Mini Castagna SUWagon



The luxury of not polluting. Travelling silently, going where other vehicles have to stop. On the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show this month, Italian Carrozzeria Castagna Milano unveiled a functional application of their technology, based on a Mini. From today, all their creations can be equipped with hybrid engines.

Retaining the vehicle’s original mechanical and propulsion systems, a strengthened suspension system and an electronically controlled electric motor are fitted at the rear of the vehicle, allowing the driver to select the propulsion method he/she desires.


The latest generation batteries, managed by a specially developed on-board resource optimisation programme, guarantee a maximum range of up to 200km, at a top speed of approximately 140 km/h. The combustion engine can be used to power the vehicle on the open road, or as a generator to charge the batteries. A special digital instrument panel fitted to the car allows the driver to check the battery charge level, the remaining range and the operating mode in use.


Thanks to a dashboard-mounted control, the driver can select either conventional or electrical mode, battery power or the utilisation of the combustion engine as a generator. There are two control options for managing the on-board electrical resources: ‘City’ or ‘Speed’. The former reduces consumption in order to ensure maximum range (200km) and limiting the maximum speed to 70 km/h. In ‘Speed’ mode, the top speed increases to slightly more than 130 km/h, giving a maximum range of approximately 120 km.


The batteries are guaranteed for a period of 5 years and they can be fully charged in 6 hours through a domestic power outlet.


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Haute Couture: Mini Castagna Woody Wagon


Carrozzeria Castagna was founded in 1849 by Carlo Castagna. It reached the peak of its glory days between 1920 and 1930 producing custom-built bodies assembled on some of the best chassis in the world, like Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Hispano Suiza, Isotta Fraschini, en Mercedes. So exclusive were these bodies, that they won coveted awards at the Concours d’Elegance and the era’s most prestigious shows.


Recently, Castagna has sprung back into action with their latest product first introduced at Geneva, the Mini Wagon. This custom-built automobile is a true Shooting Break: the rear boot was elongated by 25 cm, which lets the car hold up to three large suitcases. Over 200 modifications were made to the original model to form the primary details that emphasis its original styling.


The idea to stretch a mini is not new. BMC produced a variety of body styles for the original Austin Mini including a truck, panel van and a station wagon. Representing the more decorated end of the Mini range was the Woody Wagon, sometimes called a Countryman. Over 200,000 wood-decorated minis were built, despite protest from the vehicles designer Alec Issigonis.


The deserving heir of the historic Mini Traveller and other woody wagons is Castagna’s Mini. The car has an exclusive allure, which mixes a harmony between the intense tones of the woodwork, the aroma of the leather and the natural appeal of wicker. The exterior moulding consists of 20 hand-crafted elements from the wood species that best matches the colour of the vehicle. Wood can be also found around the instrument frames placed on the dashboard and along the tops of the doors.


Inside, natural leather upholstery is combined with finely selected fabrics. Another touch of class is found in the wicker kit, a series of panels that cover the luggage compartment to prevent that leather upholstery from being ruined. With their Mini program, Castagna hope to reintroduce the idea of a One Off: a modern interpretation of the custom-built concept first adopted in the 1920s. These single vehicles will be thoroughly tested and designed by Castagna by specific request. Tailor made in Milan, Castagna are now taking orders for unique conversion projects based on the Mini platform.

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Haute Automobile Mini Wagon


Milan-based body manufacturer Carrozzeria Castagna can look back on a long tradition in the industry. Here, the company presents a lifestyle coachbuild Mini that is intended for leisure use. Whether you are at the seaside or in the mountains, looking for relaxation or adventure, there is only one car for you.

Are you a lover of the Mini? Come and speak to them about it. Something unique and beautiful will definitely come out of your meeting. Try this the new ‘easy’ way to discover Castagna.

25 centimetres of added length, without the loss of even a single millimetre of agility. It seems impossible, but here it is: luxury interiors, plastics either covered in the best leather, or painted or metal finish, always in perfect harmony with the colour variations selected for the other fabrics or materials.


Even the seats are made according to your personal tastes, re-designed and shaped in order to meet different ergonomic requirements. When there is perfection inside, the city and its sounds remain outside. As a matter of fact, the Wagon also offers you high speeds with a golden silence, thanks to its perfect soundproofing and the 6mm thickness of the rear windows.


Incredible. Beautiful on the outside, as well as beautiful inside. Or do you prefer a real Woody Wagon? Tailor made in Milan, Castagna is now taking orders for the unique conversion projects based on the Mini platform.


More of the Mini Castagna Woody Wagon soon here on Yakymour.

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