Garnier Micellar Water in Travel Sizes



So Micellar Water – it’s actually such a controversial product among skincare specialists. Some people really hate it because they don’t think that it really gives your skin a good clean, and others can’t live without it because it’s so easy to use. Micellar Water looks and feels like regular water, but performs as a makeup remover. Put some on a cotton pad, and rub it over your face and it’ll easily take makeup off, leaving a bit of moisturizer behind, which is why it’s thought of as a skincare product too.

Garnier has one of the best Micellar Waters out there – I find that it really does take off makeup easily, even eye makeup, without stinging your eyes. That’s better than the leading French Pharmacy brand I’ve tried. It comes in two variations – All-in-One and Waterproof – both are excellent.

Garnier Micellar Water is available as 400ml flacons. Now Garnier also brings us handy travelsizes of 100 ml, wich are perfect for holidays, weekend break, or to put in your gym bag to help you take off your mascara, ohh…. and you can buy a new one when finnished, or refil it from the large size! They vailable right now.



Pureté Ritual Cellularose By Terry

Pureté Ritual Cellularose By Terry Skincare Nettoyant®-BD1-800x533.jpg

Pureté Ritual Cellularose By Terry Cellularose

The Pureté Ritual Cellularose from French beauty brand By Terry is a powerful cocktail of deliciously scented cleansing products, which have a magical way of hydrating the skin, while at the same time giving a huge boost of radiance.

The hero product in the fresh and delicately packaged skincare range is the miraculous Micellar Water Cleanser, which very gently removes make-up and eliminates toxins. Immediately upon opening the lid, the most magnificent fragrance is produced, which is reminiscent of the scent of the freshly harvested flower. Also sitting pretty in pink are the other products in the collection – Cleansing Oil, Comforting Balm Cleanser, Clarifying Comfort Toner and the Dual Exfoliation Scrub, a multi-purpose exfoliating gel that refines and softens, in a very soft and gentle way.