So natural: Chloé Eau de Parfum Naturelle

French Maison Chloé launched a new fragrance. Chloé Eau de Parfum Naturelle, a new version from the Chloé Signature line, brings the fresh scent of organic roses. The perfume is marketed as vegan and formulated with a fragrance of 100% natural origin. It also contains ingredients of ethical origin and naturally derived alcohol.

Discover Chloé Eau de Parfum Naturelle: a 100% natural origin fragrance that expresses the spontaneity and strength of the Chloé woman.

The French fasion house describes the woman who wears this perfume as effortlessly elegant, authentic and aware; the one who lives in harmony with nature and draws inspiration from it.

The emblem of Chloé Signature has always been a fresh, faceted, unique rose. This essential rose joins neroli to form a velvety bouquet, at the heart of the new fragrance Chloé Eau de Parfum Naturelle created by Michel Almairac. In addition to the rose, several other ingredients were carefully selected: the essences of citron and neroli are produced on sustainable plantations in Morocco and Italy.

Top: citron essence, black currant
Heart: organic rose essence, neroli essence
Base: cedar wood, mimosa absolute

Organic rose is the main ingredient of this Eau de Parfum, complemented by Moroccan neroli. The fresh citrus essence of the citron blends with the green, sparkling accents of black currant, while the base notes add a strong, woody facet.

Parts of the iconic flacon and the packaging are also made from recycled materials. Chloé Eau de Parfum Naturelle is available as 30, 50, and a 100 ml Eau de Parfum at Chloé boutiques and selected stores. Come into the beautiful world of Chloé.

Chloé Signature Rose Tangerine

French Maison Chloé is launching the Eau de Toilette edition of their iconic Chloé Signature perfume called Chloé Rose Tangerine. Chloé Rose Tangerine is due out in summer 2020 and promises a bolder and more energetic character in the reinterpretation of the modern classic from the Maison.

Chloé Rose Tangerine has been created by perfumers Michel Almairac and Sidonie Lancesseur who retained the distinctive spirit of the original – a fresh and vivid note of rose – as an essential element of the fashion house. The new rose is refreshed with unexpected fruity nuances of sunny, lively tangerine for radiance, while bright notes of vivid black currant and green undertones give an extra dose of sparkle to this elegant fragrance, while a streamlined base of cedar and white amber lends ultra-contemporary elegance

Enclosed in a modern, delicately pleated flacon adorned with a new orange-pink grosgrain ribbon on the neck of the flacon to match the scent, this signature perfume is sure to beguile.

Photographed by Karim Sadli, the French Maison’s muse and face of the perfume is British actress Lucy Boynton – star of the upcoming feature ‘Faithfull’ – who embodies the spontaneous, open character of Chloé woman with her natural charm.

Chloé Signature Rose Tangerine is available as 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette, at Chloé Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Chloé.

This is Her! This is Him! No Rules


Zadig&Voltaire-This-is-Her-This-is Him-No-Rules-Visual-01

Fashion house Zadig & Voltaire introduces This is her! This is him! No Rules an energetic duo that is even more rock and even more desirable, a true chic revolution as well as a declaration of independence from the perfumers who composed the original scents. These two new fragrances shape a new story, two uprecedented trails for a fashion forward eternal couple.

Reinvent chic basics, break away from the rules – even the imperatives of modernity: that was the challenge 5th year design students at Penninghen art school in Paris were set by Cecilia Bönström, the label’s creative director. This performance celebrates 20 years of visionary fashion and love of art.

20200216_015746.gifForever young, eternally rock. The six-month creative workshop involved ongoing exchanges between the school and the studio. Military jackets, cashmere, biker leathers, Tunisian necklines… a manifesto of contemporary design, this collaboration took the label’s emblematic trademarks, adding some original twists and slogan tags. The team’s unique, irreverent spirit is evident across the board, from fashion to fragrances.

The artiest fragrance duo in French fashion This is Her! & This is Him! throw two new grenades in the name of freedom-fighting. The flacons are contemporary, monoliths of fractured glass, two frontline fashion bombs hacked out of rock. Their pink and khaki camouflage prints exert a mutual attraction, yearning to intertwine. Light shines through the transparency of the glass, filtered through a whimsical graphic, ready to surge from the industrial chic brushed-metal cap.

Zadig&Voltaire-This-is-Her-This-is Him-No-Rules-Visual-02

Zadig & Voltaire This is Her! No Rules

This is Her! It is a woody solar fragrance by perfumers Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac. The Zadig woman steps as lightly as jasmine wafting on the breeze while bringing a new solar breath to the rebellious sensuality of This is Her! With an unmistakeable vanilla/chestnut cream accord: sparkling bergamot and bright Sambac jasmine uplifted by the smooth milky notes of sandalwood and warm sand accord.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Him! No Rules

This is Him! It is a citrussy woody scent by perfumer Nathalie Lorson. The Zadig man virile yet sensitive carries off the spicy note of This is Him!Brilliantly augmented by the refreshing force of grapefruit. It’s buttonhole flower for the modern man, a geranium freshened by the breeze and a few sprigs of lavender. The fragrance trail bears an incense signature loaded with the tang of cedarwood and smoky vetiver.

Zadig&Voltaire-This-is-Her-This-is Him-No-Rules-Visual-03

Zadig & Voltare This is Her! No Rules and This is Him! No Rules are available in 100ml flacons at Zadig & Voltaire boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Zadig & Voltaire.









Boucheron Quatre En Rouge


In 1858, Frederic Boucheron set out to create one of the most respected (and oldest) jewellery houses known today. Several of Boucheron codes have been embodied in every collection that has been put forward, and perhaps its most iconic range, the Quatre, represents an iconic code of the French Maison: architecture.

As one of the world’s top jewellers to land at the legendary Place Vendôme well over a century ago, Boucheron’s Quatre collection has become the brand’s most iconic line since its launch in 2004, highlighting different patterns found at the luxury Parisian square that celebrate the Maison’s rich heritage in a unique and timeless form.


A celebration of the maison’s savoir-faire and the skill of sculpting precious materials, the Quatre collection remains different yet, features a unique and classic form. Consisting of four rings – referencing Boucheron’s codes (think Grosgrain, line of Diamonds, Double Godron and Clou de Paris) – the jewels are distinctive, daring and deliver excellence with striking combinations of golds and textures.

The Quatre fragrance collection was started with the women’s fragrance Boucheron Quatre in 2015, inspired by and named after the collection of rings of the French Mainson. The desire to make the design and name of the ring collection closely connected to the fragrance line has resulted in several perfume creations for both women and men.


As the new and already very popular ‘pillar of the Boucheron perfume line, Quatre received several flankers, both female and male editions. In 2019, a new glamorous edition in ruby red bottles and boxes was presented, perfectly matching the ring designed for the Quatre collection, which was decorated with red ceramics set between diamonds and pink gold. The collection includes a ring and a pendant for the quatre-style necklace.

The red and glamorous perfume Boucheron Quatre en Rouge will seduce with its floral-fruity composition, touched with gourmand notes. It is signed by perfumers Michel Almairac and Mylene Alran. The ‘red aromas’ of this creation are embedded and intensified by the passionate perfume notes of the modern composition: red apple in the opening that alludes to love, roses in the heart as the ultimate femininity and raspberry in the base of the composition, enhancing its passionate effect.

In addition to sweet red apples, the opening includes refreshing, sunny notes of tangerine and bergamot, mixed with the juicy, fruity aroma of pears. Roses in the heart are combined with iris butter and black currants, followed by sweet-sour raspberries and a gourmand marshmallow accord. The sophistication of fruits and flowers is highlighted with patchouli and musk, which gives a base of elegance and depth.


Boucheron-Quatre-en-Rouge-Box-Flacon.jpgThe flacon of the new fragrance Quatre en Rouge repeats the shape of its predecessors, this time in a challenging red color, with the iconic Quatre ring on the cap adorned with crystals. The fragrance will be available as a 100ml Eau de Parfum.

Come into the beautiful world of Boucheron.





Chloé Absolu de Parfum

Chloé Absolu de Parfum Visual

French fashion house Chloé is always delighting its wearers with breathtaking, elegant and romantic perfumes. This fall it presents its latest perfume Chloé Absolu de Parfum. The new perfume is characterized by an instant and captivating charm, which personifies the spontaneous joie de vivre of today’s young women through delicate and exclusive roses.

Chloé Absolu de Parfum, composed by famous perfumer Michel Almairac, is the new flanker to the original Eau de Toilette that possesses a more refined, strong and sophisticated composition.

Top notes: Damask rose
Heart: Centifolia rose, Patchouli
Base: Vanilla

Chloé Absolu de Parfum is a rosy/woody perfume supposed to awaken all the senses. It opens with aromatic Damask rose notes mixed with Centifolia rose from Grasse calmed with patchouli notes that reminds a soft and feminine touch accompanied by sweet vanilla accords. Chloé Absolu de Parfum is designed for true roses-lovers.

The new perfume is advertised by gorgeous actress Haley Bennett. Chloé Absolu de Parfum is available as 50 and 75ml Absolu de Parfum.


chloé, parfum, bpl, 50 ml, édition limitée, packshot, fond blanc




Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours

Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours_Ad_Tagline_SP.jpg

Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours will show up early September as an elegant, refined and acclaimed perfume for women. Bottega Veneta crafts exquisite and luxurious perfumes touched by pure elegance and stylishness. This autumn, Eau de Velours perfume announces to be a soft elegantly leathery/floral fragrance created by perfumers Michel Almairac and Mylene Alran.

Top notes: Bergamot, Pink pepper
Heart notes: Rose, Jasmine, Plume, spices
Base notes: Patchouli, Leather

Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours opens to impress with a nice mixture of fresh bergamot along with pink pepper and spices, calmed with floral accords of jasmine and roses. The base is made of patchouli and leather accords. Eau de Velours by Bottega Veneta is advertised by gorgeous model Nine d’Urso, who is photographed by Bruce Weber.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours would be available as 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum.






Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock!

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! for Women Men ad

Zadig & Voltaire is a French fashion brand of effortless, cool urban, rock and boho chic style. Now Zadig & Voltaire has launched Just Rock!, a new fragrance duo following fragrances from 2016 This is Her and This is Him.

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! bottles

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! Pour Elle

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! Pour Elle is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Just Rock! Pour Elle is an electric and hypnotic scent for a woman of rebellious elegance. The fragrance features jasmine, tuberose, patchouli, vanilla and woody notes. Just Rock! Pour Elle was created by Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac.

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! Pour Lui

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! Pour Lui is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. Just Rock! Pour Lui is strong and charismatic fragrance of a mysterious, singularly charming man with an assured nonchalance. The fragrance features amber, patchouli, vanilla, spices and woody notes. Just Rock! Pour Lui was created by Nathalie Lorson and Aurelien Guichard.

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! bottles2

The Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! flacons are a contrasting pair, one in black and the other in a white bottle, which are designed as if they were made of cracked stone. When the bottles connect to the side, they fit together and make up one whole. The precious materials, with sandalwood as a signature, and the cool design try to offer something new in accordance with the edgy image of the brand.



The Scent of Italy: Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano


Bottega Veneta unveils Parco Palladiano fragrance collection

Although we may not all be able to experience the vast cultural heritage and lush landscapes of Italy, except probably as a vacation now and then, Italian fashion label Bottega Veneta says it has bottled the experience into the Parco Palladiano fragrance collection. Bottega Veneta aims to convey the pure sense and spirit of the Veneto region in Italy, and especially the scents from the garden of its famed Palladian villas, with its new unisex fragrance collection.

The result of over two years work, the Parco Palladiano collection is numbered by simple Roman numerals – I, II, III, IV, V, VI – to reflect the classical heritage of the Palladian villas. Just like everything created by Bottega Veneta, the Parco Palladiano collection expresses the maison’s four cornerstones: fine quality materials, artisanal craftsmanship, contemporary functionality, timeless yet innovative design.


“Palladio is a source of endless inspiration for me in many ways”, says Tomas Maier, who conceived and oversaw the collection. “My father was an architect who studied the work of Palladio, so his teachings have always been part of my life even before I started as creative director at Bottega Veneta. Palladio was an artisan as well as an architect who sought balance and harmony in everything. The Palladian gardens that inspire this ‘Parco Palladiano’ collection represent a perfection on earth and an agricultural utopia”.

Priced at $296 for a 100ml bottle, the whole collection will come in the form of six scents, each with different ingredient or aroma for the region. These include magnolia, cypress leaves, sun-ripened pear, azalea flowers, aromatic herbs (laurel, rosemary, sage), and, the queen of flowers, rose. These scents were developed from two years of testing and concocting various experiences and moments from the gardens. Maier called on three perfumers for this: Michel Almairac and Daniela Andrier, who have already worked with Bottega Veneta, and Alexis Dadier, who works with the brand for the first time.


Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano

Michel Almairac has been a part of the Bottega Veneta fragrance story from the beginning, creating the debut signature women’s fragrance Bottega Veneta. He has continued his relationship with Bottega Veneta, also developing Eau Legère and Essence Aromatique.

Daniela Andrier has provided the women’s fragrance Knot as well as collaborated on the first men’s fragrances Bottega Veneta Pour Homme and Pour Homme Extrême.

Alexis Dadier is creating his first fragrances for Bottega Veneta with the Parco Palladiano project. “Tomas Maier is very inspiring to work with,” says Alexis, “because he has a very clear story in his mind about the world he wants to create with the fragrance.”

I am fascinated by their work. With the Parco Palladiano collection, they have created fragrances that extend and tell a new story about the Bottega Veneta world.

Thomas Maier



This fragrance evokes the early moment at the beginning of the day, when the sun begins to shine on a garden that is still dew-covered, immaculate. “For this scent, I immersed myself in that marvellous orderly world of the Venetian villas, creating a fragrance just as I experience the gardens,” says perfumer Michel Almairac.

The most noble and refined tree of the gardens is the magnolia, and this fragrance captures not just the flower but the full sensory experience of sitting under the magnolia tree: the woodiness of the bark, the cool shade of the leathery leaves, the strong sweetness of the petals.



“The cypress tree is emblematic of the Venetian landscape, its slender shape a link between Palladian architecture and nature. This scent has all the vitality of spring, very green and fresh,” says Alexis Dadier.

The vertical scent of cypress leaves unfolds with a dual personality: a deep and dark green hand-in-hand with a stimulating bright freshness, further contrasted with the sharpness of pink pepper.



This scent recreates a moment in fall, passing by a pear tree in a garden’s orchard, the pears nearly overripe and ready for harvest, falling from the branches into the green grass.

The warmth of the sun-ripened pear is heightened by an infusion of fresh mint leaves. “It is an imaginary promenade where the seasons overlap like a labyrinth,” says Daniela Andrier, “and memories of gardens in bloom mingle with those of our childhood.”



“In the afternoon, the clouds of azaleas that cover the ground outside a Palladian villa are magical. I wanted to capture the sense of a garden in summer as the scent rises in the sunlight,” says Alexis Dadier.

The colourful azalea flower, rarely used in perfumery, spreads its smooth and solar perfume while an undertone of velvet chestnut brings texture to the fragrance revealing a luxurious landscape.



This fragrance, created by Daniela Andrier, conjures up a walk towards the aromatic herb gardens near a villa. As the sunlight hits the gardens, the tree path provides brief shadow and adds to the scent of this perfect mid-afternoon moment.

Woody, slightly spicy, the aromatic breeze combines the crispness of laurel with sturdy rosemary and soft sage leaves. “My intention was to bring the elegance of these gardens to life, and also their imperfections, to render them even more romantic”, says Andrier



The sixth fragrance, created by Michel Almairac in collaboration with Mylène Alran, centers on a sensual rose that has been in the sun all day long, tasty, spicy, almost ripe.

“The rose is the most elegant of flowers,” says Mylène Alran. “It is the most elegant, the most intense.” The opulent rose bridges the gap between building and nature as it is picked and brought inside the villa for evening, its intensity combining with the warm woodiness of the furnishings.



Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano

Each bottle of Parco Palladiano reflects the traditions of Bottega Veneta and the Veneto region, with the house’s iconic intrecciato at the heart of the design.

Intrecciato is the instantly recognisable signature of Bottega Veneta, the distinctive leather weave design developed and handcrafted by the house’s artisans. It was by focusing on the intrecciato that Tomas Maier started the revival of the Bottega Veneta, celebrating the extraordinary expertise that remains at its core today.

Bottega Veneta’s motto ‘When your own initials are enough’ expresses a philosophy of individuality and confidence, while reflecting the discreet and sophisticated aesthetic of the intrecciato signature design. Intrecciato shows Italian craftsmanship at its highest level and reveals Bottega Veneta’s understated luxury rooted in the quality of materials and artisanal tradition from the Veneto region.

For the Parco Palladiano collection, intrecciato appears all over the flacon, cap and the packaging. The flacon itself is inspired by classic Venetian glasswork, an aesthetic that defines the Bottega Veneta fragrance house.




The fragrances of Bottega Veneta tell the stories of quintessential Italian experiences. From the first scent, creative director Tomas Maier wanted to bring meaning to fragrance, evoking through scent specific Italian moments, capturing the timeless beauty and heritage of the land.

With each new creation a story begins, conjuring to life a distinct aspect of Italy, from the landscape and environment to the life lived in it. The approach is unique in fragrance, typical of the Bottega Veneta commitment to forging its own path.

We have a natural evolution in everything we do at Bottega Veneta, and with fragrances it comes through the stories that we tell through scent. We started out with women’s fragrance, then we moved to men’s. Now we have Parco Palladiano, and with them all we create a world, one that will always work together.

Thomas Maier

With the release of these scents, Bottega Veneta has done well to honor the region that they’ve been a part of since the brand was founded in 1966. The six bottles in the collection will be sold exclusively in Bottega Veneta boutiques.

Chopard Casmir

Yesterday I saw old friend Annelore and we talked about fragrances and our favorits. Hers was Chopards Casmir. In the 90’s a true bestseller, and even now it has many ver loyal fans.

Mysteriously and exotic. Chopard’s Casmir Eau de Parfum is an oriental vanilla fragrance for women. Chopard Casmir is a perfume that is named after Chopard’s famous Casmir jewel range and inspired on the lotus flower. The lotus flower is seen in India as a symbol of strength, virtue and abundance.

 India Agra Taj MahalAgra, Taj Mahal (Click photo to enlarge)

Chopard Casmir is lush, rich and warm and it kidnaps you into the far, mysterious world of the Orients. The nose behind this fragrance is Michel Almairac, and it was launched in 1992.

One of my most loved perfumes of all time and one that I never get tired of. Fits my personality like no other. Love it love it love it.

Casmir is a very warm, fluffy vanilla fragrance. The refine sensual base note with the esssences vanilla, musk and amber. lends its long continuing, harmonious smell to the parfum. Casmir Eau de Parfum presented in a beautiful refined bottle in form of an eastern palace with a golden roof catch.

Chopard Casmir Eau de Parfum 100mlChopard Casmir Eau de Parfum (Click photo to enlarge).


Top Notes:
Mango, Coconut, Apricot, Peach, Black Currant , Raspberry,

Heart Notes:
Rosewood, Jasmine, Mandarin, Cinnamon, Carnation

Base Notes:
Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Opopanax, Musk, Benzoin

The not seizable fruity head note introduces the heart note, which consists of a chord of white exotic flowers such as jasmine, rose and ylang ylang. In every level it reminds me of my travels through India where you can smell the most fantasics scents on almost every corner.

Chopard Casmir Eau de Parfum 100mlChopard Casmir Eau de Parfum (Click photo to enlarge).

And I do have to mention the body products about this one because it is one of the few that are true to scent, and believe me, once you have tried the shower gel and the body lotion, you will search the earth for them (sadly, they are so hard to find!). The body cream is simply to die for, it’s so good! It treats even the dryest skin perfectly, whole day! And then that scent…. heavenly!

Notice: I can’t say it enough times (so I’ll do it again): Using this fragrance like this, spray it on your skin from a 25 – 30 cm distance! Give it a little air. Don’t spray it from to close. Otherwise it can take up to 4 hours before it smells like it should smell… In those 4 hours, a lot happens, mostly not positive… Using it in the right way, and it’s perfect!

Using the shower gel, put a little in your handpalms, warm it up, and spread it over your ‘wet’ body… and let the magic happen.

Use the bodylotion or bodycream, instead of your other bodycare. It treats your skin more then perfect. They also have a very good concentrate of perfume, so most people who are using the bodycare, spray a little Eau de Parfum at the end of the day for the evening…

by Jean Amr

Nikos Sculpture pour Homme



Nikos Apostolopoulos, born in Patras, Greece, studied at the Sorbonne, Paris, and got a diploma in political science, and a doctorate in international law. But Nikos followed his dreams, and designed his first collection of intimate wear for men in 1985; the line expanded to include swimwear, intimate wear for women, and men’s and women’s ready-to-wear in 1987. He designed costumes for theatre and opera, including Monsigny’s Cadi Dupe, Paris Spring Festival in 1989, and Richard Strauss’ Salome, Montpellier Festival in 1990. In 1994 the time was right. Nikos Apostolopoulos created Nikos Parfums and introduced his first fragrance Sculpture pour Femme. It became a huge succes!

After Sculpture for women, the Greek fashion designer Nikos launched Sculpture pour Homme, a fragrance for men. The perfume is quite unusual, just like the version for women, and it is really difficult to sort it into one category.


Created by Michel Almairac, the fragrance is very sensual, with a scent of light, moderate sweetness, fresh opening and an aromatic heart. The top notes contain bergamot, lemon, mandarin and orange blossom. The heart encompasses cedar, balmy notes of Tonka bean, ambergris and benzoin.

Nikos Sculpture pour Homme’s bottle is shaped like a sail, in accordance with the designer’s idea. The fragrance is aimed at reminding you of Mediterranean wind and a slow seaside walk and was created in 1995.

Nikos Sculpture pour Homme is a beautiful. unique, timeless fragrance. A true classis.

NIKOS Sculpture Homme