Dreaming about the next Lamborghini Miura

The Lamborghini Miura is one of my all time favorite cars. The beautiful design by Bertone. The story: Ferruccio vs. Enzo – old school rivalry. Crazy V12 lay-out. Lamborghini should create one each decade: a Miura-like car, with that typical silhouette: a 2-seater GT coupe. Whether you call it a Miura or not, or choose for a more classic retro look or hypermodern interpretation, trying to push that envelope of automotive innovation and technology and bring it together into an epic design would be a great hommage of such an icon.

Marco van Overbeeke, automotive designer

Marco van Overbeeke, an automotive designer based in The Netherlands is specialized in automotive exterior & interior concept design: think about the beautiful Huet Brothers HB Coupe, the Dutch gentlemen’s sportscar.

He has always been fascinated by vehicles and car design, F1, motorsports and race liveries, and concept art. He loves the medium of sketching his ideas on a piece of paper and creating digital art. He dreams about and want to be part of the future of vehicle design. He want his designs to be authentic and through his work he tries to create beautiful automotive objects.

Come into the beautiful world of Marco van Overbeeke.