Genderless Mugler Colognes

The newest Mugler Cologne collection is made of five fragrances which, individually and as a whole, propose endless extraordinary experiences inspired by thrilling sensations; olfactory creations distilled by unusual ingredients. Each cologne is a sensation. A collection following in the footsteps of the first Cologne designed by Mr Mugler in 2001, already taking a free approach to fragrance.

To embody this completely original line, an advertising campaign like no other was deemed essential. No spokesmodel, no photo shoot; only emotion in its rawest form. It is a pop-inspired, eccentric creation, a highly graphic surrealist perspective and an intense psychedelic digression, brought to life by illustrator Ugo Bienvenu.

Aimed at being worn on their own or mixed together. Here are the options:

Take Me Out

Created by Jean-Christophe Hérault, whom we know as the author of many perfumes from the Le Exceptions line and Alien Man, created the fragrance in the orange flacon. its nearly immaculate orange blossom illuminates the freshness of just-picked shiso leaf. On the skin, its trail leaves behind a sparkling pulsation and tenacious freshness. Its secret ‘P’ note releases surging energy to electrify the senses.

Fly Away

In this Cologne, created by Sonia Constant, the biting radiance of yellow grapefruit intermingles with a devilishly aromatic hemp accord. It then leaves behind an intense and powerful trail. The invigorating secret ‘C’ note caresses the senses.

Come Together

The original unifying cult cologne by Mugler boasts the same scandalously addictive sensual trail. A liberated blend of petitgrain and white musk releases the carnal, tenacious freshness of intermingling skin. At the fragrance’s core, the secret ‘S’ note sparks exciting sensations and leaves the memory of the hottest encounter on the skin: fresh, sexy, unforgettable.

Love You All

It is another work by Jean-Christophe Hérault for this collection. This carnal, ultra-sensual fragrance exudes both hot and cold. The velvety smoothness of blue licorice, the sensuality of white amber and the unsettling vibrancy of the secret ‘E’ note make it the most voluptuous second skin imaginable.

Run Free

The cologne opens with an explosion of purple ginger to reveal a surprising freshness. Shyamala Maisondieu decided to decorate the original Cologne with woody notes, so she added the sterile and clear patchouli of Akigalawood. The woody vibrancy of Akigalawood gives this fragrance a sophisticated signature, with a secret ‘D’ note that releases electrifying waves of pleasure.

Mugler Colognes are available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Mugler.