule, lightweight handle and modern design.

For more information, be welcome to the world of Manicare

MAC: Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation

MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation Makeup

MAC’s new Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation (Click photo to enlarge).

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of MAC. I’m sorry! They have amazing lipsticks and eye shadows! They have a great range of products and real beautiful colors. But somehow, I don’t like their primers and their foundation textures. I worked with them a couple of times, but it’s not my ‘thing’.

But….! Last month, M∙A∙C introduced Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation, an innovative foundation that delivers colour in an ultra-fluid, elegantly thin, elastic gel serum formula. With stay-true colour and sheer medium buildable coverage, it softly blurs imperfections such as pores and fine lines.

Are you looking for a foundation that’s feather light? Then give MAC’s new Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation a try. The comfortable, and easy to apply gel-serum formula is hydrating and provides lasting coverage without feeling heavy on skin.

MAC’s new Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation N12_72dpi

MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation N12 (Click photo to enlarge).

MAC’s new Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation NW35_72dpi

MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation NW35 (Click photo to enlarge).


MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation NW50 (Click photo to enlarge).

MAC 196 Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush

MAC 196 Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush (Click photo to enlarge).

It blurs pores and fine lines while giving sheer medium coverage that you can build. The dropper bottle allows you to use just the amount that you need. Pair it with the 196 Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush for perfect application. Another positive thing is: it has an SPF 30! For some people that’s great news, such a ‘high’ SPF you don’t see that often in a makeup product. The new Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation is availble in 25 shades! I have to admit: I have a MAC favorite!

by Jean Amr

Sephora Collection Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Beauty Brushes and Compact Mirror


For more than 20 years, jewelry designer Alexis Bittar has revolutionized fashion with his striking designs and signature techniques. Renowned for his avant-garde craftsmanship, the award-winning artisan now brings his expertise to beauty. The gilded brushes (powder, angled blush, eye shadow, smudge and angled liner) fuse Bittar’s signature sculptural aesthetic with over-the-top glamour that will make all women feel like queens.

This marks the first time the jewelry designer has worked alongside the beauty giant. Bittar took inspiration from Studio 54 and the year 1979 to create pieces that “look like art and are super functional”, according to Bittar.

The sharp lines remind me of Blondie and there’s kind of a Donna Summer liquid gold feel. If you’re sitting down at your boudoir [doing your makeup], it makes it super elegant.

For those of you who know who Alexis Bittar is, you are probably as freakin’ exciting as I am for the Sephora Liquid Gold collection, designed by Alexis. This collection is so beautiful I would be scared to use it!

The collection, ‘Alexis Bittar for Sephora Liquid Gold’, includes the Beauty Brush Set and Stand, with five brushes – Powder, Angled Blush, Eye Shadow, Smudge and Angled Liner – and a metallic black stand; the Beauty Brush and Travel Wrap, which includes Swarovski crystal, Lucite and 24-karat gold-­plated accents, a Pointed Powder brush and a suede pouch; and a Compact Mirror, a dual mirror compact in Bittar’s signature sculptural design.

Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Beauty Brush with Stand

This must-have limited-edition brush set features intricate 24 karat gold-plated ferrules, Swarovski crystals and lucite acrylic handles inspired by Alexis Bittar’s jewelry. The custom multifaceted onyx stand creates a beautiful display for your brushes on your vanity. This five-piece collection blends the best in luxury: both natural and Satine—a revolutionary synthetic hair that creates excellent pickup and luxuriously soft and precise application.

This Set Contains:
– Pointed powder brush
– Angled blush brush
– Eye shadow brush
– Smudge brush
– Angled liner brush
– Display stand


Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Beauty Powder Brush with Travel Wrap

This exquisite pointed powder brush comes in a travel-friendly size and features satine, a revolutionary synthetic hair that creates excellent pickup and luxuriously soft application. The lucite handle is embellished with Swarovski crystals and plated with 24 karat gold for unparalleled luxury. The brush is housed in a jewelry-inspired pouch, which has enough room for all your makeup essentials.



Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Compact Mirror

Sephora Collection and Alexis Bittar are proud to present the world’s most luxurious compact mirror. This dual mirror features a 1x and 2x magnification, but it’s true value is its elegant and beautiful design. Crafted with Swarovski crystals, plated with 24 karat gold and featuring a silk tassel, this compact is sure to be the centerpiece of any vanity.






Guess we’ll have to wake up extra early in the mornings to get more face time with these luxurious makeup brushes.

Shop the Alexis Bittar for Sephora Liquid Gold: Beauty Brush Set & Stand ($175) for a limited time during Holiday 2014 at Sephora stores and