Can the color purple whiten your teeth?

miBrite, the brand that sparks confidence and smiles, is proud and excited to announce miBrite ClearPaste. Being the latest paradigm-shifting oral care technology developed by R&D powerhouse Smash Labs, LLC., miBrite ClearPaste instantly whitens teeth without the use of peroxide or bleach. Instead, miBrite ClearPaste uses the advanced color theory used by Hollywood makeup artists for decades.

The mechanism miBrite ClearPaste utilizes to whiten teeth involves specific deep purple pigments. The particular shade of purple used in ClearPaste makes teeth whiter because it is the opposite of the yellow color typically found on stained teeth. When you brush your teeth with miBrite ClearPaste, the advanced bioadhesive hydrogel disperses and coats your teeth – making them appear to be whiter (or less yellow).

What’s most exciting about miBrite ClearPaste is that this technology enables an entirely new demographic to whiten their teeth safely – those who have restorations such as crowns, veneers, or implants. Until now, the only whitening option for people with artificial teeth was to remove and replace their restoration. Replacing existing dental work is a very invasive and expensive solution for people who want to quickly and safely whiten their teeth.

Having worked on teeth whitening products since the late 1990’s, Dr. Martin Giniger, Ph.D., DMD, Chief Scientist at Smash Labs, made it his mission to develop a teeth whitening product that was safe and effective on crowns and veneers.

It is commonly known that teeth whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are not recommended for composites, crowns, or veneers. Peroxides only work to whiten organic stains on natural teeth and do not change the colors of restorations, and our R&D team thought if we can’t change the color of the restoration, then why don’t we remove the yellow color wavelength of light that is reflected off the teeth? This is exactly what miBrite ClearPaste does.

Dr. Martin Giniger

miBrite ClearPaste will become the go-to teeth whitening product that the world has been searching for as it checks all the boxes of a tooth whitening product that is so desperately needed. Sold in beautiful, airless pump packaging that dispenses the correct amount, miBrite ClearPaste can safely be used in the morning to assure day long white teeth with no tooth sensitivity. It can be used alone or as a booster when combined with regular toothpaste.

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