Levante Trofeo Fuoriserie Edition for Chef Alajmo

‘Made in Italy’ is a value that unites Maserati and Chef Massimiliano Alajmo. From deep-rooted traditions, to re-writing the rules as they race towards the future, these two icons of Italian culture embody the courage it takes to be a maverick, and give shape and movement to this spirit with the Levante Trofeo Fuoriserie Edition for Alajmo.

Massimiliano Alajmo, the youngest chef in the world to receive three Michelin stars, joins forces with the House of the Trident, in creating an exclusive vehicle under the aegis of the Maserati Fuoriserie customisation programme.  As we move forward in the third millennium the purest expression of luxury is the possibility to simply be yourself: a car becomes an extension of our unique identity. Trendsetters give shape to their self-expression combining elements from nature with the know-how learned over time. This methodology, shared by Maserati and Alajmo, is now available to those audacious enough to express their personality by entering into the world of Maserati Fuoriserie.

A menu of Fuoriserie ingredients

This customization programme, presented last September by Maserati, offers two different customisation routes. To use a culinary metaphor: Maserati Fuoriserie offers clients the choice of an empty plate on which they can create a singular, unrepeatable, one-off car; or, if they prefer, a menu of ingredients to choose from – including materials, colours and details – to be mixed and matched to suit their taste. The final recipe gives shape to the client’s personal creativity, offering them the choice from 23 exterior colours, ten liveries, five dreamlines, five colours for brake calipers, three types of wheel finishes, five colours of Fuoriserie stitching, and three colours of leather, with the choice of monochrome or bi-colour seats.

Levante Trofeo Fuoriserie for Alajmo: Black vs Gold

The Levante Trofeo Fuoriserie for Alajmo sports the colours of the chef’s logo: black for exteriors and gold for interiors. For Alajmo gold is the maximum expression of brightness, in fact in the kitchen, gold has always been associated with saffron, which with its colour, texture and taste, recalls the warmth and vital energy of the sun, bringing the diner one-step closer to it. Fully designed and engineered in Italy, like all Maseratis, this custom Maserati Fuoriserie edition is characterized by soft gold coloured interiors in Pale Terracotta, with contrasting grey stitching and matching embroidered Trofeo writings on the Trident sealed headrests. The exteriors, on the other hand, are in Nero Luce, a glossy black finish, accentuated with dreamlines in Mistic Gold, and 22-inch Orione wheel rims with black brake calipers. 

According to Chef Alajmo, when adherence to the rules lead us away from our original goals and ideas, we must break these rules so to reaffirm the true essence of what we are doing, be it cooking, or automotive engineering.
For Massimiliano Alajmo, doing away with the tablecloth, eating with our hands and ‘playing elegantly’ with food helps us regain a long-lost appreciation for the poetic beauty of sharing a meal with others. In the same way, Maserati Fuoriserie allows its clients to regain a long-lost passion: infinite beauty of driving, exploring our most authentic self and discovering new roads.

Golden Dinner

Levante Trofeo Fuoriserie Edition for Alajmo was unveiled at the Alajmo family’s three Michelin star-restaurant, Le Calandre in Padua, on 20th October, where guests enjoyed a unique ‘Golden Dinner’, a ‘Fuoriserie’ culinary experience created to celebrate the colours and flavours of this unique collaboration.

Come in the beautiful world of Maserati.

Maserati Levante gears up for Geneva debut

Finally, it’s here. This month, Maserati will take the curtain off its first SUV, the Levante. After months of delay, Maserati’s first SUV, the Levante, is finally presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Maserati draws attention with a teaser.

It all started in 2003, when Maserati unveiled the Kubang GT Wagon at the Detroit Motor Show. Designed by Italdesign, the GT Wagon was based on the Audi A8 platform, but it never came to a concrete collaboration between Maserati and Audi and the production plans for the Kubang GT Wagon fell through the water. With the huge success of the Porsche Cayenne, the plan for an SUV is shaking. It wasn’t until 2011 that another Kubang came in the form of a concept car. Maserati presented the Kubang concept car in Frankfurt that year, a true SUV that built on the concepts introduced in the GT Wagon.

Now three years later, Maserati will unveil the Levante next week. The public debut will follow at the Geneva Motor Show in March, but to make the wait a little more pleasant, Maserati is now already coming with a teaser. Not that there’s much to see in the photo, other than the LED daytime running lights and a 2014 Alfieri-style grille with bars set far apart.

The Levante should mainly compete with the Porsche Cayenne. Not only the format matches, but also the range of engines. Like Porsche, Maserati will supply the SUV with diesel and petrol engines. The 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine that we know from the Ghibli and Quattroporte forms the basis, the top model gets a blown V8 with 580 hp. Exactly 10 hp more than the Cayenne Turbo S. The starting price is estimated at about 90,000 euros. Guess which car starts around that course…

In two weeks we will know what the production version looks like. Enter the beautiful world of Maserati.