La Mer’s Blue Heart


Blue Heart! La Mer anti aging cream, created by Dr. Max Huber and becoming legendary for its properties, has always supported the Planet’s eco-sustainability; specifically focusing on the Oceans.

Ahead of World Ocean Day, La Mer’s Blue Heart Campaign goes in full swing to celebrate the majesty of the ocean and raise awareness on the issues that plague these bodies of water. This year, the brand continues its partnership with the National Geographic Society to help support the next generation of ocean explorers.

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World Ocean Day was created in 1992 and is celebrated every June, 8

The partnership once again brings in the expertise of Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle, who shares her inspiration and insight through a short film. She reminds us that the ocean plays an integral role in our lives, as it has the power to both enchant and change us for better or worse.

La Mer’s Blue Heart

In addition, La Mer will work with influencers from across the globe for a series of vignettes that describe their relationship with the ocean in stimulating their passions and creativity. The brand encourages consumers to participate in the movement by sharing their personal stories and connection to the sea through the #LaMerBlueHeart social media campaign.

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Crème de la Mer: cream born from the sea and now a modern legend for its power to transform the skin’s appearance. Improves firmness, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. Thanks to sea kelp and the fermentation process called Miracle Broth ™ skin receives a revolutionary treatment that repairs and rejuvenates.

Finally, La Mer commemorates the campaign and World Oceans Day with a new limited edition sea-inspired design of Crème de la Mer 100mL.

LA MER, The Legendery Miracle Broth Takes on a New Form


La Mer, one of the most coveted high-end skincare brands, has introduced a new anti-aging serum called Genaissance de La Mer. La Mer has pulled the covers on its latest revolutionary product, the ultra-premium Genaissance de La Mer, which promises to deliver on an exceptional skincare experience.

What’s special about this serum? It’s a highly enhanced and concentrated version of The Miracle Broth, their legendary ingredient. La Mer explains their new discovery and how they incorporated it into their new serum:


Extraordinarily pure, the Crystal Miracle Broth was discovered three years ago by a scientist in Max Huber Research Labs in New York, who discovered perfect crystals forming in a beaker of Miracle Broth, the essential ingredient in La Mer’s mainstay skincare products.

To re-create this phenomenon, the advanced broth is slow-crafted in extremely small batches to reach its ultimate potency, to infuse the skin with the life-generating energies of the sea, with the nutrient-rich sea kelp as key ingrediënt.



The Genaissance™ Ferment is created with an extremely rare calcified algae sustainably cultivated using state-of-the-art technology. Combined with wavelengths of natural light and infused with refined 24k-gold, the Genaissance™ Ferment helps transform age into agelessness.

Inside the sensuous champagne gold flacon, a departure from LA MER’s usual product packaging, is the Serum Essence which works to improve the facial complexion with potent effect.



Day by day; renewal is accelerated. The complexion looks even, lustrous, crystal clear. Rejuvenation becomes reality as skin is visibly reborn. Skin awakens with new life.


La Mer Intensive Revitalizing Mask


Crème de la Mer’s new Intensive Revitalizing Mask is ‘The 8 Minute Miracle’ Mask that energizes, plumps and protects the skin.

As with The Crème, The Intensive Revitalizing Mask’s has a soothing application ritual, which uplifts the senses with Grapefruit, Geranium and other sensorial ingredients by breathing it in, then massaging onto clean skin and leaving the mask on for 8 minutes and finally dabbing away excess.

La Mer made this 8 minute video to watch as you countdown to revitalization:

Containing La Mer’s potent, renewing ‘Miracle Broth’ the mask immerses skin in the rejuvenating energies of the sea, instantly revitalizing, awakening and helping promote skin’s natural renewal.

A unique blend of active, moisture-rich ingredients, such as Elastic Kelp, drenches skin with skin-plumping hydration. The synergy in this ferment helps improve barrier strength as skin becomes softer and smoother to the touch, and appears healthier, more supple and resilient.



‘The Purifying Ferment’ is, according to the brand, a powerhouse ferment that helps neutralize free radicals and protect skin from the visible aging effects of fatigue, stress and pollution. Lime Tea Concentrate and Glacial Kelp, known for its extraordinary ability to survive in icy winter waters, help protect skin.

A calming daily application ritual soothes and uplifts the senses with aromas of grapefruit, mint, Helichrysum and other natural ingredients.

La Mer Intensive Revitalizing Mask is available from September.