New York City Based Merinaturals Launches With Invigorating Natural Products That Promote Happier, Healthier Mind

Merinaturals, a new vegan, non-toxic body care company, announces its launch with the release of naturally derived products that are formulated to inspire a state of mindfulness. Introducing two luxury body washes rich in essential oils, Merinaturals leverages research on energy balancing scents that promote the psychological benefits of mindful self-awareness. The result is mindfulness in a bottle, a holistic experience meant to recreate the restorative benefits of a day at the spa in your own home.

Rachel and Jack Lowinger, the dynamic couple behind the new wellness brand, were eager to bring a product to market that combines research on natural healing with modern science on mental health.

As a therapist, I try to model healthy self care, avoid negative thinking traps, and generally try to be mindful of myself and my environment. When I started Merinaturals, I knew I wanted to combine my knowledge of the brain with my affinity toward natural products to deliver a shower experience that could provide joy and everyday well-being. Our body washes are one step in a mindfully conscious lifestyle, alongs.

Dr. Rachel Lowinger, Co-founder Merinaturals

Although essential oils have seen a tremendous growth in popularity over the last decade, few skin care companies are including them as key ingredients in their products. The oils used in Merinaturals body wash fragrances are chosen specifically to awaken the mind and naturally balance the energy of the body.

Merinaturals Moon Jelly

Moon Jelly body wash is produced with natural rose oil, which has been found to relieve anxiety and stress and produce an overall more relaxed mindset.

Merinaturals Reef Body

Reef body wash contains oil of bergamot, which has been linked to positive affect even in small doses and improved motivation, drive, and energy.

This pair of fragrances can be used separately or in combination, with the bergamot and white tea inspired Reef as an energizing morning shower and the Rose and Peppercorn based Moon Jelly to wind down from the mental exhaustion of a long day.

In addition to their dedication to producing a natural, animal-safe and vegan product, the founders are setting longer term goals to help preserve the environment. The sea is an essential element of the brand, and Merinaturals plans to donate a portion of sales in an effort to conserve our oceans and the creatures that depend on them.

Come into the world of Merinaturals.