Gucci Pour Homme II

Gucci Pour Homme II Bottles

One of the most appreciated and loved fragrance by men, in the vast perfumery world of today, is Pour Homme II by Gucci.  Its freshness and coolness, its classic air yet modern enough to hang a woman, makes this fragrance a secret weapon in the hands of any men. Created in 2007 by perfumer Karine Dubreuil and the Proctor & Gamble team, it is a refreshing scent with the ‘modern Italian playboy’ in mind.

Gucci Pour Homme II has a spicy/fresh composition which resembles a sea smell full of optimism and revitalization. Markus Strobel, general manager of prestige products and fine fragrances for P&G, said “the formula is aimed at hitting ‘the sweet spot’ between providing a ‘fresh, easy to wear’ ambience, ‘a masculine sensuality’ and a ‘distinct, memorable’ sensation. I think we’ve never spent as much time on a male fragrance as we did on this one, and it really is amazing”.

Gucci Pour Homme II is a fragrance that perfectly will suit men of different ages thanks to its unusual yet pleasant notes. It can be either a great gift perfume or a simple purchase that will bring satisfaction and pleasure. Gucci Pour Homme II is an alluring fragrance heightened by a sensual, spicy soul, Gucci Pour Homme II is the essence of young, masculine sensuality, it will suit any urban yet stylish man with it fresh, spicy, woody composition.


Gucci Pour Homme II blends fresh notes of bergamot and cinnamon along with violet leafs, pimento, black tea, myrrt, tobacco leaves, olive wood and musk. Despite its long duration of creation, Gucci Pour Homme II is indeed a breathtaking fragrance for men. The perfume comes in a light blue crystal bottle full of modern structural design and with a dazzling matte gold cap.

Gucci Pour Homme II perfume is fronted by Danish model Mathias Lauridsen.