Maison Margiela Beach Walk



The Parisian fashion house Maison Martin Margiela was founded in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. A cross-section between fashion and design, the house presents Haute Couture and ready-to-wear collections as well as leather goods, footwear, accessories, and fragrance. In 1994, Maison Martin Margiela introduced ‘REPLICA,’ a new seasonal line. The collection represents an interest in highly functional and emotive garments and accessories, meticulously reproduced to maintain the piece’s original character. Maison Martin Margiela expanded upon this concept with a collection of ‘REPLICA’ fragrances that evoke the scents hidden deep in our memories.

Beach Walking Waves GIF

Maison Margiela Beach Walk

Perfumes have a tendency to remind you of certain moments or periods of your life, for example, I can put on a fragrance that takes me back to high school and your first love (Christian Dior Jules) or the times of endless desert nights in Jordan (Jil Sander Background). A good perfume is so much more than just a nice scent, it’s also connected to feelings and memories. Thats why I’ve always liked the thought of wearing a special fragrance during vacation (Bvlgari Eau the Vert, Hermès Eau de Hermès), so that I can relate to relaxation and well being when I’m wearing it. It’s possible I got kind of mesmerized by the words on the bottle but in this case they actually do make sense, even before the scent has becomed ‘yours’ you recognize it and I’m not kidding! ‘Reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods’ with a touch of ‘Sun kissed salty skin’ really spells out what this little bottle is all about and, well,  that’s more than enough for me.

Perfumers who were invited to participate in creation of the new collection are Jacques Cavallier and Marie Salamagne. Beach Walk opens with citruses – bergamot and lemon, and develops with pink pepper, ylang-ylang, coconut milk, musk and heliotrope to evoke a familiar but forgotten moment – a walk along a sandy beach



Maison Margiela Beach Walk

From now on this perfume will be forever associated with a sunny, perfect vacation and I’ll make sure to always bring it with me when I’m fortunate enough to go on another one of those.

Close your eyes and let the fragrance transport you to the memory of an afternoon stroll along the ocean. Your feet sink into the wet sand as waves brush against your skin. The sun sinks gently through the crystal sky, its warmth balanced by a soft breeze with the subtle tangy scent of water. Beach Walk evokes hints of ocean spray, and captures the carefree bliss of a summer day.

The silhouette of each ‘REPLICA’ bottle is inspired by classic apothecary jars, allowing the collection to be instantly identifiable. Each bottle carries a 100 percent cotton label, which is printed using black ink text and resembles the tags used on the clothing and accessories for the ‘REPLICA’ couture collection. The unique pumps are wrapped with a rope to symbolize the authentic reproduction of the original ‘REPLICA’ couture line.

Notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Coconut Milk, Heliotrope, Musk,

Maison Margiela Beach Walk is availble as 100 ml Eau de Toilette and is an Allure Best of Beauty Award winner.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

YSL has introduced the new Rock ‘n’ Roll interpretation of the iconic Opium which came out in the 80s. Launched in late 2014 in Europe and 2015 in the US, this rock glam version, created by master perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Marie Salamagne, features notes of black coffee, white floral and vanilla. A spicy oriental fragrance for women with a black coffee infusion of the original Opium perfume.

YSL Black Opium Yves-Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum

Designed with a ‘glam rock aesthetic’ in mind (that’ll be the black and silver glitter encrusted bottle then), you’ll find your olfactory senses are hit with key notes of black coffee for a shot of adrenaline (the brand have actually described this as addictive, so that makes sense too), white florals to instantly seduce, and vanilla for sweetness and sensuality. This one definitely delights the senses!

YSL Black Opium Yves-Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum

The original Opium bottle is glammed up with a black sparkling outside and pink juice (Click photo to enlarge).

Like it’s older red sister, I Love this fragrance! A beautiful oriental scent! The beauty of the bottle and the technical stuff aside, this fragrance is not for those who love sickly sweet scents; this is a ‘strong’, (vèry) sexy perfume, best suited for night time (although there would be gladly(!) enough rebels who wilI wear it all the time), and probably best avoided if you don’t want to seduce passersby just with a swish of hair across your neck!

Notice: I can’t say it enough times: frangrances like this, when you spray them on, from at least 25 – 30cm distance. So it can develop in the right way!

London based model Edie Campbell is the face of the campaign shot by photographer Txema Yeste and directed by Daniel Wolfe

Scent Classification: Spicy Oriental

  • Top: black coffee, pink pepper, pear
  • Heart: jasmine, orange blossom
  • Base: vanilla, patchouli, musk, cedar

This fragrance is available as an eau de parfum in three sizes: as 100ml, 50ml and 30ml. spray.

Rating: 8.8/10

by Jean Amr

ALAÏA PARIS, first perfume by Azzedine Alaïa

Fashionista’s beware:

Fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa has launghed, after more then 30 years , his first fragrance: Alaïa Paris. The long waiting is rewarded: during the exclusive launch in Paris, ‘tout les journalistes’ were very excited!

He is known as the ‘King of Cling’ for his adventurous body-con designs, Azzedine Alaïa, Paris-based couturier and shoe designer debuts his first ever fragrance, Alaïa Paris. Taking his brand to new fashion heights, Azzedine’s scent, created by Marie Salamagne, is created to go on like a sexy, second skin containing notes of freesia, peony, musk, animalic, and a hint of violet.


Azzedine Alaïa has operated his magic again with his new Alaïa Paris, Eau de Parfum, a tribute to eternal beauty and radiant women, this perfume means a new adventure for the House that already accustomed us to breathtaking perfection trough fashion collections. As an ode to women and their delicacy, Alaïa Paris spreads a delicate dream, the one of infinite secret and elegance. Azzedine Alaïa created this fragrance as the origin of feelings and emotions, struggling in women’s heart. Inspired by every single encounter the designer has made over the years, day and night, this perfume offers paradoxical scents.

Pink pepper, peony, and musk are the magical ingredients to celebrate feminine beauty. No wonder women are constantly falling in love with Alaïa’s work: with such an olfactory pyramid, an open door on new senses and feelings, we’re taking a journey through time. But this new experience is also the fruit of an intimate and inalienable partnership with Carla Sozzani, who has been guiding Alaïa’s creative process for a few years now. Accompanied by an expert team, the designer thought of every single detail to produce this fragrance, in order to tell the story of an ideal dream to all women.

Alaïa, bustier dress, couture Spring Summer 2003 © Patrick DemarchelierAzzedine Alaïa © Patrick Demarchelier

Creating a perfume is to confide in a woman, to steal her thoughts of tomorrow and run away with her before she ever looks back. My perfume springs from the union of all my present moments, from a time that I could not myself identify, expressed only in the feelings that its creation revealed to me.

Azzedine Alaïa





The Alaïa Paris Fragrance collection is availble in Alaïa boutiques, and will be exclusively sold at Galeries Lafayettes Haussman, Podium Central, from 22th June; and from 6th July everywhere in France. The collection includes the Eau de Parfum Spray, Body Lotion, and Shower Gel.


Atelier des Ors Rose Omeyyade


Atelier des Ors Rose Omeyyade.jpg

A flower, its delicacy
Rose, a petal of sensuality
Umayyadthe bewitching East
One surrenders
On a bed ofscented wood
A sensual Delight

Atelier Des Ors, ‘Haute Parfumerie with poetry’. Give back an element of mystery and imagination to the fragrance. Atelier Des Ors was born from that desire and the passion of its creators. Passion for the heritage of French Haute Parfumerie.

Unlimited passion for the distinctive olfactory chords and partitions. Passion for gold that our artists and craftsmen handle with virtuosity. Atelier Des Ors poetically magnifies each of its creations in a glittering ballet of stardust. An intensely distinguished emotion.


Bewitching, beautiful, and a touch too beguiling to be completely safe, Rose Omeyyade is the very definition of a secret weapon. Named for the Umayyad dynasty, whose kingdom once stretched from Westernmost Europe to the Middle East. Rose Omeyyade tells of the grandeur of the lavishly decorated Levant palaces. A resounding ode to sensuality and refinement once captured in orientalist paintings. An intense and bewitching velvety fragrance inspired by the precious and captivating Damask Rose. Rose Omeyyade is as expansive and cultured as its namesake- a truly extraordinary floral.

Top: Pink pepper, Rose buds
Heart: atchouli, Gaiacwood, Brown sugar accord
Base: Sandalwood, Agarwood, Amber

Created by Marie Salamagne. Rose Omeyyade opens with a burst of delectable florals, rich Damask Rose paired with fruity raspberry and energized with pink pepper. A heart of caramelized patchouli and rich gaiac furthers the east-meets-west motif with mouthwatering potency, which only deepens in the warm, soft and subtly animalic base of oud and amber. With its immediate floral appeal and dark, seductive twists, Rose Omeyyade is the kind of floral that makes heads turn- and then turn again.



The flacon’s back embossing symbolizes sun, light and radiance. As the flacon captures the light, the golden hue of the fragrance creates a glittering reflection. Gold conveys the noble and eternal side of the brand while the flacon’s shape reflects its addictive, sensual side. The Art Deco pattern stands for sophistication and elegance and is a tribute to the golden era of French Haute Parfumerie. The classic yet contemporary packaging expresses the timeless refinement of Atelier Des Ors. The logo, embossed on the heavy cap like a craftsman’s seal, confirms the artistic and aesthetic dimension of Atelier Des Ors. The logo depicts a sea horse, a hallmark for 24k gold in France.

Atelier des Ors Rose Omeyyade is availble as 100ml Eau de Parfum.




Jo Malone’s light-as-air fragrances for Spring


After an impressive collection that gave us a lesson in British history, Jo Malone now brings us a new range that’s inspired by the magic of spring. Titled Blue Skies & Blossoms the three piece collection is playful and carefree; a tribute to the blossoms that herald the arrival of the spring season namely Sakura Cherry Blossom, Osmanthus Blossom and Plum Blossom.

Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom

Created by Christine Nagel, this scent is about the airiness of the season featuring layers of cherry blossom with notes of rose and sparkling bergamot.

Jo Malone Osmanthus Blossom

This exotic fragrance composed by Marie Salamagne, features osmanthus blossom and petitgrain as well as peach and orange flower over base notes of cashmere wood.

Jo Malone Plum Blossom

Crafted by Fabrice Pellegrin, this sunny scent features yellow plum and white musk with a heart of plum blossom.

The Jo Malone Blue Skies & Blossems fragances are available as Eau de Colognes, the fragrances are priced at £86 for a 100 ml bottle.

More about these fragrances soon here on Yakymour…

Object of desire for Ramadan: Jo Malone’s Tuberose Angelica

Jo Malone's Tuberose Angelica1

Jo Malone unveils the perfect gift for Ramadan, a limited edition scent that features Tuberose Angelica, pear and Freesia…

Presented in a beautifully designed bottle inspired by the delicate fretwork of Jali screens, Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense is the ideal gift to give a loved one over Eid.

From its unique designed packaging to desirable smell, master perfumer, Marie Salamagne, combined the warm notes of Amberwood at the base, the sensual and floral scent of Tuberose at the heart, and the green spice of Angelica to finish it off this special Jo Malone scent.


Jo Malone's Tuberose Angelica.jpg


Jo Malone Silk Blossom


Jo Malone launches a new perfume for women, Silk Blossom. Jo Malone Silk Blossom brings a fresh and clean air of spring that is simply tantalizing and irresistible. It is fragrance to please women during the whole day, due to its amazing, revitalizing and sweetly/fresh aroma. From the elegant bottle to the fragrance itself, it hides a sumptuous and a sexy feeling of a woody/oriental perfume.

Created by master perfumer, Marie Salamagne, who’s created fragrances including Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir Sin Garden, Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium and Tokyo by Kenzo, Silk Blossom’s fragrance has a soft, girlie heart. Jo Malone Silk Blossom is composed of most amazing and long-lasting notes that perfectly balances the harmony of this precious perfume. It opens with white pepper, bergamot and sweet apricots along with heart notes of delicate jasmine and rose petals. The base melts on the skin with moss, vanilla and heliotrope that ideally emanates an elegant and soft aroma.




Silk Blossom by Jo Malone comes in a transparent bottle adorned with a transparent stopper, yet decorated with white/pink tassels.

Jo Malone Silk Blossom will be available as 30 and 100ml limited edition flacons.






Giorgio Armani Privé La Femme Nacre

Giorgio Armani Privé La Femme Nacre2

Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani expands its luxurious Privé Collection with a new fabulous perfume for women Privé La Femme Nacre. Its dark and passive design inspires a strong smell ideal for a confident and powerful woman. Armani Privé La Femme Nacre is definitely a fragrance that will suit an elegant woman during a special occasion or evening wear.

The fragrance was developed by Marie Salamagne, at Firmenich. It is composed of very precious Iris Absolute and a precisely calibrated accord of different musks. The Firabs iris, chosen for Nacre, is a very rare quality. It combines the rich, creamy facet of iris, with a powdery, almost talc-like note.


Mother-of-Pearl is a semi-precious material produced by some molluscs as an inner shell layer. A sign of luxury and elegance, it was used in marquetry in the 19th century to adorn daily objects of the Haute Bourgeoisie. The Mother-of-Pearl used on the Privé Nacre bottle comes from New Zealand oysters. Very thin films (around 3/10 of a millimeter) are extracted from the shells and glued on a plate that is then lacquered. Each Mother-of-Pearl film is different which makes every plate unique.

Each of the 1,000 pieces of La Femme Nacre is then numbered, on the bottle and the box, in order to give a last touch of exclusivity to this already very singular fragrance, Giorgio Armani Privé La Femme Nacre is available as 100 ml Parfum for £500.



Giorgio Armani Privé La Femme Nacre







Elite Models Launches Paris, London, New York and Rio Fragrances


One of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world, Elite Models, launches four glamour and flirty fragrances Paris, London, New York and Rio. These modern fragrances speak for themselves, as they smell the busy and wild lifestyle of the biggest cities in the world. With Paris Baby, London, New York Muse and Rio Glam Girl any model or wearer will experience the flavor of life. Each of these fragrances will evoke the lifestyle and mood of the different city.

Elite Models Paris, London, New York and Rio will take a wearer to a journey through four exciting and breathtaking metropolitan cities. These perfumes will spicy up your life with fun and new distractions.

Elite Models Paris, London, New York and Rio Fragrances.jpg


Elite Models Paris Baby

Paris Baby is described as a modern floral bouquet fragrance composed of white flowers, bright and brilliant, combined with creamy musk, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood notes. This romantic, feminine and delicate fragrance is composed by perfumer Vincent Schaller. Paris Baby ideally evokes the renowned Parisian chic, glam and style.

Elite Models London Queen

London Queen is a lively, yet sensual fragrance created around a bouquet of floral and fruity notes. It blends mandarin, bergamot and raspberry along with hearty notes of plum, jasmine and tiare, while the drydown is composed of vanilla, benzoin and musk. London Queen is created by perfumer Marie Salamagne.

Elite Models New York Muse

New York Muse is a strong and intense fragrance touched with an urban feel. It combines fruity top notes of lotus flower, gardenia leaves and orange with floral accords of peony, violet and orchid. The oriental/woody base is made of vanilla, patchouli and musk. New York Muse is developed by perfumer Emilie Copperman.

Elite Models Rio Glam Girl

Rio Glam Girl will make any woman feel the vibrant and celebratory spirit of the Rio. This floral fragrance opens with acai berry and starfruit along with peony, jasmine and violet flower. The base melts with sandalwood and palisander wood notes. Rio Glam Girl is created by perfumer Christophe Raynaud.

Elite Models Paris, London, New York and Rio are available from January in rounded glass bottles with square black caps. The juice is colored differently for each fragrance, in shades from pink to gold.

Elite Models Paris, London, New York and Rio are available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette.




Le Paradis de Nina by Nina Ricci

Le Paradis de Nina by Nina Ricci ad.jpg

Le Paradis de Nina showed up as the new version of 2006’s Nina for Women. The lastest limited edition flanker to the brand’s popular Nina fragrance is a gourmand interpretation, and was inspired by the Madeleine. The new pale pink apple by Maison Nina Ricci comes in a limited edition line and is classified as a romantic, light fresh and delightful fragrance for spring/summer time.

Even though it resembles much its ‘older sister’, Nina Ricci Le Paradis de Nina is unique in blending only citrusy notes. Its sparkling aura and tempting smell makes any woman irresistible and unforgettable.  Created by famous perfumers Olivier Cresp and Marie Salamagne, Le Paradis de Nina opens with notes of orange, mandarin, almond, orange blossom and calms on the skin with base notes of heliotrope, apple, gardenia, vanilla, sandalwood, blond Woods and patchouli.


Le Paradis de Nina – as the name suggests – is a priceless accessory that makes you feel the real paradise. It makes a simple girl look like a princess in a seductive yet delicious way.

Nina Ricci Le Paradis de Nina is available in 50 ml Eau de Toilette.